What Happened To Tracey Wahlberg? Married To Michael Marcarelli

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What Happened To Tracey Wahlberg? Married To Michael Marcarelli
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Tracey Wahlberg is one of the nine children of American nurse Alma Wahlberg and her husband Donald Wahlberg. Though her parents came from an ordinary, they gained fame after Mark made it into movies as an actor.  At present, the Wahlberg family holds a reputation of its own, all because of their successful offspring.

Talking of Tracey, despite being the sister of successful and famous brothers, she has maintained a low-profile life. However, she has been leading a beautiful married life with her husband. She also has two children from her marriage.

Well, want to know more about her? In this article, we are going to reveal every detail about her career, family, and relationship.

Tracey Wahlberg Early Life, Parents, Siblings

The beautiful Tracey Wahlberg was born on January 16, 1967, in Holbrook, to father Donald Wahlberg and mother Alma Wahlberg. While her mother, Alma, born Alma McPeck, is a former bank clerk and nurse’s aide, her father was a soldier and a Korean War veteran too.

He passed away on February 14, 2008, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. His body was buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA.

A Rare Photo of All Nine Siblings of Tracey Wahlberg
A Rare Photo of All Nine Siblings of Tracey Wahlberg

One of the nine children of Alma, Tracey has eight other siblings, Paul, Michelle, Donnie, Arthur, Debbie, Jim, Rober, & Mark. Likewise, she also has half-siblings Buddy, Scott, and Donna, from her father’s other relationships.

Tracey Wahlberg’s Brothers Lead Successful Career

Though Tracey leads a low-profile life, she actually belongs to a family that has achieved huge success in the entertainment industry.

Her brothers Donnie, Mark, Paul, Arthur, & Robert are hugely successful figures in the entertainment industry. Talking of Mark, he is a successful actor, known for his work in the movies like Wahlburgers, Entourage, The Substitute, Top Gear, and many others. Not only this, but he is also a restaurateur and a film producer, and a former rapper.

Her other brother Arthur is also an actor and has appeared in comparatively lesser movies than Mark. Some of his roles include The Rude, the Mad, and the Funny, Spenser, Milkweed, and a few others.

Tracey's Brothers With Their Mothers Alma
Tracey’s Brothers With Their Mothers Alma

Like Arthur, Robert is also an actor. He is recognized for his works in movies like The Departed (2006), The Equalizer (2014) and Mystic River (2003), and a few others as well.

Similarly, Donnie is a successful American singer, songwriter, and actor as well. He has given several successful albums like New Kids on the Block (1986), Hangin’ Tough (1988), Step by Step (1990), Face the Music (1994), The Block (2008). Apart from songs and albums, he has also appeared in movies like Band of Brothers alongside Timothy Olyphant, Jason Lee, and others. His other works include Triggermen, Dead Silence, Righteous Kill, and others.

Tracey Wahlberg’s second eldest brother Paul Wahlberg is a successful chef, actor, and reality star as well. He stars in the TV reality show Wahlburgers.

But unlike all her successful brothers, Tracey is not in the entertainment industry. In fact, she hasn’t even revealed anything about her professional life so far.

Is Tracey Wahlberg Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Coming from a family of successful celebrities, it is hard to maintain privacy when it comes to their personal life. But it looks like Tracey has mastered the art of keeping things up to herself. But despite everything, we have dug out some crucial details about her love life.

Tracey Wahlberg With Her Husband Michael Marcarelli And Their Two Sons
Tracey Wahlberg With Her Husband Michael Marcarelli And Their Two Sons

Well, to all those who were unaware, Tracey is actually a married woman. She is married to a guy named Michael Marcarelli. Though she has not revealed much about her wedding, she is apparently leading a beautiful relationship with her husband. Unfortunately, she has not revealed much about her husband apart from his name.

But the good news is she is already a mother of two sons. The family of four is leading a beautiful life together.

Her Elder Sister Debbie Died In 2003

While Tracey leads a beautiful life at present, she has gone through a devastating past as well. Back in 2003, she lost her eldest sister Debbie, who was just 43.

As per the reports, Debbie was at the hospital to get her kidney stones removed when she had a heart attack and a septic shock, leading to her death. Well, her death came as a shock to every member of the family. Her mother Alma even went into a Depression.

Talking about the incident to ET Canada, The Substitute star Mark stated,

My mom really went into a big, deep depression after my sister passed away. It was the same day my daughter [Ella] was born, and she’ll be 16 on September 2, so it was a long time ago, but no parent should have to lose a child.

It has been around 18 years since her death and the family still mourns her death.

Is Tracey On Social Media?

Well, Tracey is on social media, but she does not seem very active on any of the platforms. She goes by Tracey Marcarelli on her Facebook. Similarly, she is also active on Instagram but has kept her profile private.

It looks like she does not enjoy public exposure as much.