Kelsey Tillman: Insight On Top Gun Actress Kelly McGills’ Elder Daughter

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Kelsey Tillman is famous as the daughter of an American stage and screen actress Kelly McGills (aka Kelly Ann McGills). Her mother is mainly known for her character Charlie in Top Gun (1986), and further, her role as Rachel Lapp in the crime thriller movie Witness (1985) and Kathryn Murphy in The Accused (1988) was equally famous.

Even though her mom was a famous personality, Kesley prefer to live a very private life. Being a daughter of a well-known actress, her life has attracted wide attention from the media. Already a grown-up is Kelsey married or dating a boyfriend?

So, in this article, we are going to reveal the inside information about Kelly’s firstborn child, Kesley Tillman. To know her, read the article till the end.

Who Is Kelsey Tillman? Her Age  And Early Life

Kelly McGills’s daughter, Kesley was born ‘ Kesley Laurel Tillman’ on May 24, 1990, in the United States of America. As of 2022, she is 32 years of age.  Talking about her childhood, until the age of 12, she was raised by both her mom and dad. But, in 2002, when her parents got divorced, her custody was given to her father.

Kesley Tillman age is 32 years old
Little Kesley Tillman with her mom Kelly McGills and father Fred Tillman

As a result, she grew up in Key West, Florida as her father Fred Tillman, an American restaurateur was a resident of Key West. As for education, she probably completed her study at the local school and college in Florida.

Besides, she is American as per her nationality, and possibly, Tillman belongs to a white ethnical background.

Kesley Has One Sibling

In case you don’t know, the Top Gun actress, McGills is a mother of two. The elder one is Kesley and she has a little sister named Sonora Tillman, born on April 10, 1993, with 3 years of age gap.

Now, in 2022, her only sibling Sonora is 29 years old. She is residing in their hometown Key West as per her social media account. Likewise, Sonora is in a relationship with her boyfriend named Jordan Garcia.

Kesley Tillman’s Mother Came Out As Lesbian In 2009

In an interview with SheWired, KJesley’s mom, Kelly opened up on her sexual orientation. In an exclusive talk, when the SheWired vlogger Jennifer asked her whether she wants a relationship with a man or a woman, she answered,

 “definitely a woman.”

“I’m done with the man thing.”

She further revealed that since the age of 12, her sexual orientation has been an ongoing process. Initially, she denied what she felt about her sexuality and married fellow Julliard student Boyd Black which lasted for about 3 years from 1979 to 1981. Again, she tied the knot with Fred Tillman in 1989 and remained married for almost 13 years.

However, with the constant failure in relationships, she finally accepted her true self. She said,

“life is a freaking journey, and it’s about growing and changing, and coming to terms with who and what you are, and loving who and what you are.”

Later, on September 2010, she tied the knot with a woman, a sales executive, and a music festival agent Malanie Leis in Southern New Jersey Town. But, sadly, by 2013, McGills and Leis got separated.

Career Detail: Kesley Tillman Is A Singer By Profession

The actress-daughter chooses to be a singer for a living. Not much famous as her mother but she is leading her life as a singer. Not only Kesley is into vocals but she prefers to play her musical instrument Guitar as well whenever she sings.

Kelly McGillis' daughter Kesley Tillman is a singer
Kesley Tillman while performing. Source: Her Facebook

Likewise, Tillman is working on her music career living in Tucson, Arizona where she presents her musical skills at several events. Aside from music, Kesley seems to be really interested in painting.

Personal Life: Is Kesley Tillman Married?

Kelly and Fred’s eldest daughter, Kesley seems to be unmarried to the date. There is no information regarding her marriage even in the past. Talking about her current relationship status, she is single as per her social media account.

Having said that, it does not mean she never had a partner in the past but chooses to not speak about her relationships in public. Apparently, she prefers a low-key life and is really not interested in talking about her personal affair.

Does Kesley Tillman Have A Child? Her Family Life

Regarding having a child, it’s still unknown whether Kesley has a child of her own or not. But while going through her Facebook, we saw several photos that she shared and among them, we see a little boy alongside her. Tillman also has shared a video of a boy playing with dogs.

Kesley Tillman is raising a child
Kesley Tillman with a child. Source: Her Facebook

Seeing all this, eventually, it can be assumed that, she is raising a child, probably her own from her past affair or maybe she has adopted. Moreover, there is also the probability that the boy she is living with could belong to her family tree. Whatever the truth is, it is clear that Kesley has been sharing family life with a little boy (whose name is unknown) and her two dogs in Tucson.

Is Tillman On Instagram? Her Other Social Media Handles

Kelly McGills’ daughter Kesley is not on Instagram. With thorough research, we couldn’t find her account on Instagram rather we detect many other Insta pages that go by a similar name.

Further, she is absolutely on Facebook by the name Kesley BoBelsey with an intro “~the kids they dance & shake their bones~”. Also, she is on Twitter under the username @kelsshoee  with 38 followers.

Kesley Tillman’s Net Worth

Though not famous, Kesley is a career-oriented woman and has been leading her life on her own. She is a singer by profession and must have earned a decent amount for living a life. However, while checking on several media outlets, it seems her net worth is yet to be estimated.

But, on the other side, her famous mother Kelly McGills has an estimated fortune of $ 4 million as per several sources.

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