Who Is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth

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Who Is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Real GigaChad? Untold Truth
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Ernest Khalimov is a Russian model and bodybuilder who has been rumored to be “Gigachad.” People were skeptical that Gigachad was a real person after his muscular physique went viral on social media a couple of years back, however, coming to the year 2023, there has been a lot of evidence that supports Gigachad’s existence.

But, Is Ernest Khalimov the real Gigachad? Let’s explore the life of Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad in today’s article.

Key Takeaways

  • Ernest Khalimov is famously known as the Gigachad.
  • He is a Russian model who went viral for his perfect-like physique.
  • Khalimov hasn’t ever revealed he is Gigachad.
  • He is rumored to be dating Krista Sudamalis, however, it has yet to be made official.
  • Gigachad has more than 1 million followers on Instagram alone.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He “Gigachad”

Khalimov is a Russian model and bodybuilder who is most well-known as Gigachad. When it comes to the question if Khalimov is indeed the Gigachad, the answer is yes. Having said that, there are tons of websites that have openly claimed Ernest as Gigachad.

To talk about his birth details, Ernest was born on March 1, 1969, in Russia. As a matter of fact, if we take a look at his Instagram handle, it says berlin.1969, so we speculate Khalimov was born in 1969 which makes his age 54 years in 2023.

Russian model Ernest Khalimov, who is most well-known as Gigachad
Russian model Ernest Khalimov, who is most well-known as Gigachad

Ernest is from Russia and he has been exploring his career in his nation itself. In the meantime, many people have said Khalimov has a Turkish background while some believe he is from Azerbaijan. However, in one of his social media posts, Khalimov clarified that he doesn’t belong to so many nationalities, but German and Russian.

A Scottish Youtuber Revealed That Gigachad Was Actually Ernest Khalimov

How could be someone so perfect? This was the most frequent question that people asked after the Gigachad memes started making headlines. Many of us believed that the photos were photoshopped for business purposes.

However, one tweet from Mark Meechan, a Scottish YouTuber, better known as Count Dankula back in April 2020 brought a new twist. Dankula appeared to have been shocked to find out the truth about Gigachad.

For the longest time I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s actually a real dude lmao,” wrote Dankula in the caption. Here is the tweet.

But, many of Dankula’s followers retweeted saying the photos were partly photoshopped and Ernest’s girlfriend does it.

Why Was Ernest Khalimov Called Gigachad?

Well, the term ‘chad’ is actually slang that is used to refer to confident & attractive men. It also indicates a masculine attribute in a man. After the Gigachad meme surfaced online, people started calling it GigaChad since it resembled a perfect man.

Moreover, there was also wide debate on whether it was a real person or a CGI. The speculation of it being a GCI was also because there were no videos of the real person from the meme available online. All the rumors were silenced after the Scottish revealed the fact.

Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad is a Model for “Sleek and Tears”

Ernest has been modeling for the Sleek and Tears company. We can see a lot of photos of him on an Instagram account named berlin.1969. The account has a total of 35 posts and has already boasted 1M followers at present.

Meanwhile, Sleek and Tears also has an Instagram account which is managed by Krista Sudamalis. The account features photos of several models, including Ernest Khalimov’s. Looking at those photos, we can safely say that a lot of editing work is performed before posting them online.

Gigachad is a model for Sleek and Tears company
Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad is a model for Sleek and Tears

After seeing these photos, we can say that some sort of Photoshop editing is applied to Gigachad’s photos as well. Who knows Khalimov might not look like what he appears on social media and in memes.

Has Ernest Khalimov Died? Know About His Car Accident

We often come across death rumors of celebrities. Stars like Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Kanye West, and Dwayne Johnson have been rumored to be dead so many times. Well, talking about Ernest, he is not dead and is perfectly healthy.

The rumors of his death began back in April 2021, after he met a car accident. As of now, Khalimov is perfectly fine and is pursuing his modeling career. in fact, he keeps on posting photos of himself online on his Instagram account.

Who is Ernest Khalimov’s Girlfriend in 2023?

Despite Khalimov’s presence on social media, he hasn’t ever talked about his love life and girlfriends. However, many online sources have mentioned that Gigachad has been dating Krista Sudamalis, the girl who manages Sleek and Tears’ Instagram account.

Gigahad, Ernest Khalimov with his alleged girlfriend, Krista Sudamalis
Khalimov and his alleged girlfriend Krista Sudamalis is a digital creator

Besides, some fans have also mentioned Krista as Khalimov’s girlfriend time and again. But, there is no official information about Khalimov and Sudamalis being girlfriend-and-boyfriend.

What Is His Net Worth?

As of 2023, Ernest is expected to have at least a net worth of $1 million. A major part of his wealth is an outcome of his modeling career. Moreover, with followers of over 1 million on his Insta, he definitely makes big bucks from his social.

Most Asked Question About Ernest Khalimov

How Old Is Ernest?

As of 2023, he is 53 years of age.

What Is Ernest Khalimov’s Height?

Well, he has a height of 6 feet 8 inches, which is 203.2 cm.

Is Ernest Khalimov a Bodybuilder?

He is not a competitive bodybuilder but rather prefers to call himself a fitness model. Besides, he is also an entrepreneur.