Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s son; Who is his biological mother?

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Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s son; Who is his biological mother?
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Joseph Herbert Jr. is famous among us all as Jo Koy’s son. His dad, Jo Koy aka Joseph Herbert Sr. is a Filipino-American comedian who first gained media prominence after he did stand-up in Jay Leno’s show. His mother is Angie King, who is Koy’s ex-wife.

When you are a star then it is only natural that all of your relatives will also become famous. Similarly, Jo’s son Jo Jr. is a subject of curiosity among his millions of fans.

Today in this article, let’s take a close look at the life of Joseph Herebert Jr. and find some interesting facts about him. Moreover, we’re also going to find out who is his mother?

Key Takeaways:

  • He is the only son of Jo Koy. His mother is Angie King, who was married to the comedian for some time.
  • Herbert Jr. finished his high school and will join college soon.
  • His parents reportedly started dating in the early 2000s.
  • The stare kid is currently 19-years-old.
  • Joseph is currently not in a relationship with anybody.

Biography Summary

Date of Birth21st April 2003
EthnicityFilipino, White
Sexual OrientationStraight
Relationship StatusSingle
ParentsJo Koy (Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr.) and Angie King
Height5ft 7 inches/ 170 cm
Net Worth$100,000

Who is Joseph Herbert Jr.’s mother?

She was born on 21st April 2003, in the United States. He is the only child between Jo Koy and his ex-wife, whose name is Angie King.

Jo Koy wife son
Jo’s ex-wife with their son. Source: Instagram

His mom is a Filipino-American artist and singer, who is more famous by her stage name, Nura Luca. Some of her popular work includes You Hold Me and She Loves to Truck.

He belongs to the mixed ethnic background

He has Filipino and Caucasian heritage from both of his parent’s sides. Interestingly, Jo Koy’s father is Caucasian while his mom is Filipino, and similar is the case for Joseph Jr.’s mother.

Herbert Jr. lives in California with his dad and was brought up in the same state. As his parents had been divorced, they co-parented him as per the custody arrangement.

Detail on Joseph Herbert Jr’s parents’ relationship

They started dating somewhere around the early 2000s. Jo and Angie enjoyed marital bliss for a few years before they eventually decided to separate for good. The former flames reportedly separated amicably. Besides, not much is known about the initial phase of their relationship.

The sole reason behind not knowing is that Koy doesn’t like to talk about his personal life. He has made his stance on privacy clear in many interviews. Koy just doesn’t like the media or even his fans prowling on his life.

On the other hand, Herbert Jr’s mother Angie King, like his father, hasn’t disclosed anything about her relationship with Jo either.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s mother and father, despite separation, are still close friends

If there’s any couple who is a true example of ex-couple goals, then Jo and Angie are it. Not only did they stay cordial with each other over the years for the sake of their son, they still very much respect each other.

In many cases, exes tend to have this animosity amongst one another but not this one. The most exemplary part of Jo and King’s relationship is that they still hang out like they are a couple. Heck, they even spent the whole 2020 quarantine together at Jo’s house.

When the news of them spending time together with their son in the same home came out people thought they got back together. But on the contrary, the duo decided to live under the same roof just because they don’t want their son to travel from Jo’s house to King’s house and so on and so forth in the middle of a raging pandemic.

In 2020, when Koy appeared in a segment of Windy City Live, he revealed that he and his wife are staying at home together. Moreover, his ex-wife also made an appearance in the show. Take a look!

Above all, Jo Koy’s kid Joseph Jr. is surely one lucky guy. His parents might not be tied to the marriage bond, but he never felt the need for them to be.

Joseph’s Jr. Education

The Herbert family is a devout Catholic. Likewise, Joseph went to a catholic junior school. He attended the St Mel School in Woodlands, California. He finished his sophomore in 2017.

After enrolling in junior high, both his father and mother expressed their happiness on social media. Koy shared a comedy skit-like video where he is seen crying as his son leaves for college.

Well, it certainly is something to see your child growing up. One day you’re dropping them off at the kindergarten and the next thing you know, they are graduating college.

He often appears in his father’s live shows

Unlike other star kids who rarely ever make public appearances with their famous parents, Joseph usually comes out with his dad on the shows.

In addition, Koy’s son is usually the center of his jokes. One of his comedy specials is all about life as a single father with a teenage son. In the special, we get to see the fatherly side of Koy and other intimate details of their relationship.

Jo Koy son Joseph Herbert Jr.
Jo Koy with his son Joseph when he was young.

Likewise, in an interview with LasVegasSun, Koy talked about how his son is also a big part of the act. He said, “My son, oh man, I think every year I’m getting 25 to 30 minutes of material from talking about him. He just keeps growing.”

Is Joseph Jr. dating?

Going by his Instagram account, which has over 50k followers, he doesn’t seem to have any girlfriend or boyfriend, for that matter. The youngster is busy with his studies so he might not be interested in dating or maybe he has not met the right one.


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Whatever the case may be, he is relishing his single life, living the life that many dreams of. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean he is like one of those spoiled rich kids. His mom and dad have raised a great man who is humble and knows where he comes from.

Who is his father and mother dating now?

Jo Koy is currently not in any relationship. Back in 2021, he was dating fellow comedian, Chelsea Handler. They made their relationship on Instagram official on September 27th, 2021. The relationship was sailing smoothly, however, it wasn’t meant to be as they broke up in 2022.

Meanwhile, Herbert Jr., mom is dating a Skateboard and painter named Gino Perez. From their relationship alone, it is evident that they are dating for a while.

What Is Joseph Herbert Jr. Net Worth?

He has a net worth of $250,000. He enjoys all the luxuries, thanks to his father who is a successful stand-up comedian and actor. As of 2023, Koy has a net worth of $5 million.

Similarly, his mother Angie is worth around $1 million, as of 2023.


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