Who is Theresa Lynn Wood? Everything About Shawn Michaels’ First Wife

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Who is Theresa Lynn Wood? Everything About Shawn Michaels’ First Wife
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Theresa Lynn Wood (aka Theresa Woods) rose to fame as the first wife of Shawn Michaels, one of the most graceful wrestlers in the WWE world. Throughout his magnificent wrestling career, Michaels won four world championships that include three WWF Championship and one WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Despite his fame, his first wife Theresa, however, would like to live quite a private life. So, in this article, we will try to explore some hidden facts about her life including where Theresa is now? Is Wood remarried to anyone after her divorce from Shawn?

To know everything about her, keep reading!

Theresa Lynn Wood is Four Year Junior to Her Husband: Her Family and Childhood

Wood was born four years after her ex-husband Shawn was born in 1965. She is the daughter of Joan (mother). For her early life, Theresa grew up in San Antonio, from where she also completed her high schooling.

On the other hand, her previous spouse Michaels was born in Chandler, Arizona but grew up in San Antonio, Texas. He used to play football at Randolph High School and then joined Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos.

In addition, Theresa is Caucasian as per her ethnicity and belongs to an American nationality.

Who was Shawn Michaels’ first wife Theresa Lynn Wood?

As we have already explained that Theresa prefers to keep things to herself. The same could be said when it comes to her professional career.

Wood only hit the limelight after her marriage to Michaels. He started off his wrestling career when he was still at Southwest Texas State University. Shawn initially performed in NWA and a few other professional wrestling promotions before making his WWF/E debut in 1988.

Theresa and Shawn Michaels Were Childhood Sweethearts

Shawn wrote in his book, Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story that his and Theresa’s families were friends. So, it is quite clear that the former duo was quite familiar with each other from their childhood days.

When Shawn was 20-year-old, he was working in San Antonio seven days a week. He didn’t have much time to hang out with his old high school buddies. He wrote in his abovementioned publication it was a little bit boring life. After some time, he told his mother that it would be better if he had a girlfriend. And his mother said,

“What about the Wood girl? What about Theresa? She was always a sweet girl.”

From there, Shawn started thinking about her. The last time he saw Theresa was two years before when he was 18-year old and Theresa was just 14. He was initially in dilemma whether or not it would be suitable to date a 16-year-old girl at the time.

Later, the former wrestler even discussed about it with both of their mothers. Soon after, Theresa and Shawn started going out to movies, and eventually, they began dating too.

He wrote in his book how sweet Theresa was,

“Theresa would come to shows with me, but I never brought her in the back. No one brought their girlfriends backstage in those days, so she sat out in the arena before and during the shows. She didn’t mind. She was pretty enthralled with me. I was quite a cath for a high school girl; and, I was thrilled to be with her. She was a sweet young lady, a terrific girl.”

Shawn Michaels’ Christmas gift turned into their engagement

Two weeks after they started dating, Shawn gave her a diamond ring on the occasion of Christmas. His mother was the one who suggested him to give Theresa that ring. He recalled,

“She cried when she got it.”

His mom also blurted out and said,

“Oh my goodness, they were engaged!”

But, Shawn had no idea giving Theresa the diamond ring meant they got engaged. He wrote,

“I honestly didn’t know you only bought someone a diamond ring when you planned on getting engaged.”

After everyone figured they were engaged, Michaels was just opposed to that because the two weren’t mature enough.

Soon after, Shawn embarked on wrestling. Although he started becoming a little bit busy on his budding career, his then-girlfriend Theresa would come up and visit him every once in a while.

However, with his growing career and hectic schedule, the couple soon started facing distance in their relationship. They were even on the verge of a breakup a couple of times. But, after some time, things worked out between the.

Theresa Lynn Wood and Her Husband Shawn Michaels Wedding

Theresa’s then-boyfriend Shawn officially proposed to her during his second run in Minnesota. And the couple married in June 1988, in a catholic church in her hometown San Antonio. Michaels’ dad served as his best man & his high school friends like Kenny, Scott, and more were all at their wedding party.

They later went to the Caribbean to celebrate their honeymoon. Two weeks later, Shawn came back to the World Wrestling Federation.

Nevertheless, about six years after their nuptials, they separated on their mutual understandings. In their divorce settlement, Theresa didn’t want the fifty percent that Texas law provided for her.

Also, they didn’t have any children.

Theresa Life After Her Divorce From Michaels

Ever since her divorce from her first hubby Shawn, Theresa has remained tight-lipped about her love life. She has since never come up with her relationship status. At present, she resides in Shoreline, WA.

On the other hand, her former spouse Michaels has been happily married to his second wife Rebecca Curci for a long time. The duo is also blessed with two children.

Net Worth

The exact amount of her net worth is yet to guesstimate. In the meantime, her former spouse Shawn has a total fortune of $10 million as of 2022.


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