What is Mary Clementine Ronstadt, Linda Ronstadt daughter doing?

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What is Mary Clementine Ronstadt, Linda Ronstadt daughter doing?
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Mary Clementine Ronstadt came to fame after veteran singer Linda Ronstadt’s adopted her back in the early 90s. Mary is Linda’s one of two children.

Since adopting Mary, fans of the legendary singer have always been itching to know what she is doing these days. Well, unlike her mom, who is a renowned singer, Mary walked on a different path. She became an artist and a pretty one, to be fair.

Today let’s take a look inside the life of Linda Ronstadt’s daughter Mary Ronstadt and find out interesting facts about her!

Mary Clementine Ronstadt Early Life and Childhood

She was born in 1990 in the United States of America. Information on her biological parents is pretty scarce. What we do know is that retired singer Linda is her adoptive mother. Linda legally adopted her in December 1990.

Mary Clementine Ronstadt
Mary is an art educator.

The retired singer Linda never married and doesn’t have any biological children, though she has her fair share of high-profile affairs. She was famously engaged to Star Wars creator George Lucas from 1983 to 1988. Back in the 70s, her personal life made headlines after she started dating then Californian governor, Jerry Brown. Apart from them, she also dated comedian Jim Carrey in 1983.

Besides, Mary spent the major portion of her childhood in Novato, California. From an early age, Mary was into art, and given that her mother herself was a part of the creative world, she surely received a lot of support. And thanks to her mom’s support, Mary turned out to be a great artist.

She has one sibling

Mary was raised alongside her adoptive brother, Carlos. He, too, was adopted by Linda Ronstadt in the 90s. Both Carlos and Mary grew-up in Tucson, Arizona, and in Novata, CA. Her brother Carlos was born in 1994, which makes him four years younger than his sister.

While his sister is an artist, he works in an Apple store Genius Bar and lives with his mom in San Francisco.

What is Mary Ronstadt up to these days?

For the major portion of her adolescent life, Mary spent her days creating artistic pieces. Since March 2009, she started working as an Art Assitant at the Guadalupe Art Program. She worked there for around 10-years. Many sources suggest she quit her job to take care of her mother, which is highly plausible considering that Mary suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Since quitting her job at the art program, she works as an art educator based in San Francisco Bay area. Moreover, she also operates a Facebook page named Collaboration Artz By Mary Ronstadt. On the social media page, she usually shares pictures of her commission works. She also runs a website with the same name.

Is Mary Ronstadt in a relationship?

Well, going by her Facebook profile, she is in a relationship, however, the name of her mystery boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t known. On her Facebook account, she goes by the name Mary Clemmy. The star kid has been living a low profile for several years.

In the past few years or so, she has not made a single appearance with her mom. Furthermore, when her mom was awarded the National Arts Award in 2014, Mary was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Reverend Mary Moreno Richardson went together with Linda at the Whitehouse.

How much is Mary Ronstadt’s net worth?

Given that her mother was one of the biggest music stars back in the day, it’s not surprising to know Mary had an affluent upbringing. As of 2020, her mom Linda is worth an astounding $130 million. Linda accumulated such a vast amount of money from her career as a singer.

After Linda, a major portion of her fortune will pass down to her kids Mary and Carlos. Safe to say, Mary Clementine Ronstadt is a multi-millionaire.


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