Eminem’s Daughter Alaina Marie Mathers-Get To Know Her Mother, Family, Siblings, and More

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Eminem’s Daughter Alaina Marie Mathers-Get To Know Her Mother, Family, Siblings, and More

Alaina Marie Mathers is famously known as the daughter of Eminem. She is the adopted child of Eminem, and before she was a relative of the rap god before he adopted her.

Well, the rap god Eminem barely mentioned his adopted daughter Alaine in the public and she has kept herself away from the media spotlight. However, there are some interesting details you should know about her.

In today’s episode let’s know about Alaina in detail.

Alaina Marie Mathers’ Birth Details and Siblings

Alaina Marie Mathers was born as Amanda Marie Scott to mother Dawn Scott on May 3, 1993. The identity of her biological father is unknown as of yet.

Casmier Sluck and Kathleen Sluck are her maternal grandparents while Deborah L. Nelson and Marshall Bruce Mathers II are her adopted grandparents.

Alaina Marie Mathers with her father Eminem
A childhood photo of Alaina Marie Mathers with her father Eminem

Alaina has four siblings, Adam Scott, Patrick Scott, Hallie Jade, and Whitney Scott Mathers.

Adam and Patrick are her biological siblings born to Dawn Scott while Hallie Jade is Eminem’s daughter with his ex-wife Kimberly “Kim” Anne Scott. Likewise, Whitney is Kim’s child from another relationship whom Eminem adopted later.


According to TheThings, Alaina Mathers graduated from the University of Oakland with a degree in public relations.

Alaine’s Biological Mother Died in 2016

Alaina Marie Mathers’ mother Dawn Scott was a drug addict. Dawn was found dead in the Motor City Trailer Park in Detroit, Michigan in January 2016. Police confirmed her death was due to heroin overdose.

Due to her drug addiction, Dawn became a vagrant and spent her final few years on the street. Meanwhile, talking to Radar Online months before her death, Dawn said how her sister and ex-brother-in-law left her to die on the street.

Alaina Marie Mathers mother Dawn Scott died in 2016
Dawn Scott died in 2016 from a heroin overdose, Source: Daily Mail

Furthermore, Les Martin, Dawn’s on and off boyfriend said he had tried his best to save her life. He said he had asked Kim to help her sister out, however, every time he called her she told him to let her go.

Alaina is not Active on Social Media

On one hand, Eminem’s daughter Hailee indulges in his fame and is an aspiring social media influencer. Hailee has boasted more than 2 million followers on Instagram where she shares her photos that depict her lifestyle. However, Alaina doesn’t enjoy being in the limelight.

Eminem kept his children out of the media sight for years and now even after she grew up, Alaina loves being away from media attention. Due to this reason, she doesn’t use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Eminem's oldest daughter Alaina Marie Mathers
Eminem’s oldest daughter Alaina Marie Mathers, Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, there is some Twitter and Instagram accounts under her name. The social media handles also possess some photos of her with her siblings and even with her father Eminem, however, these accounts appear to be fake. Lots of Eminem’s fans and well-wishers have commented on the Instagram posts that the account is fake.

Alaina’s Net Worth

Alaina’s professional involvement is not clear as of yet. So, her income and net worth is also a mystery. Meanwhile, her father Eminem has a whopping net worth of $230 million. On the other hand, her mother, Kim has a decent net worth of $2 million as of 2020.

Is Alaina Marie Mathers Married?

Since Alaine keeps herself completely away from the limelight, it is hard to tell is she has tied the knot. So far, the star kid has not made any public appearance with someone who could be called her husband.

Well, keeping all this into consideration, it is best to wait until she talks about her relationship status. Anyway, we would love to see her married to a husband.

She Is Not On Social Media

Unlike most of the celebrity kids, Alaine is a very private person and enjoys her life away from the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood. Despite being a celebrity daughter, Mathers has kept herself away from the media and paparazzi.

She is also not active on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, there are a number of accounts on her name which are all fake.