Who is Patrick Michael James Sajak? All About Pat Sajak’ Doctor Son

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Patrick Michael James Sajak is a doctor by profession who graduated from Medical School in the mid of year 2021. But, Patrick rose to fame as the son of Pat Sajak, the veteran TV personality. His father has been the host of Wheel of Fortune, the American television game show since 1981. On the other hand, his mother Lesly Brown is a former Playboy model.

From his parents’ marital relationship that has spanned over three decades, Patrick also has a sister named Maggie Sajak, a country music singer. Aside from that, in the following article, we will also explore his dating life, girlfriend, and more.

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Patrick Michael James Sajak’s Birth Details and Early Life

He was born on 22nd Sept 1990, at an unknown hospital in the Los Angeles area. Patrick weighed 7 pounds at the time of his birth. His father Sajak’s spokesperson Bob Burton was the first to announce the good news. He was named after his father.

Growing up in his hometown of Los Angeles, the star kid also completed his schooling there. As of [write_year], he is [calculate_age birthdate=”1990-09-22″] years old.

Are Patrick’s Parents Still Married?

As we have mentioned above Patrick is the son of Pat Sajak and his wife of years Lesly Brown, a photographer and model. His mother Brown who graduated from the University of Maryland first met his father through their mutual friend at the celebrity opening of a restaurant in Irvine, California in the year 1988. They married in the following year at St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Annapolis, Maryland.

It’s been over three decades since Patrick’s parents are married and their bonding as a husband and wife is growing day by day. In the past, Pat was married to Sherrill Sajak.

Who is his Mother Lesly Brown?

Born and raised in Maryland, Patrick’s mom Lesly is the daughter of Michael and Maria Brown (Patric’s maternal grandparents). Following her graduation from the University of Maryland, the celebrity spouse started working as a model. She was also featured in Playboy magazine’s 1988 feature ‘Women of Washington.” Additionally, Brown won Miss Georgetown.

What Is His Ethnicity?

Talking about his ethnicity, Patrick is Caucasian and belongs to the American nationality. His paternal grandfather was a Polish-American.

His Sister is a Budding Singer

Patrick Michael James Sajak has a younger sister named Maggie Sajak, born on 5th Jan 1995. Raised in Maryland, Maggie developed a strong passion for music from an early age which came with her single ‘First Kiss’ in 2011.

Patrick family
Patrick with his parents and sister.

Maggie, the Princeton graduate also appeared on several TV shows like Wheel of Fortune, Good Morning America, and more. Besides, Maggie who is now a law student once also worked as a social correspondent for Wheel.

What does Patrick Michael James Sajak do for a living? Is MD By Profession

Pat Sajak’s son Patrick Michael is a doctor. He accomplished his graduation from Medical School in mid-2021. His proud father Pat, 75, revealed the happy news during Monday’s episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ that his first born-child recently graduated from Medical School. However, the exact school his son went to is still missing.

The game show host asked his co-host, Vanna White, “Do you mind if I do a little parental bragging here?”

“So you know my son, Patrick, you’ve known him all his life. Well he’s made it through medical school, and he is now officially Dr. Sajak, and we’re all thrilled.”

Meanwhile, Pat joked to White,

“The only troubling part is that he insists that I call him Dr Sajak.”

He added,

“No, Lesly and I couldn’t be prouder and I tried to get him into geriatrics but he refused but that’s a personal thing.”

Pat concluded the episode by congratulating his son on his milestone accomplishment. He said at the end of the show,

“Anyway, congratulations son and we will see you next time.”

In the meantime, Patrick’s sister Maggie also congratulated her big brother with a beautiful photo of them together on Instagram. She wrote,

“My big brother officially became a doctor today, and I am the MOST proud. Congrats @patricksajak, MD!!!”

Patrick Michael James Sajak MD
Patrick is now an official doctor.
Source: Instagram

Furthermore, the law pupil also tweeted,

“So proud of my big brother.”

However, neither Patrick nor his family members have yet revealed where the 31-year-old doctor of medicine does work at present.

He Maintains a Low-Profile

While his sister Maggie is quite open in the media, Patrick prefers to stay mostly out of the public, making sporadical appearances with his father. One of the rarest public outings the father-and-son duo made was when they attended the 2012 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Pat Sajak's son Patrick Michael James Sajak
Pat with his first-born child Patrick.
Source: Getty

Over the years, Patrick appeared a few times on the television game show Wheel of Fortune with his father and sister.

Is Patrick Michael James Sajak Dating Someone?

Patrick has remained quite confidential when it comes to his personal life. So far, the star kid has never come forward with his relationship. Neither, Sajak does have a strong social media presence. Thus, at present, it is hard to confirm if Patrick is dating a girlfriend or not.

Apparently, some online sources say Patrick is single now. He currently resides in New York, New York.

How Much is His Worth?

Patrick Michael James Sajak as a professional doctor obviously makes quite a good fortune. As for his net worth, the exact amount of his wealth is, however, still under review.

On the other hand, his father Pat’s estimated net worth is $70 million.

Social Media Activeness

He is active on Instagram but has kept his account private.


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