Caroline Lindqvist, Owen Wilson’ Son’s Mother: Where is she now?

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Caroline Lindqvist, Owen Wilson’ Son’s Mother: Where is she now?
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Caroline Lindqvist was the long-time personal trainer of Bottle Rocket star Owen Wilson. She came to the limelight after becoming pregnant with the actor’s son Finn Lindqvist Wilson.

On top of that, at the time, Caroline was presumably in a marital relationship with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Ritu Chopra. So, after the incident, did Dr. Chopra file for divorce from his spouse? Similarly, with whom is Caroline and Owen’s son Finn living nowadays?

Well, you will get all the info about Caroline’s life here in this article. To add more spice, we have included Lindqvist, age, current relationship status, Instagram, and many more.

How Old Is Caroline Lindqvist? Details On Her Parents, Siblings

Caroline Lindqvist was born in Jan 1982, in Sweden. As of 2023, Caroline is 51 years old. Besides, at the age of 15, she relocated to Malibu. Hence, she holds dual nationality as American & Swedish.

There is not a lot of information regarding her parents except for the fact that they were Swedish. The same thing has been applied in her academic history, and siblings (if any).

How much is Caroline Lindqvist Height?

Caroline Lindqvist reportedly is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Profession: Caroline Lindqvist Works As A Personal Trainer

Caroline has spent more than 20 years of her life as a fitness trainer. Before being hired by Owen, she trained many A-list celebrities including Leslie Mann, Anna Kournikova, and Jason Schwartzman.

Similarly, Lindqvist also says, it has helped a lot in her own life. Caroline explained,

“I have been a professional fitness trainer for the past 20 years. In my personal life it has helped me relax and battle insomnia. In my professional life, I have introduced it to a few of my clients with shoulder- and/or back problems, and it has helped them tremendously.”

She further added,

I also have my clients with high stress jobs use it for meditation. I can’t say enough good things about the bed of nails. Everyone should just get one and try it out for themselves!”

According to reports, Caroline hasn’t been working as a fitness trainer since she became one of the media headlines. But this news cannot be for sure.

Caroline Lindqvist Became Pregnant While Still being A Married Women

Many have said that Caroline became pregnant with the Wedding Crashers star’s child, while she was in a marital relationship with the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ritu Chopra. But, was it true?

Till now, many people have the wrong information. Some say, Caroline was already divorced, meanwhile, other suggests, she wasn’t. Similarly, the truth started becoming more confusing after an invalid site’s speculation. But after doing a lot of research we have come to the right conclusion.

Caroline Lindqvist during her pregnancy
Caroline during the time of her pregnancy with her ex-boyfriend Owen’s child.

As per the Los Angeles Times, Caroline and her ex-boyfriend Owen reportedly met in 2003. Similarly, the couple stayed in a relationship for a year. Likewise, PageSix suggests that “the actor and Swedish-born Caroline met at a party in 2003 and have dated on and off for years.” However, a year later in 2004, she walked down the aisle with Dr. Ritu Chopra.

The claims further states, a rep for Caroline came to the media and said that Caroline was only pregnant after her separation from the surgeon Chopra. Lindqvist filed for divorce from Ritu on May 29, 2013.

She Tried To Hide Pregnancy From Her Husband’s Family

Reports about Caroline reportedly hiding her pregnancy from her in-laws have been provided by DailyMail. In its write-up, it says, Caroline got on her father-in-law Jagdish Chopra’s nerve for hiding the pregnant news. Chopra Sr. told MailOnline,

‘I am very surprised because I didn’t know that she was pregnant with Owen Wilson’s child.’

Similarly, according to her father-in-law, it turned out that, Caroline and her ex-husband Ritu didn’t have a very good relationship, and a few problems led them to live in separate places. But, they weren’t exactly divorced. Talking about the matter Jagdish said,

‘We welcomed Caroline into our home and she seemed very gracious and very nice. You want to like your son’s wife and we tried very hard with Caroline. Ritu and Caroline were on/off for the last year and had a few problems in their relationship, but he didn’t tell us too much about what was going on.’

Besides, neither Caroline nor Owen thought of having a serious relationship, but the actor was very involved in the pregnancy. Then, Caroline’s first child and Owen’s second child Finn Lindqvist Wilson was born on Jan 30, 2014.

Know About Caroline’s baby daddy Owen Wilson’s Career

Owen first stepped into the film industry in the early 1990s. He made his acting debut in 1994, in an American crime comedy movie titled Bottle Rocket. Similarly, in his initial acting career, Owen worked with lots of A-listers actors. In 1998, he starred in a supporting role in the action film Armageddon alongside high-profile people like Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Billy Bob Thornton, Will Patton, and others.

Caroline Lindqvist's ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson is an actor
Caroline’s former boyfriend Owen Wilson

Furthermore, he has also worked in the recent Romance/Comedy movie Marry Me with celebrities like Natalie Buck Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Silverman.

Besides, did you know, Owen’s brothers Luke and Andrew Wilson are also actors? In fact, all three brothers have worked together in an American comedy film named, The Wendell Baker Story.

Has Caroline Lindqvist Started A New Love Life?

Caroline Lindqvist is probably single after her affair with the Permanent Midnight actor. Similarly, after the split the fitness trainer is leading a very private life, not letting anyone speculate on her relationship status. Besides, her ex-boyfriend Owen started his new journey with the former model Varunie Vongsvirates. He even fathered a daughter named Lyla Aranya Wilson with Varunie.

Owen’s third child Lyla was born on Oct 9, 2018. However, Varunie and Wilson’s relationship didn’t last long, and eventually, they got separated after five years of relationship. In fact, the main reason behind their split is believed to be Lyla. As per the reports, Owen changed his phone number after hearing the news of Varunie’s pregnancy.

Caroline Lindqvist ex-boyfriend with his two kids
Caroline’s child Finn and her ex-boyfriend’s first kid

Besides, Owen also has another child named Robert Ford Wilson, which was born from his relationship with Jade Duell.

Her Ex-Partner Refused to Being The Father Of Model Varunie Vongsvirates Daughter

Owen looks after his first and second child, but the same thing cannot be said for his third daughter. In fact, as per Varunie, he has not even met Lyla once. In addition to this, Owen has many times even refused that he is the biological father of Vongvirates’ child. Later, he accepted Lyla as his daughter, after the DNA test.

But the paternity test wasn’t done until Varunie gave birth, and all the expenses were looked up by Varunie. On the other hand, a source told Us at the time,

“Of course, if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child.”

Thankfully, Owen didn’t turn his back on his child’s mother and paid $70,000 to compensate for pregnancy costs. Furthermore, the actor also pays $25,000 each month as child supports. Even though The Haunting star pays the bill, he isn’t willing to visit his 4-year-old daughter at any cost.

What Is Caroline Lindqvist Doing Nowadays?

As per the media sources, Caroline is reportedly working in a real estate company named Pinnacle Estate Properties Inc. There she works in the position of a realtor. However, it is just a speculation that is yet to be confirmed.

Previously Caroline has lived in cities like Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, New York, Malibu, and Indian Wells. But, as of 2023, the details of her residency are unknown. 

Is Caroline Lindqvist Active On Social Media Handles?

Caroline Lindqvist has created an Instagram account under the name @socialfit90272. However, she has only seven posts so far. Similarly, most of them are related to fitness, while only one of her posts can be seen with her friends.

Besides, Caroline has featured her son Finn only through her highlights.

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