Matt Damon’s Daughter Isabella Damon: Interesting Facts To Know

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Matt Damon’s Daughter Isabella Damon: Interesting Facts To Know
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Isabella Damon is a celebrity kid famous for being the daughter of an American actor, film producer, and screenwriter Matt Damon (aka Matt Paige Damon). Her father is an Oscar-winning actor, ranked among Forbes’ most bankable stars.

Likewise, talking about her mother, Luciana Barroso, is a former air hostess and Bartender who hails from Salta Argentina, and is in the spotlight for being a celebrity wife. Isabella was born as the first biological child of her parents. Also, her famous father, Matt keeps talking about her so his fans are very curious to know about her daughter.

To address that curiosity, today we are here to talk about the personal & professional life of Matt Damon’s daughter, Isabella Damon. Here we go.

Isabella Damon Wiki, Age, Parents

Matt Damon’s daughter, Isabella is 16 years of age as of 2022. She was born on the 11th of June 2006 on Sunday night in Miami, Florida, the United States. Isabella is the first-born child of her parents together.

Growing up in a well-to-do family, Isabella is living a luxurious life along with her parents. Besides, with all the exposure she gained from an early age, she is also very outspoken and good at expressing herself.

Besides all these, she belongs to the White ethnical race and is American as per her nationality.

Isabella Damon’s Parents First Met At A Bar

Isabella’s parents, Matt and Luciana came across each other in a bar in Miami for the first time. Eventually, the couple fell in love with each other and started dating. After dating for two years the couple got engaged in September 2005.

Isabella Damon Parents Got Married in 2005
Isabella Damon’s Parents, Matt Damon, and Luciana Barroso

Following the engagement, the couple got married in a low-key wedding ceremony two months later at Manhattan Marriage Bureau in 2005. Prior to their marriage, Isabella’s mom was previously married to a former real estate investor Arbello Barroso.

Isabella Damon Was Born Second To Her Mother, First To Her Father

As we said, Isabella’s mother was married before and her father is the second husband of her mom. Though she was the firstborn child of her parents together, with her birth, her mom became the mother for the second time. Before her birth, she had her half-sibling named Alexia Barroso.

Now, talking about her mother’s firstborn child, Alexia, she is now 23 years old adult in 2022, born in the year 1999. After her mom married the American actor, Matt, she was adopted and raised by her stepdad. Today, she is an aspiring actress and has already acted in a movie named We Bought a Zoo as a child actor.

She Has Two Biological Siblings

To her parents together, Isabella is not the only child. She has two younger sisters named Gia Zavala Damon and Stella Zavala Damon. Gia came to this world after two years of Isabella’s birth. She was born on August 2008 and is 14 years of age as of 2022.

Likewise, Isabella’s youngest sister Stella was born on October 20, 2010, and has already celebrated her 12th birthday.

Isabella’s Father, Matt Damon Is The Multiple Award Winning Actor

As we said earlier, her father, Matt is an Oscar winner. But the fact is that, alongside such a prestigious award, he has won other multiple awards like Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Due to his incredible acting skill, he also got a nomination for British Academy Film Awards three times, Screen Actors Awards six times, and seven Primetime Emmy Awards.

Isabella Damon's father is a famous American actor
Isabella Damon’s Father Matt Damon, an American actor and producer

He has been working in the American Entertainment Industry since 1988 and has got critical acclaim for his roles in many movies like Saving Pirate Ryan, The Departed, Still Water, The Last Duel, Still Water, and many more. Further, he is also one of the highest-grossing actors of all time.

Isabella Damon Is Inspiration To Her Father

Isabella, though is a 15-year-old kid, acts very sensibly to sensitive issues due to which her popular oscar winner father is greatly inspired by her attitude and perspective.

Actually what happened was, the actor made fun of gay men by using a homophobic slur in one of his movies. Because of this, his daughter, Isabella responded very badly. In this regard, he has said,

I made a joke, months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter. She left the table. I said, ‘Come on, that’s a joke!

He further added,

She went to her room and wrote a very long, beautiful treatise on how that word is dangerous. I said, ‘I retire the f-slur!’ I understood.”

From this statement, we can say that Isabella inspired her father to be a better human by giving respect to the people of the LGBTIQ community.

She Does Not Likes To Watch Her Father’s Movies

As per her dad, Matt, Isabella really has a null interest in watching her daddy’s movies and praises him just to keep his heart. On CBS, the actor revealed the fact that his child refused to watch his films. He said,

“She doesn’t want to see any movies that I’m in that she thinks might be good,”

Isabella Damon Has Appeared In A Couple Of TV Shows

Being a star kid, she appeared in the TV series titled VH1: All Access, 20 cutest Celebrity Babies in 2006 TV episode. After that, in the year 2019, she was seen in the drama sports series Ford v Ferrari.

Apart from these two shows, she was just captured alongside her parents and siblings in different places.

What Is Isabella Damon Doing In 2022?

Not many details are available regarding her personal life. However, seeing her age, we just can assume that she may be a high school student studying at some institutions in her hometown.

Isabella has 3 siblings and parents in her family
Isabella Damon with her Family

Aside from that, a star kid is fully enjoying her growing age with her beautiful and loving family.

Isabella’s Net Worth

As a matter of fact, there is still a lot of time to estimate the net worth of a 16 years old kid. Till today, Isabella has not pursued her career professionally. On the other hand, her father, Matt Damon has a net worth of $170 million.

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