Where Is Lindsay Brunnock From? Untold Details On Kenneth Branagh’s Wife

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Lindsay Brunnock is an art director famous for her work in movies The Abduction Club (2002), Born Romantic (2002), and Starter for 10 (2006). More than her profession, Lindsay is famous as the wife of the British actor and filmmaker Kenneth Branagh (aka Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh).

Coming up to 2023, Lindsay and her famous husband are married for almost two decades. Being married for such a long time, do the couple share children? Well, today, let’s get to know every personal and professional detail about Sir Kenneth’s wife Lindsay Brunnock. Besides, we will also cover some details about her husband Branagh and his latest achievements in the following article.

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Lindsay Brunnock Is A Cambridgeshire Native; Know Her Age And Early Life

Kenneth Branagh’s wife, Lindsay was born on April 5, 1970, in Cambridgeshire, England under the birth sign Aries. She is currently 52 years old.

Similarly, in the earliest days of her life, Brunnock grew up in a well and financially stable family as her father James Brunnock was a wealthy businessman. Further, her dad James and her mom Margaret Brunnock raised her.

Besides, in regard to ethnicity, the celebrity wife is Caucasian and holds British nationality.

What Does Lindsay Brunnock Do? Her Career Detail

As mentioned earlier, Lindsay is an art director. From a young age, she was absolutely interested in art and movies and used to travel a long way to London just to view posters and watch movies. Right after her graduation, she went straight to pursue her dream career.

In the movie industry, she debuted as an assistant designer in the year 1996 in the TV mini-series, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. The same year she worked as a designer in the TV movie, The Moonstone. With her initial works, her projects started expanding. She then worked as an assistant art director in The Governess in 1998, and after that Lindsay got promoted to Stand-by art director.

Likewise, her art director credit includes Born Romantic, Shackleton, The Abduction Club, and others. Her work on The Abduction Club got critical acclaim from the viewers for its settings and props which helped her to gain recognition as a talented art director in the industry. After working for almost a decade, Lindsay took a break from her career. She last worked as an assistant art director in Starter for 10 in 2006.

Lindsay Brunnock Is Married To Her Husband Kenneth Branagh; Their Wedding

Coming up to 2022, Lindsay has been a wife to her husband Kenneth for nearly two decades. The couple got married in the year 2003 in a very intimate wedding ceremony in New York. In fact, the pair kept their marriage out of the public spotlight for a while.

Lindsay Brunnock is a celebrity wife
Lindsay Brunnock with her husband Kenneth Branagh.

The now-husband-wife duo first crossed the path in the year 1997. But that meeting was so casual that probably they didn’t notice each other much. After that, Lindsay and her now-husband Kenneth again came across each other in 2001 while they were working on the miniseries Shackleton, in which she was an art director and Kenneth a lead character.

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While filming Shackleton, the two became friends. As per Kenneth, Brunnock even helped him to stay calm and relaxed while working under extreme pressure. By being supportive of each other in a set, the two fell in love, and eventually, within a year, the couple tied the knot.

Lindsay And Her Husband Are On Great Terms

Even after being married for such a long time, the couple shares a great relationship together with no sign of conflict. Back in 2016, her husband Kenneth talked about their relationship and he said that Lindsay is far smarter than him. Kenneth said,

“She’s certainly smarter than me and knows me better than I know myself. She understands that it’s great when people love what they do, but also knows they need the right kind of balance in their life.”

The statement itself says, to make a balance in their marriage, Lindsay plays a prominent role. While she was taking care of their house by keeping her career on hold, her husband Kenneth keeps making a big name in the movie industry and Lindsay stood like a big supporter behind him. Before moving further, let’s have a look at her spouse Kenneth’s achievements.

Brunnock’s Husband, Kenneth Is A Multi-Award Winning Actor And Filmmaker; His Short- Bio

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the 62 years old Brunnock’s husband Kenneth Branagh is a well-known English actor and filmmaker. Kenneth was born to working-class protestant parents and later pursued his career in film. At the age of 20, he began his acting career in the theatre. As a stage actor, he gained early success through his work in the BBC’s Play for Today and Julian Mitchell’s Another Country.

Kenneth Branagh is a famous actor
Lindsay’s Husband Kenneth Branagh’s character in Harry Potter.

Later, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and as its member, Branagh did outstanding work on several of Shakespeare’s plays Henry V, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, Hamlet, Harry Potter, and many others. Subsequently, he also starred in several other series and movies. For his excellent work on several projects, Kenneth has also been honored with many awards.

To date, he has won Emmy Award two times, four BAFTAs, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy award. Further, Kenneth was named on the Irish Times list of Ireland’s greatest film stars. Lately, in 2022, the Irish native star has also become the first individual to get nominated for seven Oscar categories.

Lindsay’s Husband Kenneth Previous Marriage: Details on his Affairs

Lindsay is the second wife of her husband, Kenneth. Before, her loving spouse Branagh exchanged vows with his first wife Emma Thompson, a well-known British actress. The former couple was in a marital relationship for almost 6 years from 1989 to 1995. They separated due to an infidelity issue.

Lindsay Brunnock Husband was married before
Lindsay Brunnock’s Husband with his first wife.

Actually, what had happened was, while Kenneth was still married to his wife Emma, he dated his Frankenstein’s co-star Helena Bonham Carter. Even after his divorce from Thompson, he continued his affair with Carter for 4 more years, and in 1999, the two (Helen and Kenneth) also parted ways.

Following the end of Helen and Kenneth’s relationship, Kenneth settled down with his now-wife Lindsay in 2003 while Helen stayed in a relationship with American filmmaker Tim Burton who was previously married to Lena Gieseke.

Do Lindsay Brunnock Shares Any Children with her Husband, Kenneth?

The answer is No. Even after being married for such long years, Lindsay didn’t have any children with her spouse Sir Ken. Regarding this, her husband Kenneth responded to a question about not having a child together with his wife, back in 2016. He said,

“There’s no mystery. It just simply hasn’t happened.”

It seems like the couple mutually decided to not become parents. They now have two dogs in their small family of husband and wife. All of them together live in Berkshire as per the source.

Her Net Worth

As an art director, Lindsay has earned a decent amount. She has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. On the other side, her famous husband Kenneth Branagh has a fortune of $60 million.

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