List Of 10 Most Handsome Actor In The World

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List Of 10 Most Handsome Actor In The World
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We often come across hundreds of articles talking about the insane, breathtaking beauty of many women. Most of them are actresses and models who we all adore, while some belong to other professions. So, what about men? Shouldn’t they also be admired in a similar manner? They absolutely should!

The topic, “10 Most Handsome Actor In The World” is quite vague. We cannot just fit people who are physically attractive on this list. Almost all of them are judged on the basis of their charming personality, successful career, humble nature, and of course, their physique. In other words, they should be an all-rounder. Women are said to fall head-over-heels for such handsome hunks.

So, who are these 10 men? The names on this list keep changing from time to time. However, we’ve brought to you the most recently selected guys, who’ve been carefully selected and given the title of “The Most Handsome Man”.  Let’s know more about them!

1. Kim Taehyung or “V”

Many young girls might know him by his stage name, V. Kim Taehyung is a popular South Korean singer who is an active member of the heart-throbbing band, BTS. He is more than a singer though; V is also a songwriter and an actor!

Better known by his stage name, V
Member of BTS, a Korean Boy Band

Last year, in 2021, this member of the Korean boy band was given the title of “The Most Handsome Man in the World 2021” by two different news publications. Firstly, on 29th September, South Asia’s news agency, Asian News International gave him the title. Following this, on 30th September, he was officially titled “The Most Handsome Man” that year by a survey conducted by a British publication, named Nubia Magazine.

The great thing about this is, the title is still his in 2022 as well!

2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattison is best known as one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. But, did you know that he is also on the list of the top handsome men? That’s right, this actor, who portrayed the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga is someone who has girls falling for him on a daily basis.

Pattison is the highest-paid actors in Hollywood
Edward from the Twilight Saga

36-year-old Pattison is said to have a face structure that is 92.15% accurate, according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi. Besides this, the actor was included in Forbes Magazine‘s list of 100 celebrities, along with being on the list of the top 100 influential people in the world. Furthermore, People’s Magazine voted him to be the sexiest man alive for two consecutive years i.e., 2008 and 2009.

Moreover, this man is more than just a handsome face. He has participated in a variety of charity programs – Go Campaign is one of them. In addition to everything, Pattison has a wax-made statue of him on display at the Madame Tussauds in London as well as NYC.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Indian actor, Hrithik Roshan is next on this list. This man is known for his impeccable dancing skills and unique yet beautiful hazel-green eyes. The Indian media and TV consider Roshan to be one of the top leading actors in the country. Furthermore, he entered the Bollywood industry as a star kid – the son of Rakesh Roshan, an actor/producer, but made a great name for himself later on.

Roshan began acting as a star kid
The Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan

Roshan is a 48-year-old divorced man today. However, he is still at the very top in the industry. Many consider him to have features like the Greek Gods. Moreover, top international magazines like People, Vogue, and Glamour UK have named him the “Hottest Man Alive” since the very beginning of his career.

For his remarkable performance in movies like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai and Koi Mil Gaya, Hrithik has won many awards. Besides being an actor, he is also active as a philanthropist.

4. Omar Borkan Al Gala

Omar Borkan Al Gala, or simply, Omar Borkan is an Iraqi born in Baghdad. And, what isn’t this man famous for? He is a poet, actor, model, online sensation, and photographer – these are just a few things that Borkan is known for.

Omar Borkan is an actor-cum-poet-cum-photographer
The Most Handsome Arab Man – Omar Borkan

The all-rounding actor-cum-poet with a wide range of skills and experiences made him one of the most handsome men in this world. Even more so, his charming attitude, gorgeous face, and those hazel eyes are enough for any girl to fall fully in love with him.

Omar was previously given the title of the “Most Handsome Man in the Middle East”. He’s come a long way since that. Today, internationally, he is the most handsome Arab guy.

5. Brad Pitt

Who doesn’t know Brad Pitt? The 58-year-old Hollywood actor is known internationally for his great performance in many movies. He is adored by almost everyone!

Pitt has a 38 year long career in Hollywood
58-year-old, Brad Pitt

The Oscar and Golden Globe winner started his career in acting when he was just 2o years old. In other words, he’s been in the film industry for almost 38 years and has still managed to keep a great reputation. Despite being almost 60, the actor has great facial features and still looks amazing! He doesn’t compromise his body and takes very good care of himself.

This youthful actor was once married to Jennifer Anniston, one of the most beautiful actresses in America. Unfortunately, they separated, and shortly after, he got married to Angelina Jolie. The marriage between Jolie and Pitt was also short-lived.

6. Idris Elba

English writer, actor, and producer, Idris Elba is a 50-year-old handsome man from the UK. Known better for his role in the HBO series, The Wire, Elba is more than just an actor. He is an amazingly good singer, songwriter, and DJ as well.

Elba is a British actor
The most handsome man on the planet! – Idris Elba

In 2018, Idris made it to the list of sexiest men alive by People’s Magazine. His magnetic personality, great and manly physique and gorgeous face have allowed him to be included in many other lists of top handsome men in the world.

7. Paul Rudd

Recently, Paul Rudd gave a breathtaking performance in the movie, Ghost Busters: Afterlife. The evergreen actor is 52-year-old yet one of the most active men in the industry. He is also best known for his role in Ant-Man.

The "Ant-Man" actor
Paul Rudd, the most evergreen actor in America

Just the previous year, Rudd was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People’s Magazine. People of almost all ages absolutely adore this man! His forever great personality and charming looks take the breath away of most women. Shockingly, the actor also has never hit a slump in the industry. He has always had a great reputation and is still at the very top even today.

8. David Beckham

David Beckham is famous for having great football skills. This man, originally from the UK is one of the top former football players in the world. Today, he is the president of Inter Miami FC and Salford City. Before his retirement in 2013, Beckham played for many famous football clubs, Manchester United being one of them.

a UK-based football player
The former star of Manchester United, David Beckham

Like other men on this list, this football player was also named one of the sexiest men by People’s Magazine. Moreover, he has more to him than a charming face. Beckham engages in a number of philanthropic activities. He works as an active member of UNICEF and is a Goodwill Ambassador.

9. Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is an actor who received worldwide recognition due to his role as Superman in the DC Extended Universe’s superhero movies. The British actor made his film debut in 2001 in the movie, Laguna, and since then, has won the hearts of millions of people.

The star of "Superman"
Henry Cavill, AKA Superman

Previously, in 2013, Cavill was awarded the title, “World’s Sexiest Man” by the readers of British Glamour. Since that year, he has maintained the importance of the title. Today, he is recognized as one of the top 10 handsome men in the world.

10. Tom Cruise

Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise is one of the leading actors in Hollywood. Everyone in this entire world adores the actor, not just for his great and dashing looks, but also for his impeccable performance in many action movies. Besides this, he is also popular for his different hairstyles.

Cruise is a highest-paid actor
Actor, Tom Cruise – one of the top handsome men in the world!

Cruise is the winner of 3 Golden Globe Awards. Similarly, he has also been nominated thrice for the Academy Awards. He is famously known as one of the highest-paid actors in the industry.

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