Who Is Kennedy Franklin? Things About Kirk Franklin’s Youngest Daughter

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Who Is Kennedy Franklin? Things About Kirk Franklin’s Youngest Daughter
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Kennedy Franklin is a former cheerleader and currently serves as the Executive Assistant at KS Lewis Media. She is most famous as the youngest daughter of American gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

A graduate of Baylor University, Kennedy is just 25 and has already achieved pretty much professionally. In fact, she is also very much popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter as well.

Well, in this article, we are going to explore some untold details about her career, and parents, and also find out if she is married or dating a boyfriend. Let’s zoom in on it.

Who Is Kennedy Franklin?

As we said earlier, Kennedy Franklin is the youngest daughter of father Kirk Franklin and mother Tammy Collins. She was born on May 4, 1997, in Texas. As of 2022, she is 25 years of age.

Kennedy With Her Father Kirk And Mother Tammy
Kennedy With Her Father Kirk And Mother Tammy.

Kennedy grew up along with her parents in her hometown and shares a great relationship with both her parents. In fact, she loves to spend time with both her dad and mom and does not shy away from sharing her moments with her parents on social media.

Back in June 2021, she shared a beautiful photo with her dad on her Instagram where she was all praises about him. In the given Father’s Day post, she wrote a lengthy caption, where she expressed her love for her father. Check out the post here.


Kennedy has a very good academic background. After finishing high school, she attended Baylor University from 2015 to 2019, where she finished her bachelor’s degree in journalism. Later, in 2020, she joined Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studies Advertising.

Kennedy has Three Siblings

In case you didn’t know, Kennedy also has three siblings Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin, & Kerrion Franklin. Carrington is her half-brother who was born from her mother’s previous relationship. Likewise, Kerrion her older half-brother was born from her father’s relationship in the past.

Kennedy Franklin Is Very Close To Her Younger Brother Caziah
Kennedy Franklin Is Very Close To Her Younger Brother Caziah

Unfortunately, she does not share a very good relationship with Kerrion. In fact, he is not even invited to family gatherings for a long time now.

Similarly, Caziah is her biological brother, who is younger than her. Well, she shares a great relationship with all her siblings.

What Does Kennedy Franklin Do For a Living?

While at Baylor University, she was a cheerleader on the college team. But as a professional, she has served in various positions in different professional fields. She began her career as a Receptionist at Baylor University Robinson Tower. After this, she worked as Sales Stylist at Charming Charlie.

From November 2016 to October 2017, she worked as a cashier at Spice Village. Eventually, after she finished her journalism degree, she went on to intern at Essence Magazine.

In January 2020, she joined Fo Yo Soul Entertainment, Inc. as an Executive Assistant. There she worked until January 2021. At present, she is the Executive Assistant at KS Lewis Media. She joined the company in November 2020 and has been actively involved in the profession.

Kennedy Defended Her Dad In 2021 Controversy After A Leaked Audio Call

It is very much evident that Kennedy’s older half-brother Kerrion does not share a good relationship with their father. Their relationship has gotten worse to the extent that he released a private conversation with his father online that led to a lot of controversy and criticism.

In leaked audio, Kirk can be heard shouting profanely at his son. In the phone call from a while ago, he used some abusive words leading to a lot of controversies. He says,

I’ll put my foot in your a**, I will break your neck ni***, don’t you ever disrespect me,” to which Kerrion responds saying “I didn’t.

While many stood up against Kirk criticizing him, Kennedy on the other hand defended him saying,

If somebody keeps disrespecting me and spewing out false allegations that could ruin my reputation I would cuss them the hell out as well, I just think that as a grown person over the age of 30 you just don’t air out business. But if you wanna air out we can air out. You don’t gaslight people and expect them to be nice to you…and then be mad when they respond.

She Was Heavily Bullied Online In the Past

Back in January 2017, Kennedy became a victim of an online bully. She was reportedly bullied by a couple of religious people. While their identity was not revealed but her father Kirk came to her rescue and he fired back at them.

The Emmy-winning gospel singer who was in Japan at the time made a tweet saying,

It’s 10 am here in Tokyo and my wife just called me to let me know my daughter is in tears because 2 so-called Christian people online have bullied her, and called her everything but a child of God

He also added,

@kenn_elizabeth is! She’s a sophomore in college, a smart young woman, the apple of my eye, and a girl…

Is Kennedy Married or Boyfriend?

Very little is known when it comes to the love life of Kennedy Franklin. As of 2022, she is not married and she does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot any time soon.

But what about her boyfriend? Is she dating anyone? Apparently, she is single and not dating anyone. That said, it is highly possible that she has simply managed to keep details of her love life away from the media. In fact, back in 2015 & 2016, she made a few posts addressing her boyfriend as fine but she didn’t reveal the name, just in case she was actually dating back then.

Kennedy Franklin Tweets About Her Boyfriend
Kennedy Franklin Tweets About Her Boyfriend

She Is Very Active On Social Media

Tammy Collins’ daughter Kennedy seems to enjoy social media. She is very active on all social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter. As of 2022, she has over 35k followers on her Instagram, where she often flaunts her bikini photos.

Similarly, she has over 12k followers on her official Twitter account.

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