What is James Parker Gibson Age? His college, dating life, and more

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What is James Parker Gibson Age? His college, dating life, and more
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James Parker Gibson, aka JP, is the son of actor Thomas Gibson. The renowned actor became famous after appearing in a string of critically acclaimed TV series like Chicago Hope, Dharma & Greg, and more.

Now being a star kid, it is obvious that people will be curious to know about your professional and private life. After all, many of us half expect that James might also become an actor like his father.

So is it the case here? Is James really into acting? Moreover, is James dating someone at the moment? Let’s find out the answers to all the questions here today!

Who is James Parker Gibson? His Wiki-Bio

He was born on June 23, 1999, in the United States and is 23 in 2023. He is the oldest son between actor Thomas Gibson and his ex-wife, Christine Parker Gibson. In June 2020, Gibson shared his childhood photo with his father in the honor of Father’s Day,


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He has American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, the star kid has a mixed ancestry of English, German, Welsh, and Scottish.

He was brought up in a fairly prosperous manner in San Antonio, the place where his mom comes from. However, James also spent a small portion of his childhood in California as well.

He stands at a height of 6ft 1 inch.

He has two siblings

While James is the oldest of the brood, the star kid has two young siblings, one brother, Travis Carter Gibson, and one sister, Agatha Marie Gibson. Both of his siblings grew up alongside him in San Antonio.


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All three of them are doing great in their career. Agatha studies art at Idyllwild Arts Academy in Riverside County, California. She is a well-versed ballet dancer. Moreover, his brother, Travis seems to be taking interest in online video game streaming. He also has a Twitch account @traviscartergibson.

Which School does Thomas Gibson’s son James Parker go to?

Just like any other celebrities who tend to keep their children’s life private, Thomas has also followed the same principle. This is why there’s no info as to where his oldest son went to high school. Nevertheless, a few reports suggest Parker went to Alamo Heights High School.

His College

Besides, upon graduating high school, James joined the Savannah College of Art and Design in Sept 2017. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in March 2022.

At present, James is pursuing an MFA in photography and integrated media at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA.

What is James Parker Gibson doing? Is He an actor like his dad?

We’re sure many of you might be curious to know what the oldest son of our beloved actor is doing. You might assume Gibson is also following in his dad’s footsteps, however, it seems the 23 years old star kid is not interested in showbiz, yet.

As of now, James is happy being a photographer and is also very good at that. So far, his work has been featured in a handful of exhibitions including in International Photographic Awards, Photoplace Gallery, and SCAD. His most famous will definitely be his cover photo for the fall 2019 issue of  The Journey magazine.

You can tell the star kid is going places with his marvelous work. He also shares a lot of pictures of his work on his Instagram account.

His Other Photographing Jobs

With an extensive experience in both digital and analog processes, James has already worked on several projects as a photographer. He first worked as a freelance photographer for Steffan Argus’s music video in March 2019. The same year, Gibson worked at Smoke Shack, SNIPSA, and Walt’s Bar Pickles.

From Dec 2021 to April 2022, James signed a contract with Spurs Sports & Entertainment, for Spurs Family’s Portraits Campaign. He also did an internship as a teaching assistant at Saint Mary’s Hall and SUSAN BURNSTINE as per his Linkedin bio.

James Parker Gibson is in a blissful relationship: Who is his girlfriend?

He is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Isabella Preston. The couple has been dating since 2017. Moreover, they first met while studying at the same high school back in San Antonio, Texas. Not only did they go to the same high school, but they also go to the same college, Savannah College of Art and Design.

We can tell their relationship has already lept further considering how they hang out with each other’s family every now and then. Many times, whenever Thomas is out with his son James, Izzy is also present which shows how close they are as a family.

James Parker Gibson
James with his girlfriend.

James often shows his affection for Izzy by sharing her snaps on Insta. In November 2021, James and his partner, Isabella were seen enjoying their time together in Asheville, North Carolina.

Being a photographer himself, James usually takes photos of his girlfriend. Similarly, Izzy also adds a lot of photographs with her partner.

Safe to say, they are literal goals!

We wouldn’t be surprised to see them tie the knot soon. Let’s hope they stick together for many years to come.

James’s Parents Divorced after two decades of marriage

Thomas and his wife Christine initially exchanged vows on April 3rd, 1993 in a small wedding. Not much is known about the beginning of their relationship but we can guess they must’ve started dating around the late ’80s or the early ’90s.

For the major part of their relationship, the couple lived in San Antonio and Charleston, North Carolina. Through thick and thin, the pair persevered and went on to become one of the most blessed couples in the industry.

Thomas Gibson wife Christine Gibson
Thomas and Christine attending an event.

Nonetheless, it all came to a standstill when out of nowhere they dropped the bomb. In 2011, the lovebirds announced they were separating, “amicably.” Thomas filed for divorce in 2014, and after a year of battle, they finally came to a settlement in 2015. But it wasn’t until the year 2018 when they were officially separated.

What was the reason behind their divorce?

Whenever a celebrity gets divorced, the media would want to scour every inch of information to find out why. Likewise, after their separation, several tabloids claimed Christine separated from Thomas after he cheated on her.

In 2013, a woman claimed she and Thomas had been in a relationship for two years then. This led many of us to believe there indeed was cheating. But as it turned out, the woman had catfished the actor as he himself claimed to be the victim.

Afterward, the woman in question also provided a couple of pictures of Thomas where he was seen bathing in the tub. On the contrary, Gibson claimed the photos were all heavily edited, and at the time when he first interacted with that woman, he was already separated from his wife.

James Parker Gibson’s Net Worth

Since Gibson has already paved his way in several respective fields, it is no surprise the star kid has also earned a considerable fortune at such a young age. He has a net worth of $500,000 in 2023.

On the other hand, Thomas’s fortune is $18 million.


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