What is Alessandra Gucci Net Worth? Her House, Property, and Income Sources

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What is Alessandra Gucci Net Worth? Her House, Property, and Income Sources
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Alessandra Gucci‘s net worth happens to be among the topic of interest with respect to Gucci’s family. She is an heir to one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world.

Alessandra’s parents Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani, however, didn’t have an easy relationship with her mother being found guilty of murdering her father and the subsequent disputes among the rest of the family members with respect to the properties.

Speaking of which, Alessandra’s father was hugely rich when they died. Read how much Alessandra received or what her own fortune amounted to when the star kid lost her parents.

Alessandra Gucci Net Worth; She Got Her Father’s Houses And Other Properties

Although the specifics regarding Alessandra Gucci’s net worth have been a topic of analysis and mystery for years, so far sources have only come up with a round-off figure. All that they have to say is Alessandra is the part owner of a $400 million net worth. The other beneficiary of that wealth is her younger sister Allegra. Alessandra and Allegra are also the heiresses of their father’s estate. The sisters additionally inherited their father’s yachts Creole and Avel. They furthermore got homes in New York, Saint Moritz, and Milan.

Alessandra, right and Allegra Gucci, the daughters of Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia are reportedly worth over $400 million.
Maurizio Gucci’s daughters, Alessandra Gucci, right, and Allegra Gucci

In fact, Alessandra and her sister often make headlines for either selling off or buying properties across several parts of Europe and the US. Back in Aug 2015, the sibling duo listed the 9,500-square-foot penthouse on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The property back then had a market value of around $45 million.

Allegra once in an interview said she and her elder sister, Alessandra have still kept their father’s boats and that through them they keep their father’s spirit alive.

In addition to her father’s inheritance, Alessandra also owns a line of luxury handbags, AG Limited Editions. Three bags take inspiration from her name, her father’s, and her grandfather’s.

Alessandra Gucci's father Maurizio Gucci and mother Patrizia
The late Maurizio Gucci with his ex-wife Patrizia, also the parents of Alessandra Gucci

While Alessandra and her sister definitely have hundreds of millions, the siblings also pay some one and a half million to her mother annually. This is in accordance with their father’s written promise that he was going to pay her that sum for the rest of Patrizia’s life.

Whatever the case, with still plenty of money, Alessandra and her sister Alegra could very well be living big and large, at least in terms of money. Sources report Alessandra still takes in a lot from Gucci. 

A Bit About Alessandra Gucci; Where Is She Now?

Alessandra was born in 1977. She also has a younger sister Allegra who was born in 1981. The two were respectively 20 and 16 when their mother Patrizia went to jail for murdering her ex-husband and their father. Initially, the daughters fought hard for their mother’s innocence with Allegra going as far as studying law at Milan University. She did so in order to be able to learn the skills needed to fight for her mother’s release.

Alessandra and her sister at their mom’s 2004 trial

Over the course of Patrizia’s jail term and her release, the daughters however have become estranged from their mother. Alessandra and Allegra apparently have entirely cut ties with Patrizia.

Alessandra Gucci with her child and dog in switzerland
Alessandra is still in Switzerland, but the exact location is yet to be disclosed

They reportedly reside in Switzerland and apparently, both have husbands and kids. The sisters however haven’t disclosed their exact residency.

There’s Also A Movie About Gucci Parents

The whole ordeal of Alessandra’s family has been written, adapted into movies, and more. The more recent such incident happened in late 2021 when director Ridley Scott made a movie about the Gucci family with actors Adam Driver and Lady Gaga in the lead.

The film premiered on Nov 24, 2021. It follows the story of Alessandra’s parents, Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani.


Who Is The Richest Gucci Family Member?

While it is unclear who exactly is the richest Gucci family member, Alessandra, and Allegra combinedly own about $400 million net worth.

Did Alessandra Gucci Inherit Any Money From Her Father, Maurizio?

Alessandra and her sister got the majority of their father, Maurizio’s money including his houses and other properties.

Is Alessandra Gucci’s mother, Patrizia Rich?

Patrizia Gucci has been rich all her life and even after the end of her prison, she continued to receive millions from her dead husband’s fortune.


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