Lee Kirk & His Marriage With Jenna Fischer: Also His Professional Life

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Lee Kirk & His Marriage With Jenna Fischer: Also His Professional Life
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Lee Kirk is a screenwriter, director, and actor. Kirk is also known as the husband of the Office star, Jenna Fischer. He is known for his works in The Man Who Invented the Moon (2003), Pants on Fire (2008), and The Giant Mechanical Man (2012). In the latter, he directed his wife, Fischer.

Kirk and Fischer have been together for more than ten years with two children. It is rather disappointing to know, the receptionist turned saleswoman from the most beloved TV series is not married to Jim Halpert in real.

Fischer’s real-life husband, in any case, is also a seemingly perfect match for the actress. While he may not have as following as John Krasinski, he still has quite a story to tell. Know all about Jenna Fischer’s husband, Lee Kirk in the details below; his life as a child, his career, how he met his wife, his films, and so on.

Lee Kirk Is A Texan 

Kirk was born on October 9, 1972, in Texas. He once revealed his original training was as an actor was in the theatre. Other than that, the writer/director hasn’t revealed much about his early life nor his paternal details.

Lee Also Appeared In The Office 

As an actor, Fischer’s husband has four credits per IMDB. His first role albeit a cameo was in the 2000 film, The Specials as a reporter. He then acted as Schroeder in the 2008 short TV series, PG Porn. The same year, he portrayed Brad Spoofer in Pants On Fire.

His last acting credit was in his wife’s starrer series, The Office where he appeared as Clark the Lactation Consultant in one episode (2013) along with Steve Carell.

Jenna Fischer's husband, Lee Kirk is an actor, writer, and producer known for directing films The Giant Mechanical Man and Ordinary World.
Lee Kirk appeared alongside his wife in the NBC series, the Office as Clark The Lactation Consultant. Source: Reddit

In 2003 Kirk’s also produced a short movie titled The Man Who Invented The Moon. As a director, the father of Fischer’s children has helmed three projects, namely The Giant Mechanical Man (2012), The Office (2013), and Ordinary World (2016). Jenna’s spouse Fischer’s husband directed the fourteenth episode of The Office’s 9th season, Vandalism.

He also directed a 2009 play, Sad Happy Sucker.

Kirk directed Ordinary World, casting Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in the lead role.

Lee Kirk Fell In Love With His Wife Jenna Fischer While Working For Her Movie 

Kirk married Fischer on July 3, 2010. They had their wedding in Malibu. The host of Survivor for the past 20 seasons, Jeff Probst, also the bride’s longtime friend officiated the ceremony.

Together the actress and the director have two children together, son Weston Lee (born in September 2011) and daughter Harper Marie (b. May 2014).

Jenna and her husband Lee fell in love while filming the Giant Mechanical Man.
Lee Kirk and Jenna Fischer married in July 2010. Together they have two children. Source: Getty

The couple met whilst attending a film festival. They, however, got to develop their relationship while working together on the film The Giant Mechanical Man which Fischer produced. The pair first connected when the Blades Of Glory actress pitched the director, Kirk a film idea back in 2008.

According to the actress, her future husband “very politically” rejected it, but responded in kind by pitching her three ideas. They eventually ended up working together on the project that would become Giant Mechanical Man. Their relationship, however, was purely platonic in the beginning. At the time, Jenna was still going through her divorce and Kirk had just ended a seven-year relationship. They bonded whilst having weekly script dinners.

Their Relationship Through Jenna Fisher’s Words

Recalling the early phase of their relationship with Vulture in 2012, Fischer said the pair began falling for one another during the production of the film.

“Lee was writing the movie, and he would turn in different drafts, and I would give him my thoughts,”

remembered the Pam Beasley actress. She added how over the next few months, their meetings turned into dates. Jenna said she was hesitant to tell Kirk that she was developing feelings for him because this was her first producing job. The actress confessed she wanted to be professional. She said she nevertheless fell in love with the director.

Fischer said she loved the movie so much that she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her and Lee’s relationship. They nonetheless confessed that they had feelings for each other after eight months of working together. The Indiana-born actress said it was great because they had fallen in love.

People reports, Kirk and Fischer got engaged on June 30, 2009, when they were on a European vacation.

Lee Kirk’s Wife Was Married To Someone Else

Before marrying Kirk, Fischer was the wife of the Guardians of The Galaxy writer and director James Gunn. The pair had met through James’ brother and Gilmore Girls star, Sean Gunn. They married in 2000 but divorced in 2008. Announcing the news of their separation, the couple jointly said “We have chosen to separate. We are sorry for any pain this causes family and friends.”

The former couple also messaged the sentiment that the enthusiasm they had expressed for each other’s lives, spirits, and careers were real and that they would continue to be friends in the future.

Are Lee Kirk And Jenna Fisher Still Married?

Director Kirk and actress Fischer are still very much married. They last appeared in a single frame on October 9, 2021. Wishing her partner, his birth anniversary, the mother of two wrote,

Happy Birthday to my fella! A perfect beach getaway for a perfect guy. I love you, Lee! ❤️ #truelove #beachbirthday

Jenna Fischer and her husband, Lee Kirk married in 2010.
Jenna Fischer wishes her husband a happy birthday in Oct 2021.

It though is unclear if the couple is planning to work together on yet another project.

Did Lee’s Wife And Jim’s Actor, John Krasinski Date In Real Life?

For nine seasons, Kirk’s wife, Jenna Fischer, and John Krasinski on-screen couple on The Office, Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert. Their on-screen chemistry was so good that even today some believe they are married for real or at least had an off-screen romance.

Moreover, both Fischer and Krasinski agreed that their chemistry was spot on. Remembering the first time she met Krasinski, Lee’s spouse said she and John danced in unison even though they’d never met before.

John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer played each other love interests in the hit NBC series, The Office.
Jenna Fischer admits she and Krasinski had part real part fake love relationship while filming The Office.

Surprisingly Fischer told Andy Cohen that she and Krasinski were, indeed, “genuinely in love with each other.” She explained there was sort of a real part of her that was Pam and a real part of him that was Jim.

She though later clarified that, in real life, they aren’t “totally Pam and totally Jim.” The actress concluded they were not the perfect match in real life. The co-stars admit that they though are really close friends to each other.

After The Office hit its finale, Krasinski, and Fischer dove into other projects. John became more of a Hollywood Man with his role in blockbusters, A Quiet Place, and 13 Hours. While Jenna successfully runs a podcast with another of her The Office co-stars, Angela Kinsey.

Other Facts About Lee Kirk:

  • When Jenna’s character Pam became pregnant for the second time in The Office, the actress was expecting her first child with Kirk in real life.
  • In an interview, Kirk revealed he is a big fan of Pavement. He added their albums Slanted and Enchanted and
    Wowee Zowee — were big influences in his life.


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