All About Kimberly Woolen, Glen Campbell’ Wife: Her Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Family

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All About Kimberly Woolen, Glen Campbell’ Wife: Her Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Family
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Kimberly Woolen Campbell is an American dancer famous as the fourth wife of legendary American singer, Glen Campbell. She is popularly known in the media by her nickname Kim. Talking of her husband, he is a multiple-time Emmy-award winner. He sadly passed in 2017.

From their marriage that lasted over several decades, the pair became the father of three beautiful children. Just like their father, all three kids are in the music industry.

Today we’re going to find out all that you want to know about Glen’s wife Kim. Know what is she doing now after her spouse’s death? What was her profession? How did she first meet Glen?

Who Is Kimberly Woolen Campbell?

Kim was born on April 03, 1959, in New Port, North Carolina, US. As of 2022, she is in her 63. She belongs to the American nationality & is of Scottish ancestry. As for information regarding her parents, it is not disclosed.

Besides, Kimberly is not famous for her professional life or anything. She came to media prominence after she married veteran music star, Glen Cambell.

Kimberly Woolen Worked As A Dancer Before Marrying Glen

Before she met the Rhinestone Cowboy hitmaker, Kim used to work as a dancer for Radio City Rockette. Soon after the duo started dating, it looks like she quit her dancing career. Afterward, what Kim did is not known to the public.

However, we have found out that later on in her life, Kimberly had maintained a blog named A Better Place. In the blog, she used to write about communities, her personal life, neurological awareness, and many more.

Most recently, Kimberly also became an author after she published a book titled, Gentle on My Mind: Sickness and in Health with Glen Campbell.

Kim Woolen Campbell and Glen Campbell’s Relationship Timeline:

How Did They First Meet?

Many times a relationship breaks despite the pair knowing each other for several years. But then sometimes a relationship turns out strong even if you have known each other for a small amount of time. It feels like a whole lifetime.

Similarly, Kim and Glen didn’t know each other before a mutual friend set them up on a blind date. Usually, blind dates don’t go pretty well for either party but Kim and Glen were different.

It was one of their pal Carl Jackson who had an idea that Kim and Glen might become a great couple. He instantly set them up on a blind date and the rest, as they say, is history.

Kim Married Her Husband Glen Just A Year After Dating

Soon after the blind date, Glen and Kim decided to go out more often. The pair dated for around one year before deciding to tie the knot. Yes, they opted to marry just after a year of a relationship.

The lovebirds got married in a big ceremony on October 25th, 1982. The nuptials in itself was a big affair with around 100 of their family and friend in attendance. The matrimonial took place in Phoenix, Arizona.

Even though there were a lot of guests at the wedding, Glen made sure there were no tabloids on the scene. This explains the lack of wedding photos.

Kimberly Woolen And Glen Became a Parent of Three Children: All of Their Kids Are Involved In The Music Industry

From their marriage that lasted over three decades, the couple welcomed three beautiful children, two boys, and a girl.

They welcomed their first child Cal Campbell in 1983. After a year, Kim gave birth to their one and only daughter Ashley Campbell on December 8th, 1986. Subsequently, a year later in 1985, their last child, another son, Shannon was born.

Kim Woolen Campbell Has Three Children With Her Late Husband Glen Campbell
Kim shares three children with her late husband.

All three of them are all grown-ups and have followed in the footsteps of their late dad. Out of all three, Ashely is the only one who has quite frankly made a name for herself in the music industry. So far, she has released numerous singles including hits like Remembering, Wish I Wanted To, Pancho and Lefty. Ashley also has a verified Instagram account.

Talking about Kim and Glen’s two sons, well, both of them are also in the industry. While Shannon is a singer, Cal is a multi-instrumentalist player at Steven Dreams. He is also an engineer as well.

Kim’s Daughter Ashley Faced A Lot of Backlashes After She Openly Supported Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

When you are a big celebrity, each and every personal opinion of yours will be taken with a grain of salt. Likewise, when it was informally announced Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential race, Kim expressed her happiness by sharing a picture of Joe and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

However, the post wasn’t taken in a good way by many of her fans, many of whom are Trump supporters. Although it is every human’s right to express their own opinion and that too on their own social media handle, some people weren’t too pleased by that.

Many of them even called her out and said that they have unfollowed her. Despite all the hate, Ashley could care less and she even replied to their comments stating she doesn’t care if someone likes her opinion or not.

Kim’s Husband Glen Passed Away In 2017

The legendary singer Glenn sadly passed away at the age of 81 in 2017. The news devastated the Campbell family and his fans all around the world. He died because of Alzheimer’s.

Kim Woolen's Husband Glen Died In 2017
Kim and her husband back in the day.

Initially, in June 2011, Glen announced that he was diagnosed with the disease six months ago. The news shocked us all. A few years after the announcement in 2014, he also joined a long-term care and treatment facility.

Despite all the prayers and care Glen received, he still couldn’t be saved. He took his last breath on August 8th, 2017. His body is buried at Campbell’s family cemetery in Billstown, Arkansas.

Kimberly Had a Hard Time Recovering From Her Spouse’s Loss

It’s a fact that a loss of a family member is something that is quite difficult to move on from. And when your spouse of several decades, who has been with you through thick and thin passes away, the pain is almost unbearable.

Late guitarist Glen Campbell’s wife Kimberly was in the same boat when he died. She didn’t make any comment after her life partner died but after two years in 2019, she gave us a little insight as to what is going on in her life.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Kim said,

“It’s such a long, long goodbye that you’re conditioned already to accept it. But you carry around the sadness with you for so many years. The sadness lingers.”

Furthermore, she added a gut-wrenching in her statement and said,

“When I touch his clothes and when I look at the pictures of us together, it’s heart-wrenching for me, because I miss him every single day,” she says. But there’s also a purpose behind it. Says Kim, “I feel like it’s a way to honor him, and I want to do everything I can to preserve his legacy and to share it with future generations.”

Kimberly Is An Author

After Glenn’s passing, Kimberly Woolen Campbell had to endure an unbearable amount of pain. This is why in order to preserve her husband’s memory she decided to author a book.

On the eve of her husband’s birthday, Kim announced she has written a book in the honor of her late spouse’s memories. In the book titled, Gentle On My Mind: In Sickness and in Health with Glenn Campbell, she vividly talks about her relationship with her husband of 35-years.

Moreover, the book also records how the duo stood strong despite having lots of ups and downs. In the book, Kim also revealed Glen’s addiction to narcotics and his harrowing journey to recovery.

How Much Is Kimberly Woolen’s Net Worth?

Being a wife of the multi-grammy award winner simply states you are a millionaire. At the time of his death, Glen had an incredible net worth of $50 million. Upon his passing, the majority of his wealth was passed down to his wife and his children. Thus, it is clear that Kim has a net worth of millions but she has not revealed the exact amount.

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