Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel- Bio of Bryce Dallas Howard’s Son

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Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel- Bio of Bryce Dallas Howard’s Son
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Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel is the son of actress Bryce Dallas Howard. His mother is an actress and director who has appeared in a number of hit TV projects including Spider-Man 3, The Twilight Saga: EclipseJurassic World Dominion, and so on. Likewise, the star kid is equally recognized as the son of the actor Seth Gabel.

Like Theodore’s parents’ charming professional career, they are also able to keep their love alive for each other till now. The lovebirds celebrated their 16th marriage anniversary in June 2022. Although some serious problems arose when Theodore was born including postpartum depression, now both of his parents are living happily together.

Well, here are more facts about Bryce Dallas Howard’s son Theodore to explore. So, let’s get started!

Who Is Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel? His Age In 2022

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel is the eldest son of actress Bryce Dallas Howard (mother) and her actor husband Seth Gabel (father). He was born on February 16, 2007, in Los Angeles, California, United States. The star kid is 15 years old as of 2022.

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel and his mom Bryce
Theo when He was still a child

He also has a younger sister Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel. Gabel also featured on TV set alongside his mother and sister several times. One time when their mom was busy filming with her crew members for Mandalorian, they went on to play with the baby Yoda puppet. After knowing that, their mother said them to keep it a secret about the baby.

And Bryce, after her kids came back from school, always asked them what are you not gonna talk about today. They replied with the word ‘Baby.’

The actress told once The Hollywood Reporter,

“When the kids went back to school, every single day I would say, So, what are you not gonna talk about today?’ And they would say, ‘Baby!'”

Besides, talking about his racial background, Theodore belongs to mixed ethnical descent as his father is Jewish and his mother is of Dutch, English, French, German, Irish, and Scottish decent.

He Comes From A Family Of Actors

Alongside Theodore’s parents, his maternal aunts Paige Howard and Jocelyn Howard are also actors. In fact, his maternal grandfather Ron Howard is also into show business. But, his maternal uncle Reed Cross Howard is a professional golfer.

Furthermore, not only just his maternal side, but also his late great-grandparents Rance Howard & Jean Speegle Howard were in the entertainment industry.

Bryce Appreciates The Love Her Dad Has Shown As A Granddad For Her Kids

Theodore’s mom Bryce says her dad is the best grandpa anyone would wish for. The actress described his father’s love for her kids to People,

“He’s the sweetest granddad, and I love that both of my children have a unique and special relationship with him. I have my own precious memories of myself as a child with him, and to see my children playing with him and doing things with my dad that I did as a kid makes me so happy!”

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel's mom Bryce and grandpa Ron Howard
Ron Howard has been able to become the grandpa Theo would wish for

Bryce further said about her kids decribing her daughter Beatrice is gregarious and a natural leader whereas her son Theodore seems to be an artistic mind & complexly imaginative like her dad.

Theo Didn’t Get His Name Until Three Days Of His Birth

Firstly, his mom Bryce and her husband Seth didn’t plan to have babies until they turn 30. But, just after their seven days of marriage, Bryce was pregnant with her first baby. As said earier, when Theo was born, they didn’t have determined his name yet.

After three days, they named him “Theodore Norman.” Between the three days interval, they just looked at him and wanted to see ‘who is this person?’ Bryce was also looking through a name book. According to the actress, Theo was a gift from God and the meaning in a name book for it was ‘Theodore.’ So, that’s how the star kid bears his first name.

Then what about his middle name ‘Norman?’ Is it also like how his mother got her name based on the place the actress was born in? Well, the Jurassic World star told,

Oh no, no, no. I’m very conventional compared to my parents. His middle name is after my husband’s grandfather. It’s pretty much as conventional as you can get.

Theodore’s Mother Bryce Was Diagnosed With Postpartum Depression After His Birth

As mentioned above, Bryce was pregnant with her first child seven days after her wedding. At that time, Howard was on her honeymoon with her hubby. She gave birth to her son in 2007 but her early motherhood journey couldn’t be that great.

A few mother after giving birth to her child, Bryce became totally hopeless and was barely could move from one place to another because of the stitches.

She said, “I’m going to die here, lying next to my newborn son. I am literally going to die tonight.” The actress even felt like she was suffering from emotional amnesia. Soon enough, Bryce started to mess up everything in her life.

She also called herself a rotten mother,

 My house was a mess. I believed I was a terrible dog owner. I was certain I was an awful actress; I dreaded a film I was scheduled to shoot only a few weeks after the birth because I could barely focus enough to read the script. And worst of all, I definitely felt I was a rotten mother—not a bad one, a rotten one. Because the truth was, every time I looked at my son, I wanted to disappear.

Gradually, her spouse Seth also began noticing her problems and the two then decided to go to the midwife. And the doctor recommended her a homeopathic treatment plan. When the therapist arrived, it was found that the actress was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression.

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel’s Father Fell Head Over Heels in love After The First Date With His Mother

Theo’s parents first met each other at New York University. They were also good friends. After knowing each other for some time, his mom and dad went on their first date in February, 2001. In fact, it was love at first sight for his father Seth.

On February 21, 2021, on the occasion of their 20th year of togetherness, the actor Gabel shared a post. He captioned,

Twenty years ago tonight, I had my first date with @brycedhoward and fell head over heels in love! She is the yin to my yang, the PB to my J, the Mando to my baby Yoda, and the light of my life 🙂

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel's parents have been together for 16 years
Theo’s parents when they were still dating

After dating for five years, the couple walked down the aisle on June 17, 2006. Their wedding was held in Greenwich, Connecticut with a limited audience. However, the wedding pics were rarely shared by the Howard family at that time, but in November 2019, Bryce uploaded several pictures of his wife in a wedding dress while giving thanks to the designer Zac Posen for her dress.

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel's mom shared her wedding pictures in 2019
Theodore’s mom Bryce in her wedding dress

What’s more, Theo’s parents are married for over 16 years.

His Mom Is A Multi-Millionaire

Theodore Norman Howard-Gabel’s mother Bryce has earned quite a good amount of money from her acting career. Well, to tell you exactly, Bryce Howard is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million as of 2022.

On the other hand, his father has a total net fortune of $2 million.

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