Emme Maribel Muñiz-All About Jennifer Lopez’s Non-Binary Child

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Emme Maribel Muniz is the child of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who recognized themselves as non-binary. Like their parents, Emme is also a singer and is already making headlines for the singing prowess they possess. The star kid is just 14 years old but has featured in several popular live musical shows alongside their mom.

To be honest, many of us half-expected Emme to inherit their super-star parents’ genes. After all, their mom and dad, both are multiple-award-winning singers. That being said, not only is Emme a talented singer, but the teen is also a writer.

So what type of books has Muniz written? Even though we assume their interest lies in singing, what does Emme herself have to say? Let’s find out interesting facts about Emme Maribel Muniz, including the pronouns Emme use, their gender, and more!

Emme Maribel Muniz Early Life and Age

Emme Maribel Muñiz was born on February 22nd, 2008, in Long Island, New York. And their age is 14 years old as of 2022. They are one-half of the twin kids born to veteran singers, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez aka JLo.

Being born into a Hispanic family, Emme belongs to Puerto Rican ancestry, with both of their parents coming from the same background. They grew up in a Latin household.

What is The Meaning Behind Their Name?

We’re sure many of you might be curious to know the meaning behind their beautiful middle name. According to People magazine, their middle name Maribel is an ode to Marc’s sister who passed away due to a brain tumor.

Emme Maribel Muniz with her mom Jennifer.
Emme with her mom Jennifer.

In addition, their surname Muniz is their dad’s Marc Anthony surname.

Details on Their Education

There’s not much information regarding Emme’s educational background. One thing that we do know is that Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emme studied at a local school in Miami Beach, Florida. In 2019, their parents JLo and Marc Anthony attended Emme’s track event at their school too.

While Emme’s mom JLo attended the event alongside her boyfriend of the time, Alex Rodriguez, their dad Marc attended it with his girlfriend.

Emme Maribel Muniz Has one twin brother

One minute after Emme came into this world, Emme’s twin brother, Maximilian David Muniz came into this world. At the time of his birth, their brother weighed 5 lbs, 13 oz. Talking about his middle name David, the name honors Jennifer’s father, David Lopez.

After Marc and JLo divorced, they spent half the time with their mom Jennifer and half the time with their dad Marc.

Emme Maribel Muniz
Emme with her father and mom.

Apart from their biological brother, Emme also has three half-siblings and one adoptive sibling all from their father Marc’s side. Marc welcomed his first child Arianna Muniz in 1994 with his then-girlfriend, Debbie Rosado. The former flames also adopted one son named Chase Muniz.

In addition to that, Marc became a parent of two kids, Cristian Marcus Muniz, born February 5th, 2001, and Ryan Adrian Muniz, born August 16th, 2003.

Emme Maribel Muñiz is a Star Like Her Mom: Her Singing Skills

We all know how enigmatic and energetic JLo is. Well, her daughter is the exact replica of her. Back in 2019, the star kid performed alongside their mom during the Super Bowl Halftime show. Although Emme only made a small appearance at the live show, they still won the hearts of many.

During their performance, Emme literally took control of the stage as they showed their singing prowess. Upon witnessing the event, many of JLo’s fans started dubbing Emme as JLo reincarnated.

Not only did they sing their mom’s song in one breath, but they also lit the whole stage on fire with her performance of Bruce Springsteen as well. Safe to say, they really have the pipes to become a singer.

Apart from their performance at the show, Maribel Muñiz also featured as a vocal artist in her mom’s movie, Second Act. In the movie, she appeared in the music video, Limitless alongside the one and only JLo.

Emme Maribel Muñiz; Pronouns They Uses To Refer Themselves and Their Gender

As said above Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s daughter Emme has inherited some of their parents’ musical skills and has already shared the screen in several live music shows with their mother. In 2022, Emme appeared along with their mother at the LA Dodgers Blue Diamond Gala, during Pride Month. On the stage, Emme with their mother Lopez performed Christina Perri’s hit “A Thousand Years.”

While performing, their superstar mother Lopez also introduced her non-binary child by stating,

“The last time tee performed together was in a big stadium like this. And I ask them to sing with me all the time and they won’t. So this is a very special occasion. They are very, very busy, booked and pricey.

The pop star added,

“They cost me when they come out, but they’re worth every penny because they’re my favorite duet partner of all time!”

They opted for a bold hot pink shirt and matching shorts on the stage. After fans found out the singer used gender-neutral pronouns to refer to Emme, they really appreciate the respect Lopez has for her child’s gender.

Although Jennifer came out about her child’s identity in June 2022, it looks like Emme identified herself as gender-neutral in 2021 as they began wearing more gender-neutral dresses from that year.

Besides, in 2022, Lopez introduced her “nibling” Brendon Scholl to her fans. As per sources, ‘nibling’ is “a gender-neutral term: the child of one’s sibling or sibling-in-law; one’s nephew or niece.”

JLo takes pride in being a mom to twins

When you’re a parent of twins, they sure are a handful. We’re sure many of you moms out there know what we’re talking about.

Jennifer Lopez with her twins (1)
Emme with her brother and mom.

However, JLo here actually takes pride in having twins. In an interview with Today, the singer gushed about being a mom to the twins. With tears in her eyes, JLo said,

“They just made my life so much better. I’m forever grateful for that…you know, I didn’t have kids until later and so I almost thought that it wasn’t going to happen for me, so I’m very aware that I was blessed with that. It could have been something different.”

At the time of giving birth to the twins, Lopez was 38 years old so we can understand why the singer doesn’t take anything for granted. In the same interview, Jennifer also mentioned that despite her busy schedule, the pop star still takes time out for her family, especially her twins.

She said, “I take it one day at a time. Me and the kids are like gypsies. We’re traveling all over the place, just getting it done, doing the best we can.”

Well, Jennifer certainly did a really good job of taking care of her twins.

JLo’s Daughter Maribel Muniz is an Author

In addition to their musical skills, Emme has also tried her hands at writing. They published their first children’s book with their mother under the title ‘Lord Help Me: Inspiring Prayers for Every Day.’ They were only ten years old at the time. It chronicles Muniz’s time with their twin and their mother.

After its publication, Muniz told People,

“I really hope children are able to learn to pray, share the book and spread the power of prayer after reading it.”

Emme Maribel Muniz’s Parents’ Marriage

Their father Anthony and mother Lopez exchanged their vows in June 2004. Their wedding took place at Lopez’s home in Beverly Hills. In fact, a one-time high-profile celebrity couple dated only for six months before their nuptial.

The two led a happy married life for over a decade before they went their separate ways. They divorced in 2014. Following Anthony’s divorce from the pop star, the artist married for the third time Shannon De Lima in 2014.

Nevertheless, their conjugal life also ended in divorce and they separated in late 2016.

What is Emme’s Net Worth?

The exact amount of their net worth is yet to be revealed. But, as a celebrity kid, there isn’t any doubt that Emme Maribel Muniz has been living a happy and blissful life.

As for their parents’ net worth, their mother Lopez’s estimated fortune is $400 million, while their dad Anthony has an estimated net worth of $80 million in 2022.

Is Emme Maribel Muniz on Social Media?

Well, after doing careful research, we stumbled across an Instagram account, going by the username @emme_maribel_muniz. The social media account has shared a handful of photos of Emme. As of 2022, Muniz has over 5k followers on their Instagram.


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