Tyra Young, Dr Dre Daughter: What happened to her?

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Tyra Young, Dr Dre Daughter: What happened to her?
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Tyra Young is a model, actress, and producer. But, she is mostly known as one of the nine kids of well-known rapper Dr. Dre. Her father is the founder and CEO of an American record label Aftermath Entertainment, and consumer audio products manufacturing company Beats Electronics.

Despite being a child of a legendary rapper, Tyra has chosen a private life. After living behind closed doors, she has definitely become a matter to talk about. People are continuously wondering what kind of life is Tyra living, what she does for a living, her relationship status, and many more.

Well, some of those questions are answered in the below context, while some will remain a mystery. In this article, we have all the information regarding Tyra’s life including her parents, pregnancy rumors, relationship, and more!

How Old Is Tyra Young? Details On Her Family Roots

Tyra Young is, reportedly, around 40 years old as of 2023. Similarly, it is believed that she was born in May 1984. Talking about her parents’ info, as we all know she is the daughter of the rapper Andre Romelle Young (aka Dr. Dre). Then who is her mother?

Well, some say her mother is Cassandra Joy Greene, and some suggest the name, LaVette Washington. However, none of them is proven as Tyra’s mom, and her mother’s identity is still a mystery. Besides, as per the authentic online sites, Tyra was born from Dr. Dre’s extra affair while he was in a relationship with Lisa Johnson.

Tyra Has Eight Half-Siblings: One Of Them Sadly Passed Away

Tyra Young isn’t the only child of Dr. Dre. In fact, from his several relationships, he has a total of nine kids. Similarly, she is the third child of The Chronic songwriter. Before Tyra, her half-brother Curtis Young and sister LaTanya Young were born.

Then, her father welcomed her other siblings, including Latoya Young, Ashley Young, Andre R Young Jr., Marcel Young, Trucie Young, and Truly Young.

Truci Young brother died because of drug over dose
Tyra’s late brother Andre.

Unfortunately, her younger brother Andre lost his life on August 23, 2008, to a heroin and morphine overdose. He passed away at his mom’s home in Woodland Hills, at just the young age of 20.

Two of her Siblings Have studied at Prestigious Universities: What About Her?

Unlike Tyra, her two younger half-siblings, both born from Dr. Dre’s marital relationship with Nicole Young, are a little more open to the media world. The first child of Nicole, Trucie successfully graduated from the University of South Carolina, in 2020.

Tyra Young's brother has a matching tattoo with their father Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre and his son Trucie have matching tattoos.

The younger one, Truly Young, on the other hand, is still a student at The University of Southern California. She registered her name at USC’s coveted School of the Cinematic Arts, in May 2019.

But, when it comes to talking about Tyra’s educational background, not even a single piece of information is out.

Is Tyra Young Following In Her Father Dr. Dre’s Footsteps?

Tyra doesn’t seem to be pursuing the career her father has chosen. She is reportedly working in the film industry. Yes, as we said before, Tyra is an actress, and also a producer.

She made her debut in acting by starring in three episodes of the TV series named Take 6. Similarly, in one of the episodes of that TV series, she also worked as an associate producer. Aside from this, in 2015, she was given the associate producer credit for the short movie named, Ropes of Silicon.

However, since then, she hasn’t been involved in any TV projects. We hope Tyra will be seen in many TV shows in the upcoming days.

Tyra Young’s Father Dr.Dre Has Been In Multiple Relationships but Her Mother’s Identity Remains A Secret

Dr. Dre’s first known relationship was with his then-girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene. Like we said before, during their relationship, Dre welcomed his first child Curtis, when he was 16, and his ex-girlfriend 15 years old. Then, in early 1983, Tyra’s father was in a relationship with Lisa Johnson, with whom he share three daughters.

Furthermore, in 1988, her dad dated a woman named Jenita Porter. It was their son Andre who died at the age of 20. Besides, from 1987-96, Dre dated singer Michel’le. In 1996, Tyra’s father walked down the aisle for the first time in his entire life with Nicole (née Plotzker) Threatt.

Tyra’s Oldest brother Curtis Met His Dad After Two Decades

The eldest among Young’s children, Curtis who was born from Dr. Dre’s relationship with his high-school girlfriend Cassandra Joy Greene, never saw his dad until two decades later. Similarly, he was raised by his single mother Greene.

But, Curtis discovered his famous father’s identity at the age of 12. Sometime later, he tried to get in touch with Dre but it was a difficult task to even talk to the rapper’s rep. Tyra’s half-brother then went to many lawyers, built connections with them, and finally got a DNA test.

Tyra Young brother remained unidentified until he turned 20
Tyra’s half-brother Curtis.

The process to meet his famous brother altogether took him two decades. Although the father-son duo was distant for years, all seems well between the two for now. During an interview with XXL, Curtis said,

 “It’s been good. We’re both working … I always want to paint him in the best light that I can,”.

Furthermore, he said, Dr. Dre doesn’t support him financially, but he said that with positive vibes. Curtis explained,

“I don’t want that from him because I have my own story and I want my own legacy. Or at least to continue what he started.”

Dre’s son was known by the stage name Hood Surgeon, but now he is sticking with Curtis Young. Similarly, in 2021, he starred in a film named Charge It to the Game, and he also worked in composing its original music alongside Swizz Beat’s son Nasir Dean and Snoop Dogg‘s son Julian Broadus, reports TMZ.

What Is Tyra Young Doing Now?

As of 2023, there aren’t any news updates about what Tyra Young is into. Similarly, Tyra has been living a very private life behind closed doors. However, looking at her professional background, we can assume that she is keeping herself busy. Furthermore, she is most probably living a happy life with her family members.

Net Worth Of Tyra Young

As we have mentioned over and over again, Tyra Young is a very private individual when it comes to her overall life. As per the assumption, Tyra is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 as of 2023.

Nevertheless, the exact speculation is yet to be done. Besides, her father Dr. Dre is a multi-millionaire who has a staggering net worth of $800 million. Similarly, he has been earning money from his huge real estate portfolio for over a decade.

Furthermore, he also has several properties across the states each listed in the amount of seven figures.

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