Who is Kevin Selleck rumored wife, Annabelle Selleck? All the details here!

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  • Post last modified:December 10, 2020
Who is Kevin Selleck rumored wife, Annabelle Selleck? All the details here!

When you become famous, be it directly or indirectly, fans are bound to be curious. This often leads to false or vague information regarding your personal life. Similar is the case for Tom Selleck‘s daughter-in-law. The identity of Tom Selleck’s wife is still a big mystery. However, some sites suggest it is Annabelle Selleck.

Despite the claims, there is no visible evidence if a person of this name is even linked to Kevin Selleck. So where in the heck does this name came from? or maybe Kevin is really married to her and just hiding the fact.

Well, today let’s talk about Kevin Selleck’s wife today and find out the real truth about her!

Tom Selleck’s son Kevin is married: Details on his love life

Kevin’s life has been shrouded by mystery for the past decades or so. He once stepped into the limelight after his connection with the music band, Tonic. He joined the band as a drummer in the 90s but left the band pretty soon. Since then, he is nowhere to be found.

Kevin Selleck
Kevin is the step-son of Tom.

As his life is shrouded in mystery, it is only natural information about his personal life is scarce. One thing we’re certain of, he is married for the past couple of years. He tied the knot with his girlfriend in a super-secret ceremony. Not a single paparazzi was allowed inside the ceremony.

Moving on, now that we know he is a married man many of you might be curious to know who is his wife?

Who is Kevin Selleck’s wife? Is it Annabelle Selleck?

There is no right or wrong answer here. Even before getting married Kevin was one of those star kids who never liked talking about his personal or even professional life. After Radar Online first broke the news of his relationship and kids, many of us were a little bit taken aback. He was absent from the mainstream for so long and out of nowhere we found out he is living a happy marital life with his partner and their kids.

Besides, all of the tabloids or outlets claim his wife’s name is Annabelle. Nevertheless, we have a different opinion on this one. You see as of yet, there has not been a single credible source that mentions the name, except for IMDb, which was the first one to break the news. The website mentions Anabelle as Tom Selleck’s daughter-in-law which directly means she is Kevin’s wife.

Aside from that, there is literally no information about the lady.

Who is Annabelle Selleck? Reportedly worked in the costume and wardrobe department

According to sources, Annabelle has been a part of the entertainment industry. Her only known credit is in the 1998 medical drama, All Saints. In the series, she was part of the costume and wardrobe department team. Aside from that, there are no credits to her name.

Nonetheless, a few tabloids also mention Annabelle is the owner of the Good Pet Food Kitchen. Well, the information is completely false. First of all, this Annabelle lives in Australia and Kevin lives in the United States. Moreover, her paternal surname is Selleck which proves she didn’t change her surname after marrying Kevin or something like that.

When you keep your personal life behind closed doors, this the result, tabloids writing all sorts of false information.

Kevin Selleck shares six children with his wife

Tom Selleck’s son’s life has been literally a roller coaster ride. From becoming a big sports star during his college days to forming a band called Tonic and then to his fight with alcohol addiction. Nevertheless, it’s all in the past now as Kevin is a hard-working man and a father of six children. That’s right, he and his wife are proud parents of six kids.

Kevin was the member of the band Tonic
Kevin (second from left) with his band mates.

In 2016, a reporter for Radar Online went to meet up with Kevin. When he arrived at his residence he found out the house was in shambles with a broken front door. Upon knocking on the door, a woman, possibly Kevin’s wife, answered. The report then asked if he can meet Kevin to which the woman replied “No, thank you,” and shut the door. Furthermore, the reporter even tried to contact Kevin via phone but upon picking up, he instantly hung up.

Kevin has been living a low profile life since leaving the band, Tonic. One of his close friends and former bandmate Mark Naron divulged in 2016 that Kevin left the music world a long time ago. A rep for Selleck told the tabloid that, “Kevin is a very hard-working family man with six children” and the “struggles he had in his youth are far behind him.”

Be that as it may, Kevin and his wife are living a beautiful life without any distraction from the media. Maybe it is for the best after all the things he has been through. We wish nothing but the best for the family.