Eric Clapton’s Daughter Sophie Belle Clapton: Interesting Facts About Her

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Eric Clapton’s Daughter Sophie Belle Clapton: Interesting Facts About Her
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Sophie Belle Clapton is the still-growing teenage daughter of Eric Clapton, the former Yardbirds guitarist and the ex-founding member of Cream, a British Rock band. Sophie’s musician father is known for songs like Wonderful Tonight, Layla, Tears In Heaven, Cocaine, White Room, and others.

Born in the mid-2000s, Sophie has now become a teen celebrity kid one who sometimes gets attention from Clapton’s fans or through some other means. While the elder daughters of the Unplugged singer have considerable familiarity with the young audience, Sophie is sort of a name known exclusively as the little girl of a veteran music artist.

Read whether the teenager has her own followings or not in the headings that are to follow; the write-up includes Sophie’s parents, a bit of her ancestry, her siblings, her love life, & others.

Sophie Belle Clapton Was Born In England 

Sophie Belle Clapton, the junior-most daughter of the British singer, Eric Clapton and his wife, Melia McEnery was born on Feb 1, 2005, in London, England. Her, mother, McEnery is of Scottish-English and Korean-Irish descent and is from Columbus, Ohio.

Sophie Belle Clapton with her father, Eric Clapton, the singer of Lay Down Sally.
Tears In Heaven singer, Eric Clapton with his youngest daughter, Sophie Belle Clapton.

As for Sophie’s singer father, Eric Clapton, he is a native of Ripley, Surrey, England. He additionally is the son of Patricia Molly Clapton and Edward Walter Fryer; the latter was a soldier from Montreal, Quebec.

Sophie’s last name actually comes from her great maternal grandfather.

Sophie Belle Clapton Parents, Eric Clapton And Melia McEnery

Sophie’s dad, the Tears In Heaven singer met Melia McEnery in Los Angeles in 1999. The former was working on an album with BB King while the latter was studying graphic design.

Sophie Belle Clapton's mother, Melia McEnery and her father, Eric Clapton.
Sophie Belle Clapton’s mother, Melia McEnery, and her father, Eric Clapton in Nov 2007 in London, England. Getty

McEnery in addition was also an event organizer for Giorgio Armani. In fact, the Grammy winner and Melia first got to talk to each other at a party that the latter had organized on behalf of Mr. Armani for Clapton.

McEnery however had orders not to engage in a casual conversation with the party’s guests. The Columbus native and the Lay Down Sally singer nonetheless hit it off and gradually started dating.

The two then again would break up briefly sometime after their first meeting at the Armani’s party. They though would reconcile and have their first child, a daughter, Julie Rose Clapton in June 2001. After that, Clapton and Melia married at St Mary Magdalen Church in Ripley, Surrey, in January 2002. Sophie’s father was then 56 while her mother was 25.

She Has Three Elder Sisters 

Sophie has two biological sisters, Julie Rose and Ella May.

While not much about Julie is in the deliberation, Ella apparently is a student at Cranleigh School, a public school in the village of Cranleigh, Surrey, England. They were born in June 2001 and Feb 2005 respectively.

Sophie Belle Clapton with her mother Melia and her sisters.
from left, Melia, Ella, Sophie (down), Ruth, and Julie.

In addition to the aforementioned names, Sophie is also a half-sister to Ruth and the late Conor Clapton. Ruth was born through Sophie’s father, Eric’s former relationship with Yvonne Kelly. She is also a singer much like her father and currently lives in York with her two children and a husband.

Sophie Belle Clapton Half Brother Fell From The 53rd Floor In New York

Sophie’s half-brother, Conor tragically died in March 1999 after falling from the 53rd apartment in New York. He was then just four years old. Clapton had Conor through his relationship with an Italian actress and model, Lori del Santo. The day after Conor’s death, Eric was supposed to take him out to the Bronx Zoo and a visit at an Italian restaurant.

Conor Clapton, the late half-brother of Ella May Clapton.
Changer The World singer Eric Clapton’s late son, Conor Clapton – who died in March 1999.

On the very day of the tragedy, Sophie’s half-brother, Conor was running around in his apartment where he was waiting for his father. One of the janitors happened to forget to close the window. After that, the only son of Eric would, unfortunately, fall through it to his death.

His demise later inspired Clapton to write one of his hit songs Tears In Heaven.

Does Sophie Have A Boyfriend? 

Unlike her elder sisters, Ruth, Julie, and Ella, Sophie isn’t particularly frequent on the internet community be it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Resultantly, it is pretty unclear as to what her life’s innermost corner looks like.

This assuredly could be because of her young age or that Sophie simply doesn’t bother to reveal whether she has a boyfriend or not. In any case, it could be a while before people outside the Clapton family know about the dating life of Eric and Melia’s youngest daughter.

Sophie Belle Clapton’s Father Is Ultra-Rich

Sophie’s father, Eric Clapton is quite loaded be it fame-wise or in terms of money. Almost always, the former Yardbirds guitarist is reported to have a net worth of over $450 million.

Eric Clapton with his youngest daughter, Sophie Belle.
Sophie with her father and the Tears In Heaven singer, Eric Clapton at LAX airport in March 2017. Daily Mail

In his sixty-plus career, Eric has sold over 280 million records and has done hundreds of tours and shows. His level of fame quite satisfyingly resembles his financial achievements. His $450 million wealth should be hardly surprising in light of his number of hits most of which has received certified gold or higher.

What’s more, his richness also includes tens of millions of dollars that Clapton pocketed from selling his several valuable artifacts and paintings. Adding to his monetary abundance is a collection of luxury cars and multiple properties across places like England, France, Ohio, and Antigua.


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