Dorothy Carlson: All About Daughter of Tucker Carlson

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Dorothy Carlson: All About Daughter of Tucker Carlson
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Dorothy Carlson is an American star kid. She is the youngest daughter of conservative commentator, Tucker Carlson and his wife Susan Andrews. Apart from herself, she has three older siblings, Lillie Carlson, Hopie Carlson, and Buckley Carlson.

Besides, Dorothy is Tucker’s most secretive child. While her older siblings are often out and about, she likes to stay on the down low. Still, fans are always curious to know what she is up to these days.

Well, in this article, let’s try to find out more about Dorothy Carlson.

Dorothy Carlson’s Early Life

She was born in 2002 in the state of Virginia, the United States. She was brought up in a conservative household in Virginia. Dorothy belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has a mixed ancestry of English, German, Swiss, and Italian.

Dorothy’s paternal grandfather Dick Carlson was born to Richard Boynton and Dorothy Anderson. However, after Dick’s birth, he was put up for adoption and subsequently adopted by upper-middle-class couples, Carl and Mainer Florence Carlson.

Likewise, her father Tucker was raised by his single father, Dick who gained custody of his two boys after divorcing their mother.

Dorothy Carlson has three older siblings

As we mentioned earlier, she is one of four children between Tucker and his wife of many years, Susan. Their oldest child was born in 1995. Then the second oldest, Buckley Carlson was born in 1997. The third child, another daughter, Hopie, came knocking in the world two years later in 1999.

Hopie Carlson siblings parents
Hopie, Lillie, Dorothy, and Buckley with her family.

All four of the Carlson siblings were raised in an incredibly loving household. Although their father Tucker has a tendency to go ballistic when it comes to his political views, he is a terrific father.

His daughter Hopie once had a traumatic experience back when she was just a child. While she looked her father up on the internet she found many malicious comments regarding Tucker. In her heart she knew her dad as a loving and caring man and here is the whole world hurling insults at him.

As for their education, the oldest one is a college graduate. On the other hand, Hopie studies at the University of Virginia.

Dorothy Carlson father Tucker hosts a show on Fox News

Her dad Tucker is one of the leading conservative commentators. He first started out his career in the ’90s when he joined the Policy Review, a national conservative journal as a fact-checker.

His career took upward traction after he joined CNN in the year 2000. During his time on the network, he used to co-host the famous show, Crossfire. After a four-year stint at CNN, he joined the PBS network in 2004. From 2005 to 2008 he was a member of MSNBC.

Tucker’s Career shot up after he joined Fox News

The main highlight of his career came in the year 2009 when he joined the Fox News channel. Initially, he joined the network as a Fox News contributor. After a couple of years, he started hosting his own show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. This show went on to become his most famous work.

Aside from his TV work, Tucker also operated a right-wing website called The Daily Caller. He founded the website back in 2010 with Neil Patel.

Dorothy Carlson Parent’ Relationship

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrew’s relationship is one of the most enduring relationships out there. The pair first met back in 10th grade while studying at the same high school, The St. Georges School.

Susan Andrews Tucker Carlson
Susan and Tucker started dating in high school.

At the time, Susan’s father was the headmaster of the college so it might’ve been quite hard for the duo in the beginning. However, as time went by their love also grew. Even though Tucker went outside their state of Rhode Island for further studies, they still kept in touch with one another.

Several years after starting dating, Tucker popped the big question. Eventually, the two were engaged, and then on August 10th, 1991, they exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony.

To this day, Tucker and Susan are on excellent terms with each other. Susan rarely makes any public appearances with her husband and lives a relatively private life.

Dorothy Carlson’ net worth: Lives a luxurious life

As she herself isn’t involved in any career, her net worth cannot be estimated. On the other hand, her father Tucker is worth a whopping $30 million. He earned the majority of his income from his career as a political commentator. Moreover, he also earned a substantial amount of money after he sold his stake in his website, The Daily Caller.

Besides, Tucker is a great real estate investor. He owns multiple lands and estates around Washington state. Back in 2011, he earned a huge profit after selling a house in the Kent Neighbourhood of Washington for $4 million.

Upon selling the estate, he purchased another house for $2 million. In addition to that, Tucker also owns a gorgeous house on Florida’s Gulf Coast for $2.9 million.


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