Where Is Erinn Cosby Today? Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

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Where Is Erinn Cosby Today? Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?
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Ever since Bill Cosby’s sexual abuse scandal that started in the mid-60s, the Cosby family has always been controversial people. Excluding the patriarch, one other name that has attracted a fair of attention from the very clan is that of Erinn Cosby.

It includes her drug abuse to her allegations that the former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson sexually assaulted her. In addition, her, at times, good, at times, bad relationship with her celebrity father Bill Cosby has also made headlines.

It however has been years since Erinn made any public appearances or even instigated a few or two storylines of her own for that matter. Given that, her current whereabouts have been a point of contention. So get the answers in the following stories in addition to details including her marriage, children, and more.

Where Is Erinn Cosby Today?

Although a handful of things and even more about Erinn’s personal life are no less than a closed book, some or two public records claim she now lives in Philadelphia. There she apparently does works related to photography.

More recent picture of photographer and Bill Cosby's daughter Erinn Cosby
A full-time photographer and an art studio owner in Philadelphia Erinn Cosby.

Cosby’s daughter started her job as a full-time photographer sometime in the 90s which reportedly was shortly after her graduation. At the present time, Erinn runs an art studio in Philadelphia. There she also organizes exhibitions and others.

As a photographer, she has managed to showcase her works in galleries across Miami and New York. Erinn once had 70 of her photos exhibited at the Art Sanctuary Gallery in Philadelphia. Her stills mostly include stories of common people from across the world.

Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby's daughter Erinn Cosby
The Cosby Show star Bill Cosby’s daughter Erinn Cosby. Getty

Erinn once also worked as a model for Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Who Is Erinn Cosby’s Husband? Is She Even Married?

Erinn mostly lives a non-celebrity life and even more so privately. For as long as anyone could remember Cosby’s daughter has always tried to stay away from the shadow of her father’s fame. Resultantly only a select few details regarding her personal life are on the records.

Bill Cosby's daughter Erinn Cosby with her husband Michael Cannaday at their wedding
Erinn Cosby and her partner Michael Cannaday during their wedding. Jet Magazine

The most asked question in this spectrum is who is the husband of Erinn Cosby. Well, his name is Dr. Michael Cannaday whom Erinn married in Oct 1998. Their wedding was rather private and it took place at Erin’s parent’s home in Philadelphia. Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young served as their wedding officiator.

Although the wedding didn’t entertain large guests, the ceremony did have the presence of most of Erinn’s family members including her celebrity father Bill Cosby, mother Camille Cosby, grandmother Catherine Hanks, sisters Erika, Ervin, and Ensa, and uncles Guy Hanks, and Russell Cosby. In addition, Erinn had three sisters as her bridesmaids.

Erinn and her husband Michael had known each other for around four years before they decided to tie the knot. Cosby’s partner is a general practitioner.

Does Erinn Have Children?

Although many still believe Erinn and her husband Michael are still together, whether they are parents to children is yet to be known.

Bill Cosby's daughter Erinn with Howard Bingham in April 2009
Erinn with Howard Bingham at Jack H Skirball Center in April 2009. Getty

Besides Erinn, herself, hasn’t appeared in any public gatherings for years. Nor the daughter of Bill Cosby seems to have an apparent presence on social media. It accordingly is a mystery whether Cannaday and his wife, Erinn have kids of their own.


How Many Siblings Does Erinn Cosby Have?

She had four siblings in total. Two of them however died. It was her younger brother, Ennis Cosby, and younger sister, Ensa. Erinn’s other siblings are Erika Ranee Cosby and Evin Cosby.

Where Are Erinn Cosby’s Siblings Now?

Erinn’s eldest sister Erika Ranee Cosby is a contemporary painter and she mostly travels around the world with her exhibition works. As for Evin, she apparently is a luxury boutique shop owner. It however is unclear where she currently resides.


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