What is Angelica Zachary, Marlon Wayans ex-wife doing now? Is She dating someone?

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What is Angelica Zachary, Marlon Wayans ex-wife doing now? Is She dating someone?
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Angelica Zachary is the former wife of actor Marlon Wayans. The pair remained in marital bliss for several years before calling it quits. From their relationship, they are a parent of two kids also.

While most of you obviously know about Marlon, you might not know much about Angelica. Well, for starters she is the inspiration behind the character of Ashley Wayne in the famous sitcom, Marlon.

Although Marlon and Angelica have been separated, their relationship remains cordial. What’s more, Marlon even once referred to her as ‘ride or die.’  Let’s find out some more interesting facts about Angel and take a closer look at the history between the former husband and wife.

How Old is Angelica Zachary? Comes from a mixed racial Background

Her age is 53 as of 2021. Angelica A Zachery was born on February 22nd, 1968, in Los Angeles, California. Angelica comes from a mixed racial heritage. She is half-Japanese and half African-American.

The former celebrity spouse was brought up by her mom and dad in Los Angeles. There’s not much information on her siblings. She has always kept her private life behind closed doors. Even while she was in a relationship with Marlon, she rarely talked about her family.

Angelica Career: Became famous after marrying Marlon Wayans

Many people gain fame on the basis of their career, however, some receive media attention as the partner of a famous personality. Likewise, Angelica became famous after she married comedian and actor, Marlon Wayans.

Other than her relationship with Marlons, Angelica herself isn’t famous for her professional career. Moreover, there’s not much information regarding what is Angelica doing now.

Short-Bio of Her Ex-Husband

Angelica Zachary’s former spouse is one of the multi-talented entertainment personalities. He is a successful actor, comedian, and writer. He first grabbed attention following his role on the TV WB sitcom The Wayans Bros along with his brother Shawn Wayans.

Furthermore, the actor is also better known for his work in movies like Scary Movie, White Chicks, and more. In 2021, Marlon Wayans played the role of Ted White in the movie Respect.

A glance at Angelica and Marlon’s Relationship

How did they first meet?

It was back in the early ’90s when Angelica and Marlon first came across each other. Eventually, by the year 1992, the pair had started dating.

We’re sure many of you must be curious to know how did the lovely pair meet for the first time? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not available.

They exchanged vows several years after they started dating

More than a decade since they started dating, Marlon and Angelica tied the knot in 2005. The ceremony in itself was a private one with only a handful of people in attendance.

The matrimonial was kept a secret from the public eye.

Angelica Zachary shares two children with Her Ex-Husband

From her relationship with Marlon, Angelica became a mother twice, first to a daughter and then to a son. At first, the lovebirds welcomed their daughter Amai Zackary Wayans on May 24th, 2000. Subsequently, a few years after the birth of their first child, Angelica welcomed a boy, Shawn Howell Wayans, on February 3rd, 2002.

Angelica Zachary Children
The couple is a parent of two kids.

Both of the kids were raised primarily in Los Angeles. Besides, both the kids are grown-ups now and also have graduated from high school.

Their daughter Amai studies at the prestigious University of Southern California. She graduated high school from Oakwood School. Meanwhile, Angelica’s son Shawn studies at Loyola Marymount University. For high school education, the star kid attended The Buckley School.

Angelica’s daughter Amai is Openly Gay

Many of you might not know that the eldest child of Marlon Wayans and Angelica is a lesbian. Although society has been pretty much accepting of the community, there still exists certain discrimination.

Nevertheless, Amai is quite fortunate in this matter. Both her mom and dad are supportive of her. In fact, back in 2019, Marlon openly supported his daughter during the 2019 Pride month. He shared a picture of his baby girl on his Instagram account and added a wonderful caption showcasing his never-ending support.


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Angelica Zachary and Marlon Wayans Divorce: Did Wayans cheat on Zachary?

If there’s any divorce that caused the most confusion among the fandom then it’s gotta be Angelica and Marlon’s. Back in 2013, the White Chicks star was spotted making out with a mysterious brunette which sparked a big outrage.

The main reason behind the outrage was that a month before the paparazzi spotted Marlon canoodling with this new lady, he claimed he was still together with his baby momma. While appearing in the Wendy Williams show, he mentioned they were still together, not once but twice.

Nonetheless, everything became clear about the state of Angelica and Marlon’s relationship when he went on a romantic getaway with his “new girlfriend” in St. Barts.

Eventually, the year 2013 turned out to be the end of Zachary and Wayan’s marital relationship. They divorced in the same year, however, there was no noise regarding the settlement.

Is Angelica Zachary Dating Anyone After Separation from Marlon?

Ever since the divorce from her hubby Marlon, Zachary has been keeping a low profile, though she never really wasn’t an open person, to begin with.

Marlon Wayans' wife Angelica Zachary now
Angelica is single as of now.

Angelica is active on Facebook and Instagram accounts but has kept both of the accounts private. From all the reports we can assume Marlon’s ex is not in a relationship with anyone as of now.

On the other hand, her previous husband Marlon doesn’t seem to have a partner either. He is also relishing his single life.

Marlon and Angelica are incredibly close despite their differences

Regardless of what transpired between them, Angelica and Marlon are still close. They still share the same mutual respect for one another as they had before.

Wayans once said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “We go to dinner, we go to the movies, we hang out, we laugh. Now, she won’t give me none, but that’s OK.”

Moreover, the actor also mentioned how they successfully co-parent their two bundles of joy just because they have mutual respect for each other. He gushed, “This woman…ride or die. Love you for life. Always my baby. I hope I make you proud. Thank u for those two little gifts (my kids).”

In addition, when Marlon was receiving all the hate for the cheating scandal, she stood by his side. In an interview at the BreakfastClub, he stated, “For you to love somebody through that and you go, ‘You know what? I love you and it’s not about that. That’s a good…solid woman.”

How much is Angelica Zachary’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, her net worth is $1 million. Considering how Angelica was married to an actor it is safe to assume she enjoyed a fairly lavish lifestyle.

After divorcing Marlon, she must’ve gotten a good amount of money as the settlement. At the moment, she lives at Crescent Heights Boulevard, the same residence where Marlon and Angelica used to live as a married couple.

On the other hand, Zachary’s ex-husband Marlon has an estimated net worth of $40 million.


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