The Truth About Rome Flynn Daughter Kimiko Flynn: Who is the Mother of His Child?

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Kimiko Flynn is the daughter of Rome Flynn, an actor who is better known for his role in the CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. His role in the movie also earned him Daytime Emmy Award.

Some reports say Rome’s daughter Kimiko Flynn’s mother is Camia Marie, Rome’s ex-girlfriend. But it is all untrue as we’ve finally found Kimiko’s real mother. She is one of Rome’s other ex-girlfriends?

Find out who is Rome’s baby momma in this article below and also know interesting facts about her including her parents and age as well.

Who is the Mother of Kimiko Flynn, Rome Flynn’s Daughter?

Kimiko’s real mother goes by the name, Molly Noriko Hurley. Going by her Instagram bio, we can say she is Kimiko’s mom. She has specifically written, “mommy to kimiko” on her Insta bio.

Rome reportedly dated Molly a few years ago. The former flames welcomed their only kid on December 12th, 2014.

What is Kimiko Flynn’s Ethnicity and Age? 

Just like her daddy, Kimiko also belongs to mixed ethnicity. On her father’s side, she is an African-Cuban and Irish, whereas, from her mom, Noriko’s side, she is of Japanese ethnicity.

As for her age, born in Dec 2014, Kimiko is 8 years old now.

Who has Kimiko Flynn’s Custody? Rome and Molly Share Joint Custody

Kimiko relishes a delightful life with her parents and both Rome and Molly work together in harmony for the sake of their daughter.

Rome is quite secretive about his personal life, which is why the question, of who holds custody of Kimiko is something his fans would like to know.

Photo of Rome and his Kimiko compiled together.
Rome and Molly take care of their daughter together. Source: Soap Opera News

Here’s your answer!

Looking back at one of Molly’s posts, we can say they share joint custody of their kid. In the picture, she wrote in the caption that her daughter is spending time with Rome in Los Angeles.

In a separate post, Molly added a video in which Rome is singing for his daughter Kimiko via laptop.

If you somehow follow Molly, then you can watch the video here!

Meanwhile, Rome has not shared a single picture of his bundle of joy on Instagram. The only time he appeared with his daughter is during a Christmas photo shoot with CBS’ Soaps In Depth in 2015.

All things aside, Rome and Molly are great examples for many couples out there. True, they have differences, but it never got into the way of parenting.

Why did Kimiko’s Parents Separate?

Rome never mentioned having a daughter let alone telling us about separating from his baby momma. But Molly’s Instagram account might just give some insight into that. She shares a lot of relationship quotes on her social media handle, especially regarding cheating or infidelity.

A post by Molly Noriko.
A post shared by Molly Noriko on her Instagram. Source: Instagram

In addition, Molly identifies herself as a demisexual, a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction until and unless they form a deep emotional bond.

At the moment, she is reportedly dating a new guy. The man also shares a terrific relationship with Molly’s daughter Kimiko.

Molly Noriko Hurley daughter Kimiko Flynn
Molly’s daughter Kimiko with a mystery guy.
Source: Instagram

The nature of Molly’s relationship with his person is still not revealed.

Rome Flynn’s Relationship With Kimiko Flynn: “I’m protecting my Daughter”

In an interview, Rome mentioned how the birth of his daughter shaped the greater part of his life. Now whenever he is going out with someone, he knows for sure the type of woman he needs in his life.

He stated nobody can match his energy because of which he is single for some time now. The Afro-Cuban actor divulged, “It’s so hard to find someone that matches my energy. What I’m seeking is bigger. It’s big picture.”

In addition, Rome said that ever since his daughter came into this world, his whole priority changed. He says he’ll always protect his daughter in the sense that the privacy of his family is under his control.

Kimiko Flynn is close to both Her Grandmoms Nickey Alexander and Susan Hurley

The bond between a grandparent and their grandkids is one of the purest forms of love. Ask yourself, don’t you have a terrific bond with your grandpa and grandma?

Similarly, fans are curious to know whether Kimiko and her grandmom share the same bond. She is quite close to her maternal grandma, Susan Hurley with whom she has a lot of pictures as well.

She shares a deep bond with her maternal grandmother. Susan shares a lot of pictures with her granddaughter on Instagram.

Kimiko Flynn with her paternal grandmother Susan Hurley.
Kimiko Flynn and her paternal grandmother Susan Hurley.
Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Kimiko’s paternal grandma, Nickey Alexander doesn’t have any pictures of Kim on her Instagram account.

Details About Kimiko’s Father Rome Flynn

The Illinois native Rome has tried his hands in several fields such as acting, modeling, and music. He played Zende Forrester Dominguez on The Bold and the Beautiful, probably the role the actor is better known for. His breakthrough performance on the show also won him the Daytime Emmy Award.

His other on-screen projects include NCIS: New Orleans, The Thinning: New World Order, and How to Get Away with Murder, and more.

Kimiko and Camia Marie: Their Relationship as a Mother and Daughter

There were a lot of speculations regarding the identity of Kimiko Flynn’s mother. Some sources even claimed Rome’s ex-girlfriend, Camia Marie is the mother of Kimiko but as stated above, the statement is far from the truth.

Rumors of Camia being Kimiko’s mother started when she was dating Rome. At the beginning of 2015, she started sharing a lot of pictures with Rome and his daughter.

Given her close bond with Kimiko, everyone started claiming they are most probably mother and daughter.

Camia still cherishes all the moments she spent together with Kimiko, despite breaking up with her daddy, Rome. She is currently dating someone else, whereas, Rome is single.


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