Nahla Ariela Aubry – Know Everything about Actress Halle Berry’s Daughter

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Nahla Ariela Aubry – Know Everything about Actress Halle Berry’s Daughter
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Nahla Ariela Aubry is the daughter of actress and former model, Halle Berry. In the 2000s, her mom was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Halle first came to the limelight for her role in the romantic comedy film Boomerang in which she appeared alongside Eddie Murphy.

Besides, did you know Halle Berry lost nearly 80% of her hearing in her left ear? It was a result of a blow to the head from a domestic violence incident she faced in one of her previous abusive relationships. Was the person Nahla’s dad?

This article will cover-up all the hidden and interesting facts about Nahla’s family life and also some of her personal life including her age, dad, birthday, and many more. Let’s begin.

Nahla Ariela Aubry Is In Her Teen In 2023: Details On Her Age, Parents

Halle’s daughter Nahla was born on March 16, 2008, in Los Angeles, CA. Nahla’s dad is the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. As of 2023, the star kid is 15 years old. She is of French-Canadian descent from her father’s side. Likewise, she belongs to African-American, English, some German and Irish, and Dutch descent from her mom’s side.

Nahla Ariela Aubry when she was still a child
Nahla with her dad Gabriel

In addition to this, Nahla is the grandchild of Judith Ann Hawkins and Jerome Jesse Berry (both maternal). On the other hand, her paternal grandfather is Gerard Aubry. But, unfortunately, Nahla’s maternal grandmother’s identity is not known.

Nahla’s parents have preferred to keep their daughter’s life away from the media limelight as much as possible.

Siblings: Nahla Has One Half Brother

Nahla Ariela Aubry has one younger half-brother named Maceo Robert Martinez. He was born on October 5, 2013, to the actress Halle and her third husband Olivier Martinez. As per the reports, the siblings haven’t met physically yet.

As the Monster’s Ball actress hasn’t shared any pictures of her kids, the media outlet has made assumptions. According to Halle, she has said, she wants her kids to live a life of freedom without worrying about the media. That might be the reason why we haven’t seen Nahla and her brother together.

In 2019, Halle has told Today,

“I’ve fought really hard to protect their privacy, and I just want them to have their life and have it be theirs,”

Similarly, Nahla and her brother have been featured on her mom’s social media handle only a few times because the actress just doesn’t want to paint them all over the internet. Berry once told People,

“That just doesn’t feel right for me. They’re gonna do that soon enough. That’s gonna be their life when they grow up, and they will choose when that starts.”

Meaning Of Nahla’s Name

A day after Nahla was born, her paternal aunt Eugenie, told People that, a newborn baby in their family wasn’t seen for a long time. When she was born, it was a very happy moment for them. Well, she then explained, Nahla’s first name means honeybee in Arabic.

Besides, Berry told Access Hollywood, they still hadn’t picked out a name for Nahla until just before they left the hospital.

Who Is Nahla Ariela Aubry’s Father: Was He Married To Halle Berry?

Nahla’s father Gabriel Aubry is a model by profession. Besides his career, he mostly gained media attention for his short-lived relationship with Halle. The exes first met at a Versace photoshoot. After knowing each other for a while, they officially started dating in Nov 2005.

In 2008, they welcomed Nahla. However, after staying in a relationship for five years, they decided to part ways. They didn’t make their break-up public for some months. Then, on April 30, 2010, Nahla’s parents announced their relationship had already ended.

Nahla Ariela Aubry's parents were only in a relationship
Nahla’s parents fought a long custody battle which is highly publicized

Besides, many people out there still think the one-time couple was in a marital relationship. Unfortunately, it’s a piece of wrongful information, and they were only dating for a half-decade.

Why Did They Separate?

The actress said that her ex-boyfriend was racist, and emotionally abusive, and made bombshell claims about their sex life. She alleged Nahla’s father used racial epithets during their relationship, and even refused to acknowledge their daughter was biracial.

Halle once said,

“[Gabriel] refused to either recognise or accept responsibility for these issues. Instead, he criticised my body in ways which are very demeaning to women. I finally convinced [him] to go to a joint therapist to address these issues.”

Halle says, at the time of their relationship, Gabriel admitted to being involved in a sexual relationship with a member of his family. The incident even ruined their sex life together, Berry told.

The above-mentioned reason was provided by the actress only. However, her ex-boyfriend hasn’t shared his personal reason behind their separation.

Nahla’s Mom Got Married Three Times: What About Her Dad?

Long before Nahla’s parents united, her mom Halle walked down the aisle with a baseball player David Justice. Their wedding was held shortly after midnight on January 1, 1993. Unfortunately, their conjugal relationship couldn’t last long, and they divorced on June 20, 1997.

On January 24, 2001, the actress married her second husband Eric Benét. After living a married life for four years, on January 3, 2005, they finalized their divorce. Then, Halle and Gabriel were in a relationship. After their separation, Nahla’s mom married her third hubby Olivier Martinez on July 13, 2013.

On the other hand, Nahla’s father doesn’t seem to be involved in a relationship after his highly publicized love life. So, as of 2023, Gabriel’s relationship status remains single.

Custody Battle: Who Is Nahla Ariela Aubry Living With?

A year after Halle and her then-partner Gabriel split, they had a very long custody battle over Nahla. At first, the former flames agreed on co-parenting their daughter. But, sometime later, in 2011, the actress wanted to take her daughter along with her to France, the home of Halle’s ex-husband Olivier.

Nahla Ariela Aubry with her mom Halle Berry
Halle and her ex-boyfriend Gabrielare co-parenting their daughter Nahla as of 2023

Nahla’s father raised a question and wasn’t seen agreeing with Halle’s desire anytime soon. Gabriel also objected that it would interfere with their joint custody that they’d agreed. In November 2012, even the judge denied Halle’s proposal.

Allegations: Halle Accused Her Ex-Partner Had Physically Assaulted Her

The chance of Halle taking her daughter to France was seen less. On November 22, 2012, the model Gabriel and Halle’s third husband Martine was found injured at a hospital. The media later confirmed that they were both engaged in a physical altercation at the actress’ house.

Later, Aubry was arrested. In fact, Nahla’s father was warned not to come within 100 yards of Berry, her third husband, and the child they shared together. Surprisingly, on November 29, 2012, the Canadian-born model obtained a restraining order against Martinez stating that the fight began when Berry’s ex-husband threatened to kill him if he’d not allow the couple to relocate to France.

Gabriel even shows photos that included significant injuries to Aubry’s face. It is also widely shown in the media. In June 2014, a Superior Court ordered Berry to pay Aubry $16,000 a month in child support, and a sum of $300,000 for Aubry’s attorney fees.

Where Is Nahla Ariela Aubry As of 2023?

Nahla is now under the care of her mom Halle and dad Gabriel. After scrolling down the former couple’s Instagram accounts, we found that each of them frequently shares their daughter’s photos on their socials.

On March 16, 2022, Halle shared a photo of Nahla. It was on the occasion of the star kid’s 14th birthday. The actress mentioned her daughter as ‘Earth Angel.’ She captioned the post,

“14 years ago, I was blessed to give birth to an ‘Earth Angel’ and I named her Nahla Ariela. Humbled by your presence and overjoyed at the same time! Happy Birthday, Nahla boo! ❤️.”

The same day, Gabriel also uploaded a photo on Instagram, where he was seen kissing his daughter’s head. Therefore. it is safe to say that after a long custody battle, Nahla’s parents are on good terms and they are co-parenting their daughter in a peaceful way.

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