Who Is Nick Bare? Is He Married? Full Bio With Career, Net Worth

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Who Is Nick Bare? Is He Married? Full Bio With Career, Net Worth
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Nick Bare is the founder and CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition, a company that provides performance courses, nutrition plans, and supplements for all kinds of athletes. His business has a distinctively good history of working in the health wellness and fitness sector.

A strong business development professional, Nick Bare is also an athlete, author, influencer, expert in weight training, and US Army Veteran. Starting his career as a Platoon Leader and a First Lieutenant in the United States Army, Nick has now turned into a YouTube celebrity.

See the full story of how he became one of the most recognized faces in the fitness world. Also, get an inside look at the personal life of a former marine; whether he has a wife, children, or such.

Nick Bare Is A Former Military Man  

He was born in July 1990 and grew up in small-town Pennsylvania.

Bare studied at the Indiana University of PA in Western Pennsylvania (2009 – 2013). During college, Nick pursued a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nutrition and after graduation, joined the military. He had received a full ROTC scholarship.  

Nick Bare served as an Infantry Officer in the US army.
Nick is a former student of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Source: US Army

After college, Bare started to serve as an Infantry Officer in the US Army, stationed in Korea. He then spent the next four years completing various military training schools, such as Ranger School and Airborne School.

After that, he became an Infantry Platoon Leader. He though failed in multiple phases of the Ranger School.

The six-foot-tall nutrition expert says, during his time in the military, he got to learn the values of leadership, integrity, and team building which he directly applied to his company, Bare Performance Nutrition.

He was also a member of ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) and a Distinguished Military Graduate. While in the army, he also completed a 150-mile ruck march to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.


Nick is not the only child in the family. He also has a brother named Preston. Needless to say, but shares a great relationship with him. Hopefully, his relationship with him remains the same forever.

Nick Bare Thought Of Starting A Fitness Business While In The Army 

After a four-year stint in the military, including the completion of Ranger School and Airborne School, he decided to start running marathons.

One day while running 18 miles in preparation for a marathon, he decided to make a career as an instructor and build a brand on it with his “Go One More” mindset.

He, henceforth, launched Bare Performance Nutrition after taking out a $20k loan while serving as an Active Duty US Army Infantry Officer.

Nick Bare found his company Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012 while still a college student.
He is the CEO and the founder of Bare Performance Nutrition.

The Pennsylvania native founded Bare Performance Nutrition in 2012 out of his small college apartment. He thought now mostly operates from Round Rock, Texas. Bare is also the author of 25 Hours A Day – Going One More To Get What You Want.

His followers often refer to him as the IRONMAN©. He also occasionally is a problem solver for the mindset of many sorts of athletes. In recent times he has developed an interest in CrossFit training and endurance.

He describes his current goals including learning and incorporating Olympic lifting into his routine and competing in Crossfit. The fitness instructor still, every now and then, competes in several marathons across the state.

Who is Nick Bare wife? Is he even Married?

Bare married his wife Stefany Banda, a Michigan native, in Oct 2020. Their wedding was held at Plantera Conservatory which is also in the bride’s home state.

Bare and Banda allegedly started dating somewhere in late 2017. His wife, Stefany is a born & raised a Midwest girl. She grew up in Michigan & has since moved a little more south.

Nick Bare wife Stefany Banda are married since Oct 2020.
Nick Bare is married to Michigan native, Stefany Banda with whom he is about to welcome a daughter.

Ms. Bare is a graduate of Michigan State University. Stefany and Nick met each other in Nashville, TN when they were in their mid-twenties.

The couple resides in Austin, TX with their two doodles, Ryder & Remi. As of this writing, Bare and his wife are about to welcome their first child, a daughter in July 2022.

Nick Suffered From Anorexia As A Teenager

While in the present, Nick is famous among people for his fitness advice, back in the time, he, himself had debilitating health issues with respect to his body.

In his teenage due to his terrible eating disorder, the future entrepreneur always had a feeling of being too weak. Fortunately, on growing up, Nick was able to beat his terrible eating disorder and achieve a stronger physique and also a healthy career in fitness.

Nick often says his fitness journey started as a young teen, recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning himself to focus on a healthier and happier him.

While talking to TrainMag in Feb 2020, he revealed his anorexia began during his freshman year of high school. He soon realized that he needed to control his nutritional intake. Bare started by exercising more and slowly reducing the size of the meals.

The would-be marine said while he was never “overweight” growing up and grew up in an active family, he developed an addiction to controlling his diet and exercise. At his extreme, he confessed, he used to consume fewer than 500 calories daily and was exercising after school at night.

The Infantry Officer said he spawned an obsession with losing weight as fast as possible – all at the expense of his health when his body was growing.

What Anorexia Did To Him And How He Got Cured Of It?

He added his disorder initially impacted him mentally more than physically. Shortly after, his body started slowly shutting down. Eventually, his parents took him to the doctors to find out the reason behind his fatigued, weight loss and looking unhealthy.

The doctors confronted him and he realized what he had been doing. Although recovery wasn’t instant, Bare says he finally was aware of what he was doing to himself. He then focused exclusively on eating to put weight back on.

It took some ages for him to start eating normal amounts again. He says the recovery process was what inspired him to pursue a degree in nutrition and join the military.

Nick Bare Net Worth

His company, Bare Performance Nutrition when last reported was sitting at about $6 million a year in revenue.

He himself has, however, admitted that Bare Performance Nutrition is an empire worth over 8 figures. In fact, a year after the launch of his company, he reported to Forbes that his revenue went on to grow by 750%.

Nick company started to generate revenue way more than expected only after a year of the launch date.
Nick Bare says his company is pulling in revenue in eight figures.

Nick once on one of his podcast’s episodes said his objective is to reach $100 million.

Although, for the time being, it may sound like a lofty goal, Stefany’s husband with his ever-growing reach and popularity is proving year by year that it’s more than possible.

In Sep 2017, an 8-figure founder Noah Kagan reported Nick at the time was making $100,000+ per month.

He also has a line of hoodies and sweatshirts again all adding to his growing fortune.

Despite all the figures and metrics, there still lacks a denomination to his net worth. It nonetheless shouldn’t be that debatable to construe the 32-year-old is already a millionaire.

Other Facts

  • Nick once successfully ran a sub-3-hour marathon after years of prioritizing strength over endurance training. 
  • He also is among the few to finish the Leadville 100-mile marathon — known as “the race across the sky.” The racecourse climbs and descends 15,600 feet. He completed the race in 27 hours and 53 minutes, well within the allowed 30-hour limit.
  • Bare sets four alarms, just to have the redundancy.
  • When he was in the army in Korea, Nick Bare also had a fairly promising youtube career.
  • While in the military, Bare also studied videography, photography, and social media marketing.
  • Nick Bare has won numerous awards in different running competitions.


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