What Did Stan Cadwallader Look Like As A Young Man?

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What Did Stan Cadwallader Look Like As A Young Man?
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Ever since the death of actor, singer, and comedian, Jim Nabors, people have been wanting to know more about his widow, Stan Cadwallader including how he looked when he was younger. Despite his famous relationship with Nabors, there is very little information available about Cadwallader’s youth and appearance.
What people, however, know is that Stan spent time living on a boat in Hawaii and worked as a firefighter before he knew Jim. In the present day, Cadwallader is doing his best to live life away from the media. But where is he now? Find the answers along the scroll.

What Did Stan Cadwallader Look Like As A Young Man?

There isn’t much to say about how Cadwallader looked like when he was young. The media started to take note of him only when he started his relationship with the late Jim Nabors. Unlike his late celebrity husband Jim Nabors, who had some hair on his head, Stan has always been a clean bald in front of the media. While he may have had hair during his youth, there’s no telling when Cadwallader started losing them or how he looked when he started shedding.

Actor, singer, and comedian Jim Nabors with his partner Stan Cadwallader.
Former fire department worker Stan Cadwallader with his late partner and actor and singer Jim Nabors. Civil Beat

When Cadwallader was much younger like in his youth he lived mostly in the state of Michigan. He studied at Petoskey High School, in Michigan.

Later, Stan moved to Hawaii. There he started working in the Honolulu fire department. During those days also when he was still young, Stan was living in a boat. In fact, he was still residing in it when he met Jim.

The late actor and singer Jim Nabors with his husband Stan Cadwallader
The former couple Stan Cadwallader and Jim Nabors.

During the mid-1970s, Cadwallader was working as a firefighter in Hawaii. This apparently was also the time when Cadwallader and his partner Jim’s relationship was starting.

The couple also ran a macadamia nut farm in Maui.

Jim Nabors’ husband Stan Cadwallader was born Stanley D Cadwallader on Nov 30, 1948.

Where Is Cadwallader Now?

In the present, Stan Cadwallader is just a widow to her late husband and The Andy Griffith Show star, Jim Nabors. Post Nabors’ death in late 2017, Cadwallader has been living a very covert life.

Jim Nabors and his husband Stan Cadwallader
Stan and Jim -in an event.

Before Jim’s demise, the late comedian and Stan were living in O’ahu, Hawaii. However, after the tragic incident, Cadwallader sold the estate for $12 million in 2018. It however is unclear where Jim’s partner is currently staying at.

Cadwallader’s partner Jim Nabors died on Nov 30, 2017. He was 87 at the time and was living in Honolulu Hawaii with Stan.


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