Meet Scott Patterson’s Wife Kristine Saryan: Untold Facts About Her

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Kristine Saryan is an actress, known for having appearances in films like Gilmore Girls, and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Saryan is better known as the wife of the Gilmore Girls alum, Scott Patterson. Despite a notable age difference, Kristine and Patterson have been together for more than 20 years.

Learn all about Scott’s wife Kristine Saryan in the headings ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Kristine Saryan is the wife of actor Scott Patterson with whom she has been married since 2014.
  • The husband and wife have one child together.
  • Kristine has also appeared in some series such as Abigail’s Party.

Kristine Saryan Birth Details; Is 20 Years Younger Than Her Husband

There is little to no information on Kristine’s date of birth, however, she is believed to be in her early 40s since she is 20 years junior to her husband Patterson.

That said, Saryan presumably was born in 1978/79. Along with the lines of her childhood chapter and verse, something that is indistinct are her parental details and just the same facts.

Over and above that, not even, her actor husband has the air of being concerned about wishing Saryan her birthdays exclusively on clouds despite him being befittingly active on settings like Insta, Facebook, and all.

Kristine Saryan Married Scott Patterson

As mentioned, Kristine is married to the Saw actor with whom she shares a son Nicholas. Kristine and Patterson married in 2014 and they welcomed their firstborn the same year.

While some reports suggest Saryan and Scott met on the set of Gilmore Girls, it appears as though the parents of one were already in a relationship even before Kristine’s first appearance on the show.

Kristine Saryan Is Also Famous as Scott Patterson Wife
Former theater actress Kristine Saryan with her husband Scott

Kristine and the Philadelphia-born actor reportedly met in 2001 while they were both attending a play. Back then, Kristine reportedly was in her early 20s while her future husband, Patterson was already in his 40s.

People Criticized Kristine And Patterson’s Age Gap

Initially, there were a lot of people’s opinions regarding the age difference between Kristine and her actor-husband. Rumors claimed Patterson, then 41 was having a relationship with Kristine who people assumed was 17.

In fact, such speculations still attack the couple. Scott once even revealed how these comments at times have troubled Kristine.

Kristine Saryan Married Scott in 2014
Actor Scott Peterson with his spouse, Kristine

Then in April 2021, Patterson, himself came forward to explain the real story about his and his wife’s age gap in addition to how they met. Whilst reporting the first time he met Kristine, the Event actor, on his Facebook, wrote,

It’s been brought to my attention that there are stories reporting on how and when I met my wife, our ages, etc. These stories are not accurate.

He added how when he met Kristine, she was at the time 21 while he was 41. Patterson further stated they got to know each other via a friend of Saryan during the intermission of a play they were both attending.

Scott at the time had already booked the role in Gilmore Girls but had not filmed it. Again as per him, Gilmore Girls’ creator, Amy Sherman Palladino had met his wife several times at industry and show functions.

During those meetings, Palladino thought Kristine would be perfect for the role of Crissy. Mrs. Patterson auditioned and won the role. Saryan’s role in The Gilmore Girls came in the year, 2004 in the episode, Last Week Fights, This Week Tights.

Kristine’s Husband, Scott Was Married Once Before 

Before Saryan, Scott was the husband of Vera Davich. They apparently married in 1983; at the time, the ex-Minor League Baseball player was 25 years old while Vera was allegedly a high school student.

The relationship, however, lasted for approximately two years and ended in the year 1985. When addressing his marriage’s downfall, he said it was immaturity that caused his and Davich’s separation.

During an interview, he said:

“I was on the road a lot. We weren’t mature enough to be married.”

He at the time had also added how he had had enough of dating and also expressed his desire to get married and settle in. Scott didn’t produce any children with Vera Davich.

Kristine Saryan Acting Career

Whilst addressing the age gap, Kristine’s husband, Scott described also his wife as a gifted actress, and her work in Abigail’s Party in her Master Class was stunning to the point that Scott claims he has never seen an audience react so favorably to anyone in any role in his entire theatre experience.

The Seinfeld alum states that his wife’s performance was unforgettable and was something that made him realize how far better an actor she was than him.

Scott Patterson Is 20 Years older Than Kristine Saryan
The Gillmore Girls alum, Scott Patterson with his spouse, Kristine Saryan. Getty

This he insists despite having seen a lot of theatre in New York and LA. Scott admits his wife’s sense of timing, coolness, ease, and relaxation delighted all who witnessed it.

Patterson describes his wife, Saryan as vulnerable, funny, endearing, a very strong, resilient individual, and one who is in total command. Though as for now, it is not known what Kristine is doing professionally. Second of all, even her husband, Scott, despite often appearing for several interviews bypasses talking about Kristine or even their son.

As per IMDB, her last screen appearance was again in the Gilmore Girls franchise, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (TV Mini-series). Kristine though didn’t reprise her ex-role of Chrissy. She, instead, portrayed a random 38-year-old woman.

Kristine Made Scott Patterson Watch Gilmore Girls

Ironically, Kristine’s husband didn’t have any plans to watch Gilmore Girls despite being in the series for 153 episodes. He didn’t watch Gilmore Girls until 2021.

That year, Patterson revealed he was committing to binge-watch, for the first time, his fame-making iconic series, all 154 episodes.

TV and film actor, Scott Patterson with his wife, Kristine.
One time Gillmore Girls actress Kristine with her husband and actor, Scott Patterson.

While the Will and Grace actor had watched a few outings before, including one from Netflix’s four-episode revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, in 2016, he didn’t watch them for the sake of watching. Explaining why he avoided seeing Gilmore Girls, Kristine’s spouse had said,

“I make the sausage, but I don’t eat it. I’m with it 12 to 14 hours a day, I don’t really want to consume it. I’ve seen the pilot and I’ve seen ‘Winter’ because I was forced to watch it at the premiere.

Patterson added just as he was going to leave his wife grabbed his forearm & said to him, ‘Sit. Down.’ I just don’t like watching myself, it’s a nauseating experience for me.”

Is Kristine Saryan On Social Media?

Similar to her career which now is anyone’s guess, Kristine’s presence on Instagram or resemblant sites is rather a matter of dares say and speculations.

Saryan, nonetheless, still seems to be on Twitter saving for the fact that the ex-cameo actress is otherwise private about herself in almost all manners.

On the blue bird stand, Mrs. Patterson often mentions her husband’s screen projects – the ensuing ones or others. It though has been quite a while since Kristine herself appeared before a camera be it for social media posts or the red carpets.

Is Kristine Saryan Husband A Millionaire? What Is His Net Worth?   

The six-foot-one-inch tall husband of Saryan is by and large a millionaire actor. In fact, Patterson turns out to be even richer than the Gilmore Girls lead, Alexis Bledel who apparently has an estimated net worth of $8 million to $9 million.

As per populous sources, Scott’s concerning-money metrics sit atop the mark of $15 million or so. Further, Kristine’s husband is also an entrepreneur. He is the founder of  Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee, a company, which he says is focused on developing and sourcing high-quality coffee blends from around the world.


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