Justin Chambers’ Youngest Daughter Eva Chambers-Her Siblings, Career, Boyfriend

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Eva Chambers is the youngest daughter of American actor Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers. Eva’s dad, Justin is famously known for his role as Dr. Alex Karev in the ABC medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy. Besides, Justin is also recognized for his works in movies such as The Wedding Planner, The Musketeer, and The Zodiac among others.

Born one of the five children of actor father, Eva Chambers seems to follow a career in the glamour world. Eva is into music and is associated with a band as well. But, what about her love life? Is she dating someone in 2021? Well, due to Eva’s secretive nature, her personal life details are missing from people’s sight.

So, here’s everything about Eva’s personal and professional life.

Eva Chambers Parents, Grandparents, and Early Life

Eva was born on March 31st, 1999 to Keisha and Justin Chambers. She is the youngest of four daughters born to her parents. Eva and her other siblings were born and grown up in New York City, New York.

Eva’s paternal grandparents were Pamela Sue and John William Eugene Chambers II.  Both of her grandparents were deputy sheriffs in their hometown of Springfield, Ohio. Meanwhile, unfortunately, there’s no info about Eva’s maternal grandparents.

She has Four Siblings, including Twin Sisters

Eva Chambers was born as the fourth child of her parents. Before her, her parents Justin and Keisha welcomed three daughters, including twin daughters. Eva’s oldest sister, Isabella Chambers was born on December 16, 1994.

Keisha and Justin Chambers with their five children
Eva Chambers with her parents and siblings

Likewise, she has twin sisters, Kaila and Maya Chambers who were born on June 4, 1997. Besides, Eva also has a younger sibling, a brother Jackson Chambers. Jackson is 19 years old as of 2021; he was born on January 2, 2002.

Eva’s Father was a Model

Before Justin Chambers found success as an actor, he was a well-known model. He was first discovered by a modeling scout on the Metro after which he started working in ad campaigns for Calvin Klein.

During his initial years as a model, Justin worked throughout Europe, the US, and Japan. Besides Calvin Klein, Chambers also worked for Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. He left modeling in the early 1990s and moved to New York to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. In NYC, Chambers studied at the HB Studio.

Eva Chambers’ Parents Met in the 1990s and Are Still Going Strong

Eva’s mother, Keisha Chambers was a modeling agency booker before she met her future husband Justin Chambers. The two met while Justin was modeling for Calvin Klein in the early 1990s. They hit it off soon and started dating subsequently.

The current husband-and-wife were in their early 20s when they started their relationship. After a short courtship, they got married in 1993. But, they haven’t revealed the exact date of their wedding.

Keisha Chambers and her husband Justin Chambers
Keisha Chambers and her husband Justin Chambers

It’s been nearly three decades since Keisha and Justin met for the first time and in these long years, the pair has seen several ups and downs as partners. But, they have always found their ways to cross the barrier together.

Meanwhile, talking to Good House Keeping back in November 2007, Justin said he felt really lucky to have his wife by his side in every situation. Moreover, he added he was glad that he got to go through the ups and downs with Keisha.

Eva’s Career as a Musician-Her Association with Pinky Pinky

As we mentioned above, Eva Chambers has been associated with the music band Pinky Pinky. When she was asked how she got into music, she told ID Vice UK that she and her sisters formed a band soon after moving to LA.

Moreover, she said she would play the keyboard at the beginning, however, she went on to learn to play every other instrument later. As a matter of fact, Eva picked up a bass at the age of 13.

Kaila Chambers' sister Eva Chamber is a bassist
Eva Chambers is a bassist for Pinky Pinky

When she turned 18, Eva along with her two friends Isabella Fields and Anastasia Sanchez started a band called Pinky Pinky. Eva and Fields are friends from their middle school days while Eva and Sanchez met during their high school days.

To talk about their inspiration on choosing their band’s name, Eva once revealed the name came from a South African legend about a monster that hurts little girls while they’re on the toilet. She added that they at first didn’t realize that it was such a feared thing in South Africa.

They Have Released an Album

The all-girls band has released an EP and an album so far. They released their first EP titled “Pinky Pinky” in 2019 which included the songs My Friend Sean, Lady Dancer, and All The Birds.

Later, on June 14, 2019, Pinky Pinky released their first album, Turkey Dinner that included 11 songs including the four from their EP.

Eva and Her Family Love Dogs

Eva and her family of seven have always shown their attraction to dogs. The family has time and again adopted several different breeds of pooches. In 2007, the family publicly adopted stray dogs. Back then, Grey’s Anatomy star also encouraged people to adopt homeless dogs.

Eva Chambers is a dog lover
Eva Chambers is a dog lover

Meanwhile, the family adopted three more dogs in 2016. Following that Eva and her older sister Kaila and Maya often posted photos with their dogs on their social media.

Is Eva Chambers Dating Someone? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Unlike her older twin sisters, Maya and Kaila, Eva has kept her personal life completely out of the media radar. She has of course shared the professional part of her life with her fans and public, however, has never addressed her love life and her partner openly.

So, at present, all we can say is Eva Chambers, 22, lives a happy single life and is focused on her career in music.