Where is Alessandra Gucci, Maurizio Gucci’s Daughter Today? Her Net Worth, Husband

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Where is Alessandra Gucci, Maurizio Gucci’s Daughter Today? Her Net Worth, Husband
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Alessandra Gucci is the daughter of the late Italian businessman and the one-time head of the Gucci fashion house, Maurizio Gucci. Her father was the son of actor Rodolfo Gucci and grandson of Gucci’s founder Guccio Gucci.

She is not only known as the celebrity child, but Alessandra also became known after her younger sister Allegra Gucci published the book Game Over about the tragic death of their dad Maurizio and the unsudden events that had happened in their life. Alessandra’s sister wrote the book after the movie House of Gucci‘s bad portrayal.

The businessman was murdered by his own ex-wife Patrizia Reggianni by hiring a hitman. So, what was the reason behind the highly publicized murder of Gucci? Was her mother Patrizia mentally unstable at the time of his murder? Let’s know about Alessandra’s life after the family tragedy. Where is Alessandra Gucci today? Well, here are the details on her current whereabouts, husband, net worth, and more.

What Happened To Patrizia Reggiani’s Daughter Alessandra Gucci?

Alessandra had been through a miserable incident. She was only 18 and her younger sister Allegra was 14 when their father Maurizio Gucci was killed by his own wife Patrizia. After his death, her mother Patrizia was sentenced to 29 years in prison.

Alessandra Gucci wrote a single word in her diary: "paradeisos" the Greek word for paradise, the day when she killed Maurizio Gucci by hiring a hitman
Alessandra with her sister Allegra and their mom Patrizia

Since both Alessandra and her sister Allegra were too young when the biggest tragedy struck them, they had no idea what would be in the future. Needless to say, they both were really close to their parents. But, things turned south for the siblings as their father was killed and their mother ended up in jail.

Alessandra Gucci’s Sister Allegra Breaks Lifelong Silence On Father’s Murder

Soon after the release of the movie House of Gucci, Alessandra’s younger sister made it into the media headlines claiming it was weak, spoiled, and all false. Instead, Allegra said that her dad was a hard worker and a brilliant businessman. She also said the portrayal Lady Gaga did of her mom wasn’t the truth. Gucci told, “My mother was a beautiful and elegant woman.”

The movie, starring Al Pacino wasn’t just the reason Allegra broke the silence, it was just a trigger. The major factor was those untruthful things that have been said about her family. While talking to Corriere della Sera, Alessandra’s sister said, “I owe it to my father, who no longer has a voice, and to my two children.”

Was Giuseppina Auriemma aka “Pina, the sorceress” Involved In The Murder?

After the murder of Alessandra’s dad, Giuseppina, a former TV psychic and once a close friend of Patrizia’s was arrested and sentenced to prison. Firstly, Allegra said to Vanity Fair that Auriemma wasn’t a witch, though she claimed she has found Pina absolutely guilty of what happened in 1995. Auriemma first became a friend of Maurizio and then gradually entered into Patrizia Reggiani.

Alessandra Gucci's mom Patrizia's one-time best buddy Giuseppina Auriemma
Giuseppina Auriemma use to be the best friend of Alessandra’s mom, and she was the major reason behind Maurizio’s death

At the time, Pina was also the owner of a Gucci store in Naples. When Alessandra’s parents were parting their ways, Giuseppina eventually won over Patrizia’s heart and she also gained her trust. Sometime later, they became close friends. Alessandra’s maternal grandmother Silvana never liked Pina and how close she became with her daughter Patrizia.

Allegra, in the end, said that her mom was highly influenced by Giuseppina to kill Maurizio. Even now, Pina is known as the ‘middle woman’ in the hit of Maurizio Gucci and for cooperating with the organizer of the murder.

Alessandra Gucci And Her Sister Allegra Visited Their Mother In Prison For 17 Years

Three years prior to the murder and imprisonment, in 1992, Alessandra’s mom was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. But, it was actually benign. While the operation was held, a large size of mandarin from her frontal lobe was removed. She was never the same from that moment.

Patrizia could no longer concentrate on one thing, and the operation made a severe change in her behavior. On 27 March 1995, a year after their divorce, Patrizia killed her own husband by hiring a hitman on the steps outside his office.

Alessandra Gucci and her sister visited their mother for 17 years in prison
Alessandra and her sister at their mom’s 2004 trial

After the terrific incident, Patrizia was sentenced to 29 years in prison for hiring a hitman who murdered Gucci in 1998. Following her mother’s imprisonment, Alessandra and her sister Allegra went to visit her every Wednesday and Friday in prison.

Sources say, every week the sister-duo would bring Patrizia a package with clothes, sheets, and food. While their mom was held captive in San Vittore prison in Milan, Allegra found more humanity there than in the outside world.

Allegra Went on to Study Law To Fight For Her Mom’s Release

Even after the very-long years of the legal fight, Allegra and Alessandra still believed that justice would come and the custody battle would end sooner. The youngest child of Maurizio even went as far as enrolling in law school at Milan University. She had a hope that after gaining the skills of court laws, she could fight for her mother’s release.

Likewise, she believed in her mother’s innocence. However, Allegra couldn’t understand who her mom really was in these past years. In the end, Patrizia said she was “not innocent, but not guilty either.” The meaning of “not guilty” was indirectly meant to the manipulation suffered by people who took advantage of her weakness.

Alessandra Gucci's mom Patrizia Reggiani hired a hitman to kill her former husband
Alessandra’s mom was a totally different person since 1992 after her operation

Besides, as of 2023, neither Alessandra nor her sister Allegra reportedly are in touch with their mother. As per The Guardian, Reggiani said,

 “We are going through a bad time now. They don’t understand me and have cut off my financial support. I have nothing, and I haven’t even met my two grandsons.”

A Nightmare: Alessandra Gucci Was Kept Under The Care Of Her Grandmother

When Alessandra’s parents were living separately, Alessandra was under the care of her mother. But, when there wasn’t anyone to care for her and her sister, they were under the care of their grandmother.

They trusted their granny blindly, but they soon realized that Silvana was only there for the money and the power that comes with it. Patrizia’s mom even started exploiting them with feelings of guilt and also guided others with the monetary power their grandma received.

A Suspicious Transfer Of Money From Alessandra’s Bank Account

In Allegra’s book, she has also written about the purchase of Villa Innocenti, the sale of the house above Piazza San Babila, and money disappearance. Therefore, there were some suspicious transfers from her bank accounts.

Alessandra’s sister went to the bank and began reviewing the ledgers. She found out that her grandmother was hiding part of the funds that were intended for them, by transferring the money to her accounts. Without any hesitation, Silvana transferred the money for years.

Later, the sisters decided to write her a letter to ask her what was going on. Their grandmom responded badly. Even more, Silvana continued with the sale of Villa Innocenti. The place where Patrizia went during her first permitted release from jail. Alessandra and her sister financed the villa.

Later they found out the villa belonged to one of their grandmother’s companies. Everything was taken by Silvana and nothing was left for Maurizio’s two daughters.

Tax Evasion Charges

In 2013, Alessandra and Allegra made headlines after the sister duo was accused of tax evasion. As per the claims, they had each failed to pay around US$5.7 million dollars from 2004-10. But, the following year, it turned out a false report due to a lack of evidence and they were subsequently acquitted of the charges.

Where Is Alessandra Gucci Today? She is now Living With Her Husband in Switzerland

After a long battle, Alessandra and her sister Allegra are now living in Switzerland. There, both sisters have started a new life with their husbands and kids. However, they haven’t shared anything related to their exact residency so far, nor about their husband and children. Apparently, some sources say that Alessandra’s Gucci’s husband’s name is Federico.

Alessandra Gucci with her child and dog in switzerland
Alessandra is still in Switzerland, but the exact location is yet to be disclosed

Their appearance in the media has been like a golden goose. And sources reported the two are living a life entirely off the radar with their family there. Apart from that, there are several reports Alessandra has also pursued her father’s career as an entrepreneur without being involved with the Gucci company.

Alessandra Gucci Net Worth in 2023: Is She a Multi-Millionaire?

Alessandra and her sister Allegra are reportedly the heiresses of a more than $400 million fortune. After the death of Maurizio Gucci, his daughters inherited two yachts, Avel and Creole. Over the years, the sister duo has also entered the boats in several competitions. Likewise, they won regattas like the Les Voiles des Saint Tropez and Monaco Classic Week in 2013.

Further, as per Style Caster, they are also the owner of luxury properties in several states including New York, Switzerland, Saint Moritz, and Milan.

Besides, in 2015, Alessandra and her sister listed their 10,000 sq ft penthouse for US$45 million, in the Olympic Tower at 641 Fifth Avenue, in New York, reports StreetEasy. The sprawling property has an 8-bedroom and 9-bathroom with a wood-paneled library and a double living room.

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11 Facts You Need To Know About Alessandra Gucci

  • Alessandra Gucci was the eldest daughter of the late Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani.
  • Gucci was born in 1977 and is 46 years old as of 2023.
  • Maurizio Gucci’s daughter, Alessandra is reportedly 5 foot, 8 inches tall.
  • Today, Gucci lives in Switzerland.
  • She is reportedly a multi-millionaire.
  • She is already a married woman whose husband’s name is Federico.
  • Alessandra has cut ties with her mother Patrizia entirely.
  •  Online tabloids suggest Alessandra has followed in her dad’s footsteps as an entrepreneur.
  • Alessandra is the owner of the handbags company AG Limited Editions.
  • She isn’t available on any social media platforms.

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