Meet Tanita Strahan, Michael Strahan’s daughter with first wife, Wanda Hutchins

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Meet Tanita Strahan, Michael Strahan’s daughter with first wife, Wanda Hutchins
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If you’re a regular viewer of Good Morning American, then surely the name Michael Strahan rings a bell. Yes, we’re talking about the retired NFL star player who co-hosts the show, Good Morning America.

We all have a little insight into the personal life of Michael, however, not much is known about his children. Michael has four grown-up kids and today we’re going to talk about his eldest child, Tanita Strahan.

The star kid is living a blissful life and do you guys know she is dating someone? Let’s explore some other interesting facts about Tanita here today!

Who is Tanita Strahan? The eldest child of dad Michael Strahan and mom Wanda Hutchins

The eldest Strahan was born on November 10th, 1992, in Germany. At present, she is 29-year-old. Daughter of Michael and his first wife Wanda Hutchins, Tanita belongs to a mixed ethnic group. From her father’s side, she is African-American, while from her mom’s side she has German and French ancestry.

Tanita Strahan parents
Tanita with her mom Wanda as an infant.

Speaking of which, Tanita was brought up by her mother and her grandparents in Germany. At first, soon after her birth Tanita and her mother Wanda moved to Texas to live with her father. However, when Michael and Wanda filed for divorce, Tanita moved back to Germany alongside her mom.

Tanita has one biological brother and three half-siblings

On September 12th, 1994, her mom gave birth to Michael Strahan Jr., Tanita’s one and only biological sibling. The Strahan was living in Texas when the little man came into this world. At the time of Michale Jr.’ birth, his father was 23 and his mum was 21. They were quite young parents.


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Aside from that, Tanita has two twin sisters, Isabella and Sophia Strahan, born in 2004. Her dad Michael shares them with his ex-wife, Jean Muggli, whom he married in 1999 and divorced in 2006.

Moreover, Tanita’s mom Wanda is the mother of one additional son, Dorian, born on February 19th, 2001.

She is quite close to all of her siblings

Aside from her biological brother Michael Jr., Tanita also has a terrific bond with her half-brother and sisters. All five of them often hang out together. The Strahan-Hutchins family often gathers around during festivities and also goes out on adventurous trips as well.

In addition, Tanita frequently wishes all of her siblings on their respective birthdays as well. Safe to say, their bond has only deepened over time.

Tanita’s mom Wanda and father Michael Strahan’s relationship

Her parents were both high school sweethearts. They first came across each other when Michael was 14 and Wanda was 12. They studied at the same Mannheim Christian School, Germany.

Michael and Wanda’s father were in the US military and stationed in Germany since the 70s. The pair started dating when Strahan was 17 and Wanda 15.

Some times later Michael moved to Texas and pursued a career in NFL. He was drafted by the New York Giants and played as a defensive end. It was around the same time when Wanda became pregnant with Tanita. Because of his tight schedule, he was not able to attend his daughter’s birth.

Michael Strahan Wanda Hutchins Children
The Strahan-Hutchins family.

Soon after Tanita came into this world, Michael and Wanda decided to marry and they exchanged vows in January 1992 in Denmark. Subsequently, the pair alongside their infant girl moved to Texas. Everything was going fine in their lives and the birth of Michael Junior only added to their happiness.

However, Michael and Wanda’s relationship, right after their son’s birth, started losing the spark they had before. The teenage couples who were totally head over heels for each other had an existential crisis. This eventually led to their divorce in 1996.

Michael had won the custody of both Tanita and her little brother, yet he still decided to let them stay with their mom in Germany. He wrote in his book Wake Up Happy, as to why took the drastic decision, “They would have an amazing quality of life in Germany.”

Michael Strahan’s daughter Tanita is an exceptional Visual Artist and a Podcast host

Her father is one of the most decorated retired NFL players of all time, and being his kid, many of us also thought she might also follow in his footstep. However, as it turns out, she chose altogether a different path.

Since she got out of high school, she became interested in art. This is why, right after graduating from her high school in Houston, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She studied Art in college.

She has since graduated and at the moment she is a Visual artist based in Los Angeles. If you follow Tanita on Instagram, which you should btw, you will come across a lot of posts wherein she showcases her extraordinary skills. She also has a website wherein she shares some exclusive artworks as well.


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Aside from her artistic endeavors, the star kid is also a fashion designer. So far she has designed a few female clothing items including pants, shorts, and shirts as well.

Wait, there’s more in her long list of multiple ventures. Tanita also co-hosts The Infinite Finesse Podcast. She has been uploading podcasts since November 2019 on YouTube.

Safe to say, Tanita is enjoying a great professional life so what about her personal life? Is she dating anyone?

Tanita Strahan has a boyfriend: What is his identity?

When you’re a celebrity kid, fans are interested in finding out about your relationship status as well. As for Tanita’s personal life, well, she is in a happy relationship with her boyfriend of several years.


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As for his name, it is Calenta Mincey. What’s more interesting is that her boyfriend is also an artist. Looks like their common interest served as the catalyst for the initial spark between the two.

Tanita has not revealed when did she started dating Calenta but going by her Instagram account, she started sharing pictures with him in 2012.

Tanita Strahan Boyfriend
Tanita and her bf.

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say the love birds are in a committed relationship for a decade now. There is no news of an engagement between the two but we’re sure a wedding is on the cards sooner rather than later.

Tanita has several tattoos on her body

The artist, similar to her interest, likes to have tattoos. In fact, she has several tats all around her body, in her back, on the left upper chest region, in the right forearm, in the right hip/thigh, and more.

Of all her tats, her hip/thigh is the one that catches the most attention. She has etched a huge elephant face on that part and it looks damn breathtaking.

Tanita Strahan tattoos
Tanita has inked this elephant.

She has inked other parts of her body as well.

How much is Tanita Strahan’s net worth?

As for her net worth, it can be assumed she is worth over $100,000. The majority of her income comes from selling her artwork and clothes. In addition, she is a podcast host which means soon she will be earning some big bucks from there as well.

Apart from that, her dad Michael has a total net worth of $65 million.


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