Who Is Oliver Shane Hawkins Doing? Untold Facts About Taylor Hawkins’ Son

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Who Is Oliver Shane Hawkins Doing? Untold Facts About Taylor Hawkins’ Son
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Oliver Shane Hawkins is a star kid who came to the limelight as the son of Foo Fighters drummer late Taylor Hawkins and his wife Alison Hawkins. Besides, he came into the eye of the public when he played drum in a show held for his father’s tribute.

Shane is the eldest son of the family and hasn’t chosen his career yet. However, after his performance in “My Hero” during Taylor Hawkins’ honor, the public speculated he could take his dad’s place. His drumming skills stunned everyone present there and thought he might walk in his dad’s footsteps. Regardless, he is focusing on his studies and is too young to be working at present. Also, the kid hasn’t overcome the trauma of his dad’s death.

Since we mentioned he is the eldest son, how many siblings does he have? How did his dad Taylor Hawkins die? Did he perform with the band in the tribute? Look into the article below to find out detailed information about the musician Taylor Hawkins’ son, Shane Hawkins.

Oliver Shane Hawkins Is The Son Of Taylor Hawkins

Shane was born in the year 2006 making his age 16 years old in 2022. The son of the drummer was welcomed by his parents in Los Angeles, California, USA. Born under the star sign Leo, he holds American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnic descent.

The US native spent his childhood with his family in this birth city. Furthermore, looking at his age, he must be in high school at present. However, there are no details available about his school or what he is studying.

Who Is Taylor Hawkins’ Son, Oliver Shane Hawkins?

Well, as of now Shane is just an American citizen who has shot to fame as the eldest son of the legendary drummer of the rock band Foo Fighters, the late Taylor Hawkins. In addition, he became more noticed in the media after he played the drums during the tribute concert to his father.

Oliver Shane Hawkins Father Taylor Hawkins
Shane Hawkins’ father, Foo Fighters drummer late Taylor Hawkins

Even though we are yet to see what career will he choose in the future, he might be a drummer as he amazed the public with his skills. He may or may not follow in his dad’s footsteps. Whatever the fortune held for him, we wish him success.

Shane Hawkins Has Two Sisters

The celebrity kid has two younger siblings, him being the oldest. After his birth, his mother and father welcomed the second child Annabelle Hawkins on May 5, 2009. Eventually, his youngest sister was also born after five years of his younger sister’s birth in November 2014. The children are now 13 and 8 years old respectively.

Oliver Hawkins With His Parents & Siblings
Oliver Shane Hawkins’ childhood pictures with his parents and siblings
Source: Pinterest

Shane’s mom and dad both raised the child together with great love. Taylor had a strong bond with his kids and even wrote songs for them. The song Middle Child was written about his second child Anabelle. Nevertheless, the son and daughters of the drummer couldn’t get much time with their dad.

His Dad Was a Legendary Drummer for Foo Fighters

As we mentioned above, the teenager was born to his father Taylor Hawkins, and his mother Alison Hawkins. Oliver Shane Hawkins’ mother is an entrepreneur and not much of a media person whereas his dad is a popular face. Taylor and Alison married in 2005 and were together till the end.

Hawkins’ dad was an American musician best known as the drummer of Foo Fighters. It is a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame band winning 12 Grammy Awards and releasing seven platinum albums. Even before the band, he worked with many artists.

Shane Hawkins' parents Taylor Hawkins and Alison Hawkins
Shane Hawkins’ dad Taylor Hawkins and mom Alison Hawkins
Source: US magazine

Shane’s father has performed in the albums and singles like The Colour and the Shape, Monkey Wrench, Have a Cigar, and Cold Day in the Sun to name a few. In fact, he also played drums at VH1’s Rock Honors 2006 alongside Queen in “We Will Rock You.”

Unfortunately, at the young age of 50, the member of Foo Fighters took his last breath in his hotel room. Read the subheading below to know the reason for Taylor’s death.

What Was Taylor Hawkins’ Cause Of Death?

At the time of the drummer’s death, the band was on a South America tour. After their show in Argentina, they were in Columbia, preparing for a scheduled Friday night show in Chapinaro, Bogota. Regardless, he left the world before he could perform on that show on 25 March 2022.

While Taylor was in his Casa Medina hotel room, he reportedly suffered from chest pain. By the time the health professionals reached there to check him, he had already taken his last breath.

Taylor Hawkins fan honoring him
Taylor Hawkins’ fans honoring with flowers and candles outside Bogota hotel
Source: bbc.com

According to the urine toxicology reports, several substances were found in his blood. His system had drugs like opioids, marijuana, benzodiazepines (psychoactive drugs), tricyclic antidepressants, and THC. Similarly, forensic doctors mentioned his heart weighed 600 grams which is double the normal size and could have collapsed without the support of drugs.

Yet, his exact reason for demise wasn’t disclosed. Later, the cause of his death was stated as extreme exhaustion. Upon asking his close friends, he was trying to keep up really hard for a long time but finally gave up.

Oliver Shane Hawkins Played Drum On “My Hero” In His Father Taylor Hawkins’ Tribute

The passing of Foo Fighter’s drummer has not only left his family and band members heartbroken, but also his fans and followers. As a tribute to him, the band performed concerts and shows in several places.

Taylor Hawkins' eldest son Oliver Shane Hawkins performed at his father's tribute
Oliver Shane Hawkins playing drums in “My Hero” on his father Taylor Hawkins’ tribute

Eventually, when Foo Fighters were playing in London, the 16 years old joined the group to take the place of his father as a drummer. Before he came on the stage, Dave Navarro announced his appearance. He welcomed Shane on the stage and said,

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have one more drummer that’s going to come up and play with us.”

Dave further added,

“And let me tell you I didn’t think I’ve ever seen anyone hit the drums as hard as this person, but beyond that, he’s a member of our family. And he needs to be here tonight with all of us, and I think it makes sense that he’s going to come up and play with us tonight.”

Net Worth: How Rich Was His Dad Taylor Hawkins?

At present, the 16 years old Oliver is studying and hasn’t started his career yet. That is why he hasn’t any earnings and assets as of now. However, he might be a successful musician like his dad in the future.

Meanwhile, his dad Taylor Hawkins was a millionaire with a net worth of $40 million at the time of his demise. He was one of the thriving drummers and a musician who left the world too soon. May his soul rest in peace!