Where Is Sebastian Marroquin? Truth About Pablo Escobar’s Son

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Sebastian Escobar (real name Juan Pablo Escobar) is popular as the son of the King of Coacaine, Pablo Escobar. He was a narcoterrorist who founded Medellin Cartel and became its sole leader. In addition, he is one of the top criminals, as well as one of the richest people, in history.

Apart from being the son of a prominent drug smuggler, Sebastian is also an architect, author, and motivational speaker. He wrote an autobiography about his dad and published a book, Pablo Escobar: My Father which was the best seller in Latin America. Likewise, he was also in the Argentine documentary, Sins of My Father.

While Marroquin’s dad was the lord of the smuggling world, he was a good father and a husband. He was like any other father who loved and cared for his family, however, he left the world too early. Pablo Escobar’s wife then fled to a different nation with her children changing their identity as it became very hard for them to survive.

Well, many of you may be familiar with the name “Pablo Escobar,” but what about his son? Did Juan Pablo carry his dad’s legacy? Where is he now? Here, in this article below we will discuss some parts of Pablo’s life highlighting more on his son Sebastian Escobar. Also, learn about his wife, son, siblings, & his life after his dad, Pablo Escobar’s death.

Sebastian Marroquin Is a Columbia Native; His Age, Family, and Early Life

He was born Juan Pablo Escobar Henao in Medellin, Antioquia, Columbia. He came to this world on 24 February 1977 and is 45 years old in 2022. Escobar, likewise, is of Columbian nationality and belongs to white ancestry.

The Columbia native is the first child of his parents Pablo Escobar aka the “king of cocaine,” and his wife Maria Isabel Santos (now Maria Victoria Henao). He also has a sister, Manuela Escobar. The brother and sister spent most of their childhood in their birth country with their parents.

Pablo Escobar's son Sebastian Marroquin and his family
Sebastian Marroquin with his dad Pablo Escobar, mom Maria Isabel Santos, and sister Manuela Escobar; Pinterest

But things weren’t always the same. After the death of his father in 1993, it became extremely challenging for the family to live in their own nation. As Pablo had uncountable rivals, they wouldn’t let his kids and wife live an easy life. Thus, Pablo’s spouse along with her children tried to leave the nation.

The family of four first traveled to Mozambique, then to Brazil, and finally to Argentina on tourist visas. They later settled there changing their names and hiding their actual identity. Even after doing so, Marroquin and his family suffered a lot afterward which we will discuss further in the article.

His Education: Sebastian Is a University Graduate

Even though the 45 years old then had a tough life due to family complications, he completed his education. Pablo’s son first went to a private school and earned a high school degree in industrial design. Later he enrolled at the University of Palermo and graduated with an architect degree.

Who Is Sebastian Marroquin’s Wife?

Pablo’s son is a married man who tied nuptials with his spouse Maria Angeles Sarmiento. Like all the family members, Marroquin’s partner also changed her identity and her birthname is still not revealed.

The husband and wife allegedly met in 1990 in Medellin. The girl was 5 years elder than the boy which is why Pablo was against their relationship. Despite his father’s disagreement towards their love, the then 13 years old was overwhelmed with his girlfriend. She showered him unconditional affection under the difficult situation as Pablo was being chased at that time.

Later, when Escobar was shot dead, Maria eloped with her husband in a new place with a different identity. The couple eventually tied knots in 2003 in a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marroquin Also Has a Son

After the duo’s nuptials, when things started falling back into place, they welcomed a new member to the family. Marroquin and his partner gave birth to their son and named him, Juan Emilio Escobar. Maintaining the privacy of their child, the father and mother chose not to provide detailed information about their son.

Sebastian Marroquin’s Father Is a Narcoterrorist Pablo Escobar, Columbian Drug Lord

Pablo is a big name in the criminal world. He was a narcoterrorist also famous as the Columbian Drug Lord or the King of Cocaine. Furthermore, he was also the sole leader of the Medellin Cartel which he founded by himself. He is one of the wealthiest criminals who have on the other side helped and aided the poor.

The drug lord started getting involved in criminal activities at an early age. Starting from selling illegal cigarettes and theft, he later worked for drug smugglers and kidnappers. He afterward monopolized the cocaine trade in the US through his syndicate. After a period of time, Pablo became one of the top criminals in history and the richest person in the world. Likewise, he engaged in massacres and murders making his nation the murder capital of the world.

Pablo Escobar and his son
Sebastian Marroquin and his dad Pablo Escobar; Variety

Regardless, the Liberal Party of Columbia elected Escobar as a part of the party, where he developed the poorest neighborhoods. He took part in some charitable events and even made houses for the homeless. These activities created a Robin Hood-like image of him in the eyes of the Columbian citizens gaining him more popularity.

On the other hand, his presence in politics bothered both the Columbian and US governments and he was shortly removed from the party. Since it was not a new thing for him to massacre someone, he gave an order to kill Luis Garland; who kicked him out of politics. Except for him, Pablo has slaughtered and bribed other judges, police officers, locals, and major politicians throughout his career.

Pablo Was a Good Father And Husband

Though the drug lord was a criminal in Columbia’s eyes and had a threatening image, he was a good father as well as a good husband. He loved to spoil his son and daughter and was a very loving and caring husband. That is why, despite knowing all the deeds of her husband, Maria never left his side.

Nevertheless, they couldn’t get that love for long as Pablo was shot dead. His wife and children wanted him to leave all the criminal activities. Yet, he had already reached the point, from where he wasn’t willing to return.

Marroquin’s Dad Pablo Escobar Death; Over 25,000 People Attended His Funeral

On December 2, 1993, Sebastian Marroquin’s father was found in a residential area of Medellin and was shot and killed. He was hit in the torso and feet when he was escaping from the rooftop. But when a bullet knocked him through the ear, he died instantly. Looking at the accuracy and the point of the wound, it is not clear yet if he was shot by a policeman or by himself.

Pablo Escobar dead body
Colombian police and DEA members with the dead body of Pablo Escobar on the death spot Source: Iflank.wordpress.com (Original from DEA)

While his death made the state and his rivals happy, many people were sad about his demise. When he escaped after he was sentenced to five years imprisonment upon surrendering, the government prepared a special force to hunt him.

The passing of the drug lord devastated the ones he aided during his lifetime. They considered him their martyr and prayed for him. Many poor in the city grieved his death and his funeral was attended by more than 25,000 people.

Sebastian Marroquin Life After Escobar’s Demise

After the death of the head of the family, life became tough for the then-teenager and his family. Pablo’s rivals and the most powerful drug traffickers told them to leave the country forever or else they will be killed. He was after all the heir to his dad’s empire who could possibly take his legacy forward.

Escobar’s family always lived in fear of getting attacked. In fact, when they were trying to make their life easier, they were accused of money laundering. Even before that, Pablo’s widow Henao was imprisoned for eighteen months until she showed the detail of her income.

He Retracted The Vow Of Revenge Against His Dad’s Killers

Marroquin stated to The Independent that he “vowed revenge against everybody” who was after his father’s death. But later he “retracted that promise” with a gun pointed at his head and left the nation to never return. Juan Pablo Escobar further said;

“Drug trafficking destroyed my family. It gave us the world, and then it took it away.”

Growing up hearing and learning about crimes, Sebastian knows the consequences of being a part of them. Therefore, he chose not to walk on the same path as his father. He even said that his babysitters were some of Columbia’s worst criminals. In all of them, he saw the reflection of the people he should not become.

Furthermore, he put his view forward regarding the crime drama series Narcos which was based on the murder of a Netflix location scout in Mexico. He said history is repeating and it might be much worse this time.

Escobar stated,

“Nothing has changed except the names. Now there’s even more drug trafficking and corruption.”

His Family Tried To Register Pablo’s Name As a Brand

Since Escobar’s family was new in the place, they had no income in the beginning. It became extremely hard to survive for them at that time. Hence, they even tried to make money out of his father’s name.

Sebastian along with his mother and sister filed to register Pablo Escobar’s name as a brand. They could appeal three times and they did so, but it was unsuccessful all the time. The reason depicted for not registering his name was mentioned as Escobar associated with violence that left thousands of victims behind.

However, many books were written as well as movies, documentaries, and TV series were subsequently made about his life. After all, he was still on the good side for the poor Columbians.

What Is Pablo Escobar’s Son Sebastian Marroquin Doing Now?

We quite know about Sebastian’s past life now, but what is he doing at present? Well, he is an author, public speaker, and architect. He has changed his original name as he didn’t get an airline ticket under that name, according to his interview with Skavlan.

Juan Pablo aka Sebastian Marroquin
Pablo Escobar’s son Sebastian Marroquin (born as Juan Pablo Escobar Henao); The Mirror

Likewise, the 45 years old was a part of an Argentine movie documentary Sins of My Father in 2009 that promoted peace ending hatred. Marroquin also apologized to the sons of victims who were assassinated in his father’s regime which was in the series.

Meanwhile, he also published his book Pablo Escobar: My Father Which Art In Heaven in 2014. The book is about the cocaine lord and how his life really was behind the scene.

Sebastian’s Book Pablo Escobar: My Father, Became the Best Seller

While most of the population thought Pablo’s son will take his legacy forward, he walked in just the opposite direction. He wrote an autobiography, Pablo Escobar: My Father to tell his side of the story, which was a bestseller in Latin America.

Marroquin said, “it’s a story that needs to be told so that Columbia and other countries don’t repeat the same mistake.” He wants to reconcile with all those with whom his father had conflicts and wants peace and forgiveness from them. As a matter of fact, they were able to save their life just because they made peace with other cartels.

Where Is Sebastian Marroquin Now?

As of 2022, he resided in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires, Argentina with his mom, wife, and son. As mentioned earlier, he works as an architect there.

Nonetheless, he has visited his native nation only twice since he left there. Marroquin is on a journey to make peace and though he cannot amend his father’s acts, he is trying to comfort the victim’s families.

How Rich Is Juan Pablo Escobar Aka Sebastian Marroquin? His Net Worth

Despite him being a son of a billionaire dad, he didn’t get much of his dad’s properties. However, it is believed he got some part of his dad’s empire.

Sebastian with his architect & author profession as well as an alleged business on his side, has amassed millions of net worth. According to sources, his total assets as of 2022 range from $30 million to $120 million.

Likewise, his dad Pablo was a billionaire who had compiled US$30 billion at the time of his death. As of now, it would be $70 billion, making his name on the list of the richest people in the world.