Who Is Lee Starkey? Everything To Know About The Beatles’ Drummer Ringo Starr’s Son

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Who Is Lee Starkey? Everything To Know About The Beatles’ Drummer Ringo Starr’s Son
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Lee Starkey is famous for being the daughter of Ringo Starr (aka Sir Richard Starkey) who is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is mostly known to the world as the drummer for the English Rock band, The Beatles. Prior to his entry as a drummer in The Beatles, he was a member of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. In the 1960s, he started his solo career in music.

Similarly, her mother Maureen Starkey (aka Mary Cox) was a hairdresser who died Of Leukemia on December 30, 1994. At the time when her mother took her last breath, Lee was at her mom’s bedside. After the demise of Maureen, Lee herself struggled with the brain tumor. So, in 2022, is she totally cured of the tumor?

Today, in this article, we will address every personal and professional detail about Ringo Starr’s daughter, Lee Starkey, from her early life to age to her relationship status, her husband, and her triplets. Stick with us to know.

When Was Lee Starkey Born? Her Wiki And Early Life

Lee (aka Lee Parkin Starkey) was born on the 11th of November 1970 at Queen Charlotte Maternity Hospital, London. As of 2022, she is 51 years of age and has a birth sign- Scorpio. After a year of her birth, her family shifted to Berkshire where she spent most of her early days.

Lee Starkey in her childhood
Lee Starkey in her early days.

Her parents were separated after 5 years of her birth, leaving custody of Lee and her brothers to her mother. She grew up alongside her mother and her two older brothers.

Talking about her ethnical background, she is a Caucasian and British by nationality.

Her Educational Details

As for education, she first attended King Alfred’s School in Hampstead when she was 16 years old, without any qualification. But with some sort of confusion in choosing a career, she later dropped out the school.

After that, she enrolled in drama school but could not complete it. Later, Lee joined a makeup artist school and somehow received her diploma degree.

Lee Has Two Older Brothers

Lee was born as the youngest child of her parents and a little sister of her two brothers named Zak Starkey and Jason Starkey. Zak is five years older than her. He was born on September 13, 1965, in London, England, UK. Today, he is a drummer by profession.

Similarly, her second-brother Jason (nickname, Jay) was born on 19 August 1967 in Queen Charlette’s Hospital in Hammersmith, London. Talking about his career, he started by playing drums for bands like Buddy Curtis, and the Grasshoppers. Currently, he is working as a musician and photographer. Further, she also has three half-siblings named Francesca Gregorini, Gianni Gregorini, and Augusta Tigrett.

Details of Lee Starkey’s Parent’s Marriage And Divorce

It started in the year 1962 when Lee’s father, Ringo Starr for the first time came across his future wife Maureen. He saw Maureen in one of The Beatles’ pre-fame shows at The Cavern Club. At that time, Maureen was a hairdresser trainee in Liverpool, England. And eventually, after 3 years, Starr proposed to a hairdresser and they got married after 21 days on February 11, 1962.

As time passes, their marital relationship started deteriorating, and finally, after 10 years of their marriage, the couple ended up divorcing on July 17, 1975, citing infidelity from both sides. Ringo later married the actress Barbara Bach while Maureen tied the knot with actor and businessman Isaac Tigrett.

Lee Starkey’s Career Details: She Is Basically A Fashion Designer

As a professional, today, she is known as a famous female British designer. But, in her early phase, she started her career as an employee at Tower Records and A Hard Rock Cafe. The cafe was founded by her Stepdad, Isaac Tigrett. Later, she appeared as a co-star in an Oldsmobile car commercial alongside her father.

Eventually, in the spring of 1991, she opened a clothing boutique in Los Angeles in cooperation with her friend Christian Paris. They together named their boutique Planet Alice. For the boutique, she designed the clothes on her own, the clothes were specialized in the 1960s period and used to sell her design dresses.

Unfortunately, her clothes shop got closed. Nonetheless, she continued her designing profession till her mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. Apart from all these, she also has given her vocal on ‘La De Da’ on her father, Ringo’s 11th studio album Vertical Man.

Lee Starkey Survived Brain Tumour Two Times

Sometime in August 1995, Starkey suddenly felt numbness in her body and collapsed after a while in her England residence. Thereafter, she was rushed to the hospital and doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor. Thankfully, the tumor was curable and for her further treatment, Lee was taken to the Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, United States of America. There, she underwent surgery two times and was later given radiation treatment.

Following her successful treatment in the US, she returned back to her hometown London,  In 2001, she again had to struggle with the tumor as it had returned. Starkey one more time visited the hospital in the United States for more treatment. As of today, she is completely healthy and has no sign of the disease.

Lee Starkey Is In Relationship With A Musician Jay Mehler: Is He Her Husband?

Lee Starkey is happily in a relationship with Jason ‘Jay’ Mehler since the year 2006. Her partner Jay is an American guitarist who once played guitar in the British Rock band, Kasabian. Jay is a Philadelphia native who generally plays Alternative rock, Indie, Psychedelic, and Space Rock.

Lee Starkey is in relationship with Jay Mehler
Lee Starkey and her partner Jay Mehler.

Moving on to her relationship status, till today, the couple is not married either, nor is engaged. They are living in a live-in relationship for 16 years and are already parents of three children. The duo is still together and is happily living as a family.

Lee Starkey Is A Mother: She Has Triplets 

In her partnership with her boyfriend Jay Mehler, she gave birth to three babies, two sons Jamako, Smokey, and a daughter Ruby Tiger. The pair’s three babies were born triplets on 7 September 2009. As of 2022, Starkey’s triplets are 13 years of age.

Lee Starkey is a mother
Lee Starkey and her partner with their children

As per sources, all three of her kids have a keen interest in music as her daughter plays the piano and her sons are learning to play drums. Aside from this, there is no more information on the media. Both the couple does not share much of their personal life in media.

What Is Lee Starkey Doing In 2022? Her Social Media Presence

In 2022, Lee along with her musician boyfriend and children resides in London. She is continuing her fashion designing profession. Moreover, she also works as a stylist and a makeup artist. Sometimes, she has been seen at some charitable events, Stella’s fashion shows, and at her sibling’s concerts.

Further, on her social media presence, she is absolutely not active on any social media sites at present as per our research. She is hugely secretive about keeping her personal life, private and maintains a low-key life. In 2013, she opened a Twitter account however she last posted on it in 2015.

Lee Starkey’s Net Worth

As per different websites, her estimated net worth is $3 million. She earns a major amount from her profession of fashion design. On the other hand, her musician partner and the father of her babies, Jay Mehler has a net worth of $350 million.

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