Who Is Bernice Burgos’ Daughter Amarie Burgos? Everything About Her

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Who Is Bernice Burgos’ Daughter Amarie Burgos? Everything About Her

Amarie Burgos, also known as Ashley Marie Burgos, is a social media star with huge authority on Instagram. She is also widely recognized as the daughter of model and entrepreneur Bernice Burgos.

Apart from a career in social media, Bernice’s daughter Amarie is also a business person and is the owner of a sleepwear brand. Besides her successful professional life, Amarie is also a mother to a baby girl. Well, how is her relationship with her kids and parents? Who is the father of her child?

Find out all the details on Amarie Burgos’ career, relationship, children, and more.

Amarie Burgos Was Born To a 16 Years Old Mom

Instagram model Amarie Burgos was born on May 9, 1996, in New York City. Her mother Bernice Burgos was just a 16 years old teenager at the time of her birth. Likewise, her father was a guy from the street who Bernice was dating at the time.

Amarie aka Ashley Burgos with mother Bernice Burgos
Amarie aka Ashley Burgos with mother Bernice Burgos

In a conversation at the Breakfast Club, Bernice revealed how she was a baby having a baby and had a tough time as a teenage mother. The father of the child, on the other hand, was a 19 years old guy.

She Has a Younger Sister

Amarie also has a younger sister Sarai Burgos. She is just 14 years old school-going kid and is 10 years younger than her. Unlike her mother and sister, Sarai is not into social media.

Needless to mention, Amarie shares a great relationship with her younger sibling.

How Old is Amarie Burgos in 2022?

As of 2022, she is 26 years old.

Amarie Burgos Is An Instagram Model & Business Person

Talking about the professional part of Amarie’s life, she is a successful model. With over 298k followers on Instagram, she is a decently successful Instagram model and a social media influencer.


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As a model, she has worked with big brands and has also featured in some popular magazines. Reportedly, the 26 years old has appeared on the cover of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Marie Claire as well.

She Is The Owner of a Fitness Brand

Besides a successful career as a social media influencer, she is also a business person. She is the owner of the fashion and fitness brand Miracle Fitness.

The fitness brand is also co-owned by her mother Bernice. Well, Miracle Fitness mostly focuses on helping out all those dreaming to have a perfect waistline. The brand also produces different products that include waist trainers, arm, and thigh slimmers, sweat belts, slimming creams, and detox teas.

Her Social Media Presence

As a social media star, she is very active on social media platforms. She is most active on Instagram and has around 298k followers on her Instagram, where she goes by iam_amarie.

His Instagram post is mostly fashion photoshoots. Further, her posts also give an insight into her personal life.

Amarie Is a Mother Of a Daughter

The beautiful Amarie Burgos is also a mother of a 4 year old daughter, India. She gave birth to her first child in February 2018, when she was just 21 years of age.

Though a young mother, Amarie pretty well tasks care of her newborn. Moreover, she shares a great relationship with her daughter.

In fact, she often posts several photos of her on her socials and the newborn seems to enjoy being clicked. As for a fact, India has her own Instagram account, with several beautiful pics of hers.

But the one question that must be haunting you; who is the father of Amarie’s daughter?

Is Amarie Burgos Married or Dating a Boyfriend? Father of Her Kid

We are still a bit skeptical if Bernice’s daughter Amarie is married, but she is definitely in a relationship. As per the report, she is dating a guy named Bubba, who is also the father of her child India.

In fact, Buba has even posted a few photos of his little one on his Instagram. Just a few months after the birth of Amarie, she posted a photo of him holding her newborn daughter. Check out the post here.

Amarie welcomed a daughter India with boyfriend Bubba
Amarie’s daughter India with her father Bubba

The way she looks at him clearly reflects the love he has for his kid.

She Has a Great Relationship With her Boyfriend Bubba

Ashley, aka Amarie, shares a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend. It looks like the couple is together for a while now, however the exact details of when they began dating are not known.

Besides, Bubba, who is a businessman by profession has been with his girlfriend Amarie all through her pregnancy. They were seen together multiple times on several occasions.

Pregnant Amarie Burgos with her boyfriend Bubba
Pregnant Amarie Burgos with her boyfriend Bubba

Well, Burgos is still together with her boyfriend Bubba, and they seem pretty happy in their relationship. But are they planning to get married? As for now, it seems, they are not looking to get married.

Anyway, we would love to see them tie the knot.

Amarie Burgos Is a Tattoo Lover

Like most of the celebrities out there, Amarie is also a huge tattoo lover. In fact, she keeps getting a new tattoo every now and then.

While she has not talked about the meaning of all the tattoos she has got but hopefully, we will get to hear the story soon.

Well, she has inked on her back, inner thighs, upper arms, legs, and waist, and we will probably get to see a lot more in near future.

Her Mother Bernice Burgos Is a Successful Model & Entrepreneur

Like Ashley, her mother is also a model and pretty successful in the field. Besides, she is an entrepreneur as well. AS a mother her mother has appeared in numerous successful music videos as well.

Some of the successful music videos she has appeared in include Coles’s “Work Out,” and DJ Khaled’s “Do You Mind. 

Further in the year 2009, she made a full-fledged appearance in the film Notorious. This was again followed by her appearance in MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out.”

Moreover, she also works with some successful brands as a model, Fashion Nova being the major one her. Apart from this, she runs her own venture and is the owner of a brand named Bold & Beautiful, which focuses on comfy and stylish sleepwear.

Along with him, she is also the co-owner of the fitness brand, Miracle Fitness, along with her oldest daughter.