Is Murray Bartlett Married? Who Is Murray Bartlett Wife? Or Is He Gay?

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Is Murray Bartlett Married? Who Is Murray Bartlett Wife? Or Is He Gay?
Murray Bartlett 51 year Australian actor who played the role of Dom in HBO White Lotus.
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Murray Bartlett is an Australian actor who has had roles in shows like Sex And The City, The White Lotus, Welcome To Chippendales, and The Last Of Us. Bartlett recently won an Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Role for portraying a hotel manager named Armond in the HBO anthology comedy series White Lotus.

One thing that is common in Bartlett’s roles is that the actor has portrayed a gay person more than a few times. With Murray playing a few or two gay roles, many have also wondered if he is actually a nonbinary celebrity. After all, he has frequently made history when it comes to gay sex. Bartlett indeed is gay and has always been open about his sexuality. However, the 51 years old actor is very discreet when it comes to his relationship and one could say he has managed to successfully keep that part of his life away from media attention. Murray nonetheless has a boyfriend or at least so has been reported by several media stories.

While media reports claim Murray has a boyfriend, the question still remains – who has captured Bartlett’s heart? The answer remains a mystery, with speculation abounding as to the identity of this secret partner. Have they stepped forward into the light, or will this love remain a covert affair? Read what the headers beneath have to say about these tantalizing questions.

Murray Bartlett Is Not Married To His Wife But Rather Has A Boyfriend

As mentioned Murray is not married but is in a same-sex relationship with his boyfriend and his name apparently is Matt. However, nothing else is known about this mystery partner of Bartlett.

What’s known regardless is Murray’s partner, Matt, however, is not in the same business as the Sydney-born actor.

It, then again, is unclear if the pair is married or not or how long they have been together. They also have not made any public appearances as a couple so far. In fact, many people didn’t know that his partner’s name was Matt or that he was even dating before his Emmy acceptance speech in Sep 2022. It additionally is unknown who exactly is Matt and what he does.

Emmy winner Murray Bartlett as Dom in the HBO series White Lotus
Australian actor Murray Bartlett in the HBO limited series White Lotus. HBO

Murray, anywho, has revealed that he and his boyfriend live in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in Provincetown, a small town on the Massachusetts coast. Bartlett moved in with his partner Matt during the global pandemic of 2020. Before that, the Neighbors actor had been living in Brooklyn for 17 years. The couple moved because they wanted to live beside nature and build a community with their chosen family. The two are yet to have kids but the partners share a border collie named Bo.

Moving In With His Partner Proved To Be A Good Luck For Murray Bartlett

Bartlett in an interview revealed the move he made with his boyfriend (relocating to Massachusetts) proved to be a stroke of good luck and said that he should have done it sooner. As such it was in Matt’s garage that he taped an audition for The White Lotus, the series which would win him an Emmy.

Speaking of which, while accepting the Emmy in Sep 2022, Murray thanked his partner, Matt calling him his ‘sanctuary.’

The Looking actor Murray
Murray Bartlett lives in Cape Cod Massachusetts with his partner Matt. GQ

Earlier in January 2023, Bartlett, the John Curtin College graduate in an interview with Mr. Porter revealed that it was his partner, Matt who had the foresight about his Emmy success. Murray reported that before talking him into moving to Massachusetts, his boyfriend had told him about his feeling that something “big is going to happen and I don’t want us to be living in the city.”

Bartlett Past Relationships; Did He Ever Have A Wife?

Murray’s sexuality for some years has been somewhat public knowledge. Similar to his current personal matters, the 51 years old actor has seldom talked about his sexuality and its history. It, therefore, is unclear if Murray ever involved himself in any heterosexual allegiance, marital or otherwise. It subsequently is also unknown if he ever had a wife or not. He however did have some male ex-partners in the past.

As such, White Lotus isn’t the first show from HBO that Murray got the part in while living with his partner. The five foot eleven inches tall actor also landed the role of the Dom in Looking when he was living with his then-Egyptian partner in Cairo. Similar to White Lotus, for Looking, Murray put himself on tape from Cairo and eventually secured the part in HBO’s 2014 comedy series.

Murray Bartlett Says He And His Boyfriend Have Different Temperaments

In an interview with Mr. Porter in Jan 2023, Bartlett said that his partner Matt and he had opposing temperaments. The Guiding Light actor said, unlike his boyfriend, he is a very emotional person.

Murray boyfriend Matt had a foresight that he was going to win Emmy
Murray Bartlett in Louis Vuitton shirt for the GQ. GQ

Explaining further, Bartlett said he sometimes finds it intriguing and frustrating that his partner doesn’t ‘dive into the snake pit with him.’

“One of the things I’ve found intriguing, and a little frustrating at times, is that he doesn’t sort of dive into the snake pit with me. In the beginning, I was like, ‘Come on! Come on in!’ And it was a little disorienting for me.”

said the 1987-born actor.

The Last Of Us actor Murray for GQ
The White Lotus actor Murray. GQ

Bartlett however said that he takes the differences as a boon. The White Lotus actor stated that his tornado of emotions and his partner’s mountain-like calm balance things out.

“I could be going through this tornado of emotions and then there’s this mountain right beside me and it’s like WHOOSH.”

added the Australian.


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