Marlynn Myers: Untold Details Of An American serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s First Wife

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Marlynn Myers: Untold Details Of An American serial Killer John Wayne Gacy’s First Wife
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Marlynn Myers is the ex-wife of the late American serial killer and sex offender John Wayne Gacy who raped, tortured, and murdered 33 young men and boys. Her ex-husband was best known as ‘Killer Clown’ due to his public service as a clown before the discovery of his crimes.

Marlynn got married to her ex-husband John in the year 1964 but after 5 years of their marriage, the former couple separated from each other. Well, what actually led the ex-pair to break their marriage? Was it all Marlynn’s ex-husband John’s criminal activities?

Today, in this article, we will let you know all the personal and professional details of John Wayne Gacy’s first wife. Where is Marlynn now? Is She alive or not? Here is everything about her!

Who Is Marlynn Myers? Her Early Details 

As mentioned above, Marlyn was the first wife of serial killer John Wayne Gacy. As a matter of fact, Myres caught the media’s attention just due to her ex-husband’s infamous criminal record. So, there are no details about her early life including her birth and age in the media.

On the other hand, her notorious ex-husband John was born on March 17, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, US.

Myers’ Parents Owned a Restuarant Business

Yes, Marlynn Myers’ father and mother used to run a string of Kentucky Fried Chicken fast-food restaurant franchises in Waterloo, Iowa. She is the daughter of Fred W. Myers who also offered her then-husband, John, a job in one of his franchises after their marriage.

To start work there, John and his wife soon made their move to Iowa.

Marlynn Myers Met Her Ex-Husband John While Working In Clothing Store

Marlynn began working at a very young age. She would have been in her 20s when Myers started working in a men’s clothing store in Springfield, Illinois in the year 1964. During the same time, her then-future husband John was transferred to work in the position of a salesman at the same store where Myers was working.

Though John came there as a salesman, within a short span of time, he got promoted to manager. John and Myers both remained in the clothing store as a co-worker for the next 6 months until their marriage. Apart from that, there are no more details about her professional endeavors.

Marlynn Was Married To Her Husband John Wayne Gacy For Five Years 

As mentioned above, Marlynn met her now ex-husband in Springfield while working in a clothing store. At her working place, the two fell in love with each other and within a couple of months, Marlynn got engaged to her colleague (at that time) in March 1964. Talking about their wedding, the two tied the knot on September 1964.

Marlynn Myers was married to John Wayne Gacy
Marlynn Myers on her wedding day

Shortly after their marriage, the pair left their job at the clothing store and moved to Marlynn’s parents’ former home in Waterloo, Iowa. As said before, the former flames moved there after Myers’ father offered his son-in-law John to work with him. Her dad later decided to give his son-in-law a lucrative offer of $15,000 per year, plus a share of the restaurant’s profits.

After that, her husband John started earning a good amount from KFC, whereas Myers was busy taking care of their kids. For the first few years, the couple had a perfect family life.

While everything looked perfect between the two initially, John’s wife Marlynn filed for a divorce from her husband four years after their marriage in court in 1968. And it was finalized on September 18, 1969.

How Marlynn And John’s Marriage Dissolved? 

John while working as a manager at her father’s KFC restaurants began doing drugs and was deeply involved in wife swapping, prostitution, and pornography with his co-workers.

Marlynn Myers' husband John turned criminal
Marlynn Myers’ Husband John in police custody

In the meantime, John started becoming more interested in men too. And eventually after 3 years of marriage, in August 1967, Myer’s husband sexually assaulted a 15-year-old boy named Donald Voorhees.

Following the incident, Donald reported John’s inappropriate behavior to his father. Later on, Donald’s dad took an action against John and immediately called the police. In assaulting charge, Marlynn’s spouse John was arrested, found guilty, and then sentenced to jail for 10 years.

The same day when her husband pleaded guilty, Marlynn petitioned for a divorce. It was November 7, 1968, when Marlynn Myers filed for divorce, and with the petition, Myers also requested alimony and the full custody of their two children.

A year later, their divorce was finalized and the court then made a decision in her favor by granting her all the property Marlynn had with her hubby and full custody of their children.

After his return from prison, John went on to marry his second wife Carole Hoff.

Marlynn Myers Is A Mother Of Two; She Hid Her Children From Their Father’s Dark Shadow

From her marriage with her now ex-partner John, Myers gave birth to a son named Michael Gacy in February 1966. As of 2022, her son is 56 years of age. She is also a mother of a daughter named Christine Gacy. Her daughter was born in March 1967 which made her 55 years in the year 2022.

Marlynn Myers is a Mother of two
Marlynn Myers with her now ex-husband john and baby

Talking about Michael and Christine’s childhood, they were raised alone by their mother Marlynn. Michael and Christine were at the age below 5 when their parents got divorced. After legal separation from her husband John, Marlyn vanished from the media taking both children with her and they never got to see either their father John or their paternal family members.

Marlynn Myers’ Life After Divorce From John: Has She Remarried?  

The first and last time Myers appeared in a secret interview was 9 years after her divorce from her ex-partner John. She only agreed to a one-on-one conversation with the interviewer and also requested the outlet to respect her privacy.

In an interview, John Wayne Gacy’s former wife Marlynn Myers said she got married again. At the time, her husband was in jail for raping and murdering more than 33 young men and boys. About that matters, she openly talked about and expressed her shock. She said,

“I just couldn’t believe it, “I never had any fear of him. It’s hard for me to relate to these killings. I was never afraid of him.”

Regarding the question about her ex-partner being homosexual, Marlynn told that her then-hubby never looked like a homosexual. Instead, she explained Gacy had never acted violently and was a good father.

Her Ex-Husband, John Wayne Gacy Was Sentenced To Death

John was convicted of multiple felonies including the murder of 33 men and boys, a sodomy charge, sexual assault, and indecent liberties with a child. He was executed at Stateville Correctional Centre in Crest Hill at the age of 52 and the confirmation of his death came on May 10, 1994.

After his execution, his brain was removed from his body and his body was cremated.

Is Marlynn Myers Alive Today?

Since Myers is the ex-wife of one of the most notorious criminals in crime history John, many people are still curious to know about Myers, especially about her current whereabouts. However, as previously mentioned, Marlynn has been completely away from the media since the late 1960s. The last time, she attended a secret interview was in the late 1970s. Since then, there aren’t any details about her.

So, it is really hard to confirm where does Myers live and whether or not she is still alive. It is completely out of the radar.

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