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Birdie Thwaites is a star kid. She is the oldest daughter of Brenton Thwaites and Chloe Pacey. Her father Brenton is an actor famous for his work in The Giver and Titans.

As a celebrity child, people are often curious about your life and similar is the case for Birdie. Well, here today we will find out some interesting facts about her.

In this article, you will know her date of birth, parents’ relationship, siblings, and more!

Birdie Thwaites Wiki: How old is she?

She was born in March 2016, in Australia and is six years old as of 2022. Belonging to the Australian nationality, she comes from English and French ancestry.

Her father Brenton was born in Cairns, Queensland, while her mom, Chloe hails from Perth. Brenton was born on 10th August 1989, and Chloe on October 3rd, 1989.

Birdie has not started going to an educational institute, however, she is now six which means she will most definitely enroll this year unless her parents are planning on homeschooling her.

Who is Biridie Thwaites father Brenton?

Well, the world doesn’t need any introduction to Brenton. After all, the Australian actor has already made a big name for himself in the world of entertainment.

He made his acting debut in a 2010 independent movie, Charge Over You. Throughout his time in the Australian entertainment industry, he featured in a number of movies and series including Home and Away, and Slide.

Birdie Thwaites father Brenton Thwaites
Birdie’s father in a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Upon making his move to the United States, he worked in several hit films including Blue Lagoon: The Awakening, Oculus, The Giver, Gods of Egypt. In addition, he also played the role of Nightwing in the HBO series, Titans.

Who is Birdie’s mother? She champions open breastfeeding

Talking about her mom, Chloe, well, she is a naturopath student and an artist based in Australia. In her private Instagram account, she has shared numerous photos of her art. By the looks of it, she is into abstract photos.

Aside from that, Chloe is a big supporter of open breastfeeding. Back in 2016, Chloe revealed that she has been approached a couple of times to cover her breasts while breastfeeding her daughter Birdie. What’s more, the people who told her cover-up were women.

Chloe Lacey champions breast feeding.
Chloe champions open breastfeeding.

Chloe then took to her Instagram to vent out her frustration. In a now-deleted photo, where Lacey feeding her daughter Birdie and wrote in the caption,

“It’s mid 2016 and I’ve been told twice from WOMEN to put it away and cover up. For who? The men? The children? Who? We should be able to get a boob out anywhere at anytime to feed our babe. We should be applauded because #breastfeeding is the best thing we can do for our babes and it’s freakin hard work. The last thing we are thinking about is sex so it should be the last thing any man or women thinks of when they see it!”

Well, Birdie is certainly lucky to have such a strong-willed mom.

How many siblings does Birdie Thwaites have?

Apart from herself, she has two younger siblings. Firstly, a couple of years after Birdie’s birth, her mom gave birth to another girl, whom they named Peppa. She is only two years younger than Birdie.

Birdie Thwaites sister Peppa
Chloe’s sister Peppa. Source: DailyMail

Their family of four then turned into a five when Brenton and Chloe welcomed their third child in September of 2020. Unfortunately, the couple is yet to reveal the gender of their youngest child.

Her Parents’ Relationship: Are they married?

Initially, Brenton and Chloe first met in early 2015 in Australia when the actor was shooting for the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

At the time, Brenton stayed in his home country for some time despite having his primary residence in LA. And as fate would have it, his roommate was Chloe. The twosome immediately hit it off. They made their first appearance as a couple during the premiere of In the Heart of the Sea in November of 2015.

Brenton Thwaites Girlfriend Wife
Chloe and Brenton are dating since 2015.

This is probably the most asked question regarding Birdie’s parents. Brenton and Chloe are in a relationship for several years now but not yet have we heard anything about them taking their relationship further.

Moreover, the couple is yet to be engaged as well. It looks like they are really not into taking the relationship to the commitment level. Although we do believe a relationship doesn’t need any paper to prove its worth, it is only natural for fans to be eager about where their love story is heading.

At the moment, Birdie Thwaites’s parents are in no rush to exchange vows. Even if they are thinking about exchanging wedding vows then they will definitely let their die-hard fans know.

Birdie is often spotted with her mom and dad

Her father is one of the most followed celebrities around. Whenever the actor is out and about paparazzi follow him.

On the same token, Birdie often joins her mom and dad whenever the family is out. Back in 2020, the family of four were hanging out around Sydney’s Bondi Beach for an ice-cream date.

Brenton Thwaites daughter Birdie Thwaites
Birdie with her dad eating ice cream. Source: DailyMail

At first, they dined at local hot-spots Bill’s and then went for dessert at Gelato Messina. Birdie joined her baby sister Peppa as they enjoyed eating ice cream.

Birdie Thwaites Lifestyle

Her father Brenton is one of the best actors around and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say he earns a decent amount of money from his career. Going by online reports, Brenton has a net worth of $8 million.

As her father is a millionaire, she most certainly leads a great life. Besides, the Thwaites family used to live at their 734 sq. meter block at Albany Avenue which her father bought for $1.07 million.


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